Twilio Expands Messaging in Europe Plus New Numbers From Hawaii to Alaska


Today kicks off the inaugural TwilioCon Europe in London, and no better way to start than with exciting news for our European community. Today we announced expanded mobile and local numbers in seven European countries, and short codes live now in the UK, all with the same unicode and multi-language text-to-speech support you already have with global Twilio numbers.

That’s not all, we also announced text messaging and voice-enabled numbers in Hawaii and Alaska, plus more coverage in Canada. These updates now live your account portal.

We continue our commitment to expanding our reach so you can continue grow your business, and connect with customers anywhere in the world.

More Messaging-Enabled Phone Numbers in Europe

Starting today, International-enabled SMS on mobile and local numbers is available in private beta for seven European countries: UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Belgium and Spain. This means you can now send and receive SMS on these numbers to anywhere in the world, and with local mobile numbers give your users a much better messaging experience. Pricing is just $0.0075 per inbound message. To learn more about availability, pricing, and to sign up for this numbers beta visit here.

In addition, we’ve added landline numbers in Spain and more numbers to our landline inventory in the UK to cover 90% of prefixes so you can choose numbers that are local to your users.

See below for a full list of our new messaging-enabled numbers in Europe:

  • UK landline and mobile
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Poland
  • Spain landline

Note, international voice-enabled numbers are also available for these countries. Find more details in your account portal.

UK Short Codes Now Live

Now developers and businesses can reach more people in the UK faster with mobile marketing campaigns to customer alerts and notifications. Use the same Twilio Messaging API to build and implement your short code, and get your message out there. Learn more about Twilio Short Codes and how they can help your business here.

From Hawaii to Alaska, with Love From Canada

When we say we’re helping your businesses grow globally, we are not kidding. Alongside these announcements around Europe, we’re excited to have numbers to two new US states and expand our Canadian coverage.

Today live in your account portals you can purchase voice and messaging-enabled numbers in Hawaii and Alaska, plus we’ve increased inventory across Canada so you have access to more local numbers.

Greater Impact for Your Business

As our global and number capabilities broaden, so does the impact of your businesses. Our goal is to provide a with a platform that empowers developers anywhere in the world to build the future of communications, and today is another step forward for our customers in Europe.

Stay tuned to the blog and @twilio on Twitter to hear more today from the DOers at TwilioCon Europe.

  • Chris

    Great news. Quick fix: this page ( has the Germany flag for Norway.

    • Ah, thank you for the heads up, we’ll get that updated asap

  • Lode

    Is it possible the sms-enabled mobile numbers in Belgium don’t support voice? It’d be great to have one local number for both voice and sms.

    • At this time Belgium sms-enabled mobile numbers do not support voice, but we work consistently at expanding our capabilities so stay tuned

  • Josh Hopkins

    Australia next! Please!

    • Yes Australia should be next!!!!!

      • Paul

        +1 for AUS too

  • Thomas Schaaf

    Doh I thought you supported Germany :( But it was just in the mail.

    • hansmeier

      same here :-(
      shows even more how import we are for getting services like twilio to us :-(

      • Thomas, Hans, we’re very sorry for the error and being unclear in the email. We do value Germany and we’re at work trying to expand our service in Germany. You can sign up for the beta list here and stay up to date on German numbers here:

  • Great news; Was kind of hoping for German numbers though. ;)

  • jpeguero

    Puerto Rico any time soon?

  • Gary Elley

    + 1 for New Zealand

  • why is the german flag one of the seven in the marketing email? disappointed.

    (norway is missing, on the other hand.)

  • Gavin

    So, do you have to have a number in a specific country to receive SMS from users in that country ?

  • Jörg

    What about the german flag in the email? Would love to see german numbers…

    • Jörg, we apologize for that error in the email. We are working hard to expand our capabilities in Germany. You can stay tuned by signing up for the beta here: Click on “Let us know you’re interested”

  • Dan

    We have just started using the swedish numbers to send SMSs in integration tests for our web app and I must admit that so far it works great. SMSs are delivered and received really fast.

    We tried 46Elks before and it simply wasn’t doing the job.
    So we wanted to thank you for doing a good job!!

    I have some comments about the web interface that can improve my UX like showing the SMS body in the messages list log so I won’t need to open each message to view it’s content.

  • Josh

    I was so excited when I saw the Germany flag in your newsletter – but sadly Germany is not part of the image here. Coming to Germany and time soon? Ugly German Telecom is working on such an API too – hurry up and eat their lunch!

    • Josh

      Actually – just noticed that Deutsche Telekom is already live with their offering, but it’s not as slick (yet) as Twilio, so make sure that you use your edge while you still have it and before they get traction with their stuff. Lock-in is as hard as with payment solutions. Once you settled on one, it will be a hard sell to make you switch – even if your current offering sucks (thats why we are still stuck with our old-school payment provider, even we have now Stripe beta in germany – no time to invest into changing something that only benefits us internally, but not our users):

    • We apologize for that glaring error in our newsletter – we’re always working to expand capabilities around the world, stay tuned. Make sure to sign up for our beta list on the Germany page: Click on “Let us know you’re interested”

  • mxl9236

    I sign up for beta many times,but don’t get reply from twilio,why??

  • Sean

    It seems that Twilio has also revised its pricing for messaging… Yesterday i sent an SMS to Malaysia with the usual 1 cent / message rate but today it’s gone up to 2.7cents… And rates to different countries also vary which go up as high as 6 cents and above…..?

    • Hey Sean, pricing does vary based on where your sending a message to. You can always find our updated message pricing here: Let us know if you have any questions about pricing or availability. We’re listening:

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