Twilio for Marketing

Extend and amplify your marketing efforts using Twilio.

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Make the most of your marketing

Drive action at any stage of the marketing funnel from awareness, to conversion, to customer retention.

Learn how marketers use Twilio for:


Add a personal touch to your communications

Reach your customers around the world on any channel

The Twilio platform comes pre-integrated with channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email, and more so you can reach your users on the channels they prefer without burning engineering hours.

Understand every step of your customer’s journey

Trace interactions across platforms by integrating your CRM with Twilio. By connecting formerly siloed mediums, you can better understand your customers’ needs, habits, and preferences.


Make your acquisition campaigns more effective

Grow your audience at scale

Advertise your business using phone numbers, short codes, or 1-800 numbers. Measure the performance of your large scale advertisements by tracking interaction data and opt-in rates from your Twilio console.

Track calls like clicks and match them with ad campaigns

Twilio eliminates guesswork from call tracking campaigns, allowing you to match inbound calls to individual campaigns so you can optimize your ad spend based on performance.


Automate the routine so you can build the extraordinary

Send engaging email campaigns with Twilio SendGrid

Building email campaigns your way is easy with Twilio SendGrid. Design email using visual tools, HTML, or a mix of both. Target your audience with intuitive segmentation and track performance with actionable analytics.

Qualify leads faster without human intervention

Gather customer information to qualify sales leads using AI-powered chatbots. Handoff leads to a salesperson while preserving the context of the chatbot conversation.

Deliver lead alerts to salespeople automatically

Don’t miss an opportunity or wait too long to follow up. After qualifying a lead using a chatbot, easily trigger SMS, email, or calls to the appropriate salesperson to contact the lead immediately.


Engage your customers the right way at every step of their customer lifecycle

Grow brand loyalty with data-driven communication

Create nurture campaigns to keep customers happy and deliver on their unique preferences. Send relevant messages on the channels where your customers are most likely to read and respond in order to grow customer loyalty and increase customer retention.

Increase customer survey response rate

It’s hard to get a sense of where you stand with your customers if they don’t respond to surveys. Use Voice and SMS survey campaigns to meet your customers where they are—on their phone.

Grow your customer base using Twilio

Cut through the noise to drive customer engagement using text messaging.

Accurately measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Notify your sales team the moment you have a new lead.

Make sure your users see and respond to your surveys.

Twilio for Marketing Customers

HomeFinder saw a 10x increase in reviews using a Twilio-powered solution.

Nordstrom discovered 30% of customers prefer SMS as their main communication channel.

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