Automated Survey benefits

Familiarity for Automated Surveys while increasing the read rate

How it works
Step 1:  
Control content and logic for survey questions with a suite of programmable options for response.
Automate survey delivery from any existing application.
Use Twilio's SMS or Voice API to deliver the survey.
Store a customer's responses in CRM or other application.

Building blocks

All the components needed to build nimble Visual Estimates

Why Twilio
Twilio 101

How to

Simple code to build ETA Alerts onto a flexible and easy Twilio API

	'action' => '',
	'method' => 'GET',
	'numDigits' => '1'

$gather->say("This is Mark's Pizza Party Poll");
$gather->say("If You Would Like Cheese Pizza Press 1");
$gather->say("If You Would Like Pepperoni Pizza Press 2");
$gather->say("If You Would Like Sausage Pizza Press 3");
$gather->say("If You Would Like Pineapple Pizza and Canadian Bacon Press 4");

header('Content-Type: text/xml');
print $response;


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