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Request to enable Twilio numbers for WhatsApp

If you are using WhatsApp for brands you own directly, you can skip the instructions below and get started now in the Twilio Console.

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) or system integrator (SI)—please read the following instructions and complete the form below to request access to WhatsApp.

Instructions for ISVs and SIs

To use WhatsApp Business API with Twilio in production, you’ll first need to enable your Twilio numbers in WhatsApp. Once you complete the form below, we’ll use that information to help you with onboarding.

You will need your Meta/Facebook Business Manager ID to complete the form below. Read our docs to see where you can find this info. Note that WhatsApp has final discretion to approve companies to use the API.

Please allow 15 minutes between submissions to ensure success. Twilio may also need to temporarily modify your webhook URLs, which can redirect texts and calls from your system. For more details, including what happens when you submit this form, please read our docs.