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Twilio Trusted Activation

Activate and verify your customers without friction

Optimize conversions with customizable verification solutions—like Silent Network Authentication—that build truly effortless onboarding and transaction experiences.

Frictionless user verification and activation
Twilio’s multichannel frictionless two-factor authentication

Treat your customers to a VIP
authentication experience

Remove the friction from onboarding and transactions with authoritative phone data validation and real-time verification. Validate users automatically at any touchpoint to identify then fast-track real customers into no-input verification.

3.5+ billion

verifications each year

130+ billion

messages sent and received yearly

99.95% +

monthly API uptime


global carrier partners

Lifecycle Examples

Behind-the-scenes verification
for every lifecycle touchpoint

User identity validation using Twilio carrier signal data and possession factors.

New user activation without friction

Discreetly confirm user identities with carrier signal data and possession factors. With Silent Network Authentication you can trigger no-input onboarding for real users—or added security to halt fake account creation.

User verification using Twilio’s phone data intelligence

Repeat authentication in less time

Fast-track real users into a frictionless login flow. Use mobile device identity signals like SIM swaps and more to spot real users, apply extra security as needed, and mitigate account takeover.

User enjoying safe, secure, and seamless online purchasing and payments

Online transaction protection

Enable effortless online purchasing and payments with automated validation in milliseconds. Step-up authentication triggers when risk signals are detected for an added layer of fraud protection.

Business connecting to customer through preferred communication channels

Multichannel account management

Reduce tickets and support costs by streamlining user account changes, password resets, and more across preferred channels like SMS, voice, email, push, and WhatsApp.


Build your end-to-end verification
solution with trusted APIs

Twilio Verify API authenticates users with two-factor authenticaton across channels

Verify API

Add effortless two-factor authentication to onboarding and transaction flows with one multichannel, turnkey API.

  • Mitigate SMS traffic pumping fraud and improve conversion with Fraud Guard.
  • Optimize user verification over SMS, Silent Network Authentication, WhatsApp and more.
Lookup API  validates users behind-the-scenes using phone data intelligence

Lookup API

Automatically validate users behind-the-scenes with mobile carrier data to reduce fraud and abandonment.

  • Boost conversions using mobile identity signals to personalize engagement, streamline onboarding, and optimize deliverability.
  • Mitigate fraud by triggering added security as needed with risk signal detection, step-up authentication, and more.

“Secure onboarding and account security is an important focus for us and our customers. We use Twilio to verify phone numbers and to make sure that the right account or right supplier is behind the right phone number…
Twilio was a great decision for us.”

Andrew Solomon, Sr. Software Engineer,


Unlock growth without sacrificing
security or experience

Twilio’s trusted activation tools cuts acquisition costs

Cut acquisition costs

Reward customers with a lifecycle of friction-free authentication that drives conversions and lifetime value, plus weeds out fake users to reduce fraud and boost marketing returns.

Twilio’s trusted activation tools optimizing data and decision making

Optimize data and decision making

Collect reliable data from verified end-users only. Our mobile carrier signals confirm user identities at signup, helping you make smart decisions throughout the customer journey.

Twilio’s trusted activation tools customizing multichannel communication

Customize multichannel at scale

Deliver verification experiences that your customers prefer. With easy-to-integrate APIs and developer tools, it’s simple to build, customize, and scale your perfect solution.