Use real-time data about call quality to proactively assist customers and minimize support time.
  • Pattern analysis

    Understand how carrier networks, phone numbers, regions, and device type impact call quality. Segment quality and call completion statistics to quickly isolate complex issues.

  • Console and REST API* access

    Get data in the most convenient way for your team. Visualize quality metrics in the Twilio Console or integrate Voice Insights into your own dashboards using Twilio’s REST API.

  • Flexible reporting

    Slice and dice data the way you want. Look through a summary of calls and segment by carrier, area code, OS or browser, or dive into the details of an individual call.

  • Audio Trace

    Visualize and playback audio for each participant to easily identify issues like one-way and choppy audio.

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* API for Carrier Insights coming soon
Carrier Insights
The global telecom network is no longer a black box. Twilio collects quality analytics from the carrier network during a live phone call.
  • Monitor carrier performance

    See how every call performs with jitter, packet loss, and post-dial delay metrics that are collected every few seconds from the carrier network.

  • Track dropped calls

    Use call completion metrics like “who hung up” to troubleshoot dropped call issues and improve analytics about agent performance in a contact center.

  • Measure participant experience

    Put yourself in the caller’s shoes. Call setup events and performance metrics are broken out by each call participant, providing a complete picture of the caller’s experience.

WebRTC Insights
Monitor performance during WebRTC calls and programmatically adjust application response to varying network and device conditions.
  • Respond to issues during a live call

    Use the SDK to display warnings and prescriptive actions to users in the browser, such as “check headset connection” or “move to an area with better Wi-Fi”.

  • Report on WebRTC performance

    Build custom analytics that examine and monitor call quality trends along dimensions such as connection type, browser type, and operating system.

  • Diagnose obscure quality issues faster

    Correlate user feedback during calls with network and device performance to identify the root cause of problems faster. For example, diagnose slow Wi-Fi speeds when users complain about quality.

Available with on-demand pricing and discounts for committed volume
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Not available below 10,000 minutes per month
With an annual commit over 10,000 mins/month
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