Building For The Enterprise: Introducing Twilio Client’s Global Low Latency Improvements for WebRTC, New Recording Capabilities


The quality of a voice call is the critical element when it comes to the caller’s experience and one of the largest issues impacting IP voice is audio latency. Today at Enterprise Connect we released our Global Low Latency (GLL) architecture to Twilio Client’s WebRTC capabilities.  In addition we have enhanced our <Record> functionalities for enterprise-level conferencing.

Twilio Client enables VoIP calling to browser-based and mobile applications, leveraging WebRTC for real-time communications and connecting to legacy SIP and PSTN networks. We extended our GLL architecture to Twilio Client’s WebRTC which intelligently routes your call to the nearest Twilio datacenter, significantly reducing audio latency. Every call is routed optimally, going through the shortest number of hops no matter where the call begins and ends.

This is now in public beta for all two-party PSTN and Client calls. To access this new feature please contact our team at

The Power of <Record>

In conferencing and call centers, <Record> can be a powerful tool in monitoring calls for quality, compliance or staff training. Our customers are utilizing this tool more every day as it becomes key for more enterprise-level companies.

These new features make it very easy to implement recording, and automatically capture every voice interaction.

  • Record easily in Conference – Easily build <Record> into your conference calls by setting Record=True
  • Record from first ring – Set your <Dial> attributes to record from answer or from first ring to capture the entire experience with the callers
  • Trimming Silence – Set your <Dial> attributes with the choice of trimming the lead and trailing silence from your audio files or keep the full audio file

Recordings can be stored in the cloud, or on-premises, and you can save to your CRM to get the most out of the data. With no limit on how many calls you can record or minutes you can archive, <Record> might just be your new favorite call center tool.

Investment in Quality

Our commitment to quality is a commitment to the experience for you and your customers on the Twilio platform. We focus on building features to fully empower developers and enterprises to change the way the world communicates.

Team Twilio is at Enterprise Connect this week, we’re looking forward to meeting you:

  • Darren

    I hope this fixes the lag in calls for su Aussies.

    • Andrew

      Darren, Are you still seeing latency/quality issues? We are having a few in NZ and also about to onboard a couple of Australian clients.

  • Nick

    It would be great if you could provide a list of datacentres available, including ip addresses in those datacentres so that we could ping them to see what kind of latency we can expect.

  • Jonathan Lui

    Is this still running? Call quality in Aus is quite poor (i.e. can’t hear the other person on the line). I’ve noticed this even when we use the Zendesk’s inbuilt calling feature that is also backed onto twilio