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Become a better software developer and writer by contributing programming tutorials for the Twilio blog.

Twilio Developer Voices

Teach Others How to Build

The Twilio Voices program exists to give developers of all experience levels the opportunity to contribute to the Twilio blog. Our high-quality, technical tutorials are read by hundreds of thousands of people just like you, used to speed up their development. Your contribution will allow developers across the world to see what's possible with Twilio and build the future of communications.

The Basics

What type of tutorial should I write?

Technical tutorials with code. Check out the "Example blog posts" section below for previously published posts.

Does my post have to use Twilio?

Most tutorials involve one or more of Twilio's APIs.

How do I get started?

Complete the following application to apply for the Voices program.

Example Blog Posts

Build a Custom Video Chat App with React and Twilio Programmable Video

Ashley Boucher provided a great post that shows how to use React.js and Twilio Programmable Video together to build a video chat app. Read the post.

Send Dynamic Emails with Python and Twilio SendGrid

James Putterman teaches how to send dynamic emails and then collect send stats with Python and Twilio SendGrid. Read the post.

Understanding Functional Components vs. Class Components in React

Diane Phan wrote about the differences between functional and class components with sample code so that you can dive into the world of modern React! Read the post.

Create a Landing Page with Laravel, Vue.js, and SendGrid

Matthew Setter shows how to to create a landing page using a combination of Laravel 8, Vue.js, and SendGrid that can be rapidly created and deployed. Read the post.

Build a Video Application with Breakout Rooms Using Twilio Programmable Video, React, TypeScript, and Express

Mia Adjei provided a solution to build a video application with breakout rooms, using Twilio Programmable Video, React, TypeScript, and Express. Read the post.

Add CORS Support to Your Express + TypeScript API

Mia Adjei showed off their solution to add CORS support to your Express + TypeScript API. Read the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get paid for each post?

$500 for each published post. You can publish as many posts as you can code and write.

Can I also publish the post on my own blog or on Medium?

Yes, as along as the places you publish it other than the Twilio blog contain a canonical reference meta tag back to the Twilio post.

Does my post have to include code?

Yes! The Twilio blog is read by developers who want to build what you built, and it's way easier to do that if you provide code in the post.

What is Developer Voices?

Developer Voices is our program for developers to write and publish programming tutorials for the Twilio blog.

What's the Twilio blog?

Twilio's blog publishes programming tutorials for software developers. Some tutorials use Twilio services while others are general programming walkthroughs. Read the Twilio blog.

Is there a review process before publishing?

Yes. Our Developer Voices team will perform both a voice and tech review so the published result is your best work.