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Before Voice Insights became a tool, it was just an idea. Twilio built internal systems to track and troubleshoot end-to-end call performance based on the belief that call quality shouldn’t be left to chance. Today, Voice Insights is a powerful tool anyone can use to engineer better calls for customers.

Trace call performance across your application infrastructure.

It takes more data than call duration and who hung up first to measure a customer’s call experience. Voice Insights lets you monitor granular call data to assess call performance with confidence.

Troubleshoot customer issues quickly

Voice Insights gives you a complete picture of call performance as calls move through your voice application, Twilio’s infrastructure, and carrier networks. Now, you can pinpoint exactly when and where problems occurred to address customer issues faster.

Take a data-driven approach to call quality

Automatically spotlight call events like silence and jitter without manually searching call logs. Using Voice Insights, you can remedy issues faster without the heavy lifting.

Invest in the features that matter to your customers

Understand user preferences based on their call behavior. Guide your contact center agent training, browser integrations, and infrastructure investments based on users’ needs.

Dive into the data behind your calls.

Quality should be easy to define and easy to see. Voice Insights offers a transparent view of how your calls are performing and how Twilio is performing. We use these same metrics to monitor carrier networks and strengthen Twilio Super Network.

Voice Insights helps us quickly detect anomalies in call quality so we can proactively reach out to our customers to get ahead of potential issues before they become problems.

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Voice Insights lets you determine call quality using precise data points you can access through a comprehensive dashboard or flexible REST API.

Call Summaries

Search through metadata like call participant, IP addresses, and SDK versions. Examine metrics like post-dial delay and latency to get a detailed picture of how your contact center is performing.

Insights Dashboard

Review 30 days of call data to see a high-level view of your most important call metrics. Filter reports based on the metrics that matter to you and your customers.


Dive into the critical events within a call. See time series data for critical performance indicators to understand when and where quality degradation occurs.


See how your calls are progressing in real-time. Voice Insights’ events metrics show critical call events as they happen, from the first ring to call completion.

API Access

Make the most of your call data. Voice Insights API Access lets you choose how you want to consume and program your data. Tie Voice Insights data into the third party programs and backend systems you rely on.


Voice InsightsAdvanced Features
Call SummariesYesYes
Insights DashboardYesYes
API AccessNoYes
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