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Programmable Messaging

New brand registration statuses and behavior in A2P 10DLC ISV APIs GA

ISV customers using the APIs to register brands for US A2P 10DLC will see two new values for brand registration status (‘status’ field):


Customers will also see new behavior for this field. You can check the github changelog here for the new enums available November 1. Starting December 1, using GET API to check brand registration Status will return ‘status’ as IN_REVIEW when your brand is under manual third-party review. The manual review can take 7+ days. Status ‘DELETED’ will be returned when a brand is deleted. Since a new status type can be a breaking change for you, please update your code before Dec 1.

Additionally, behavior of the ‘status’ field now represents a more accurate status of the brand as it is APPROVED only when your brand registration is complete and you can move to campaign creation. This eliminates the need for you to check multiple fields to know the action required from you on a brand. You can see the new behavior of status in the A2P wizard within Twilio Console, and in the API. Before December 6th, IN_REVIEW status will be visible on Console but not be returned in API to give adequate time for your API integration to be updated.

New U.S. A2P 10DLC registration flows are now available for 527 Political Organizations and K-12 Education customers. These new registration flows are available in both the A2P wizard in the Console as well as ISV APIs.

For more information on eligibility, messaging limits, pricing, and FAQs for these registration flows, please see our article on Special Use Cases for A2P 10DLC.

Programmable Messaging

WhatsApp message templates can now be removed in the Twilio Console GA

You can now delete WhatsApp message templates in the Twilio Console. To delete a message template, click on the template name on the WhatsApp Message Templates page and then click “Delete” at the bottom on the page. Per WhatsApp guidelines, you may not reuse the name of a deleted template for 30 days after deletion.

Programmable Messaging

Conversational U.S. A2P 10DLC campaign type renamed to Proxy GA

Customers registering for U.S. A2P 10DLC should use the new name “Proxy” instead of the old name “Conversational” when registering for campaigns of this type. This change is applicable in the A2P wizard in the console as well as ISV APIs (Create Campaign Use Case step). ISV API customers need to update their API integration.

This name change is to better represent the campaign type, which is meant for proxy/pooled numbers supporting personalized services and non-exposure of personal numbers. Some customers had incorrectly registered campaigns as Proxy/Conversational which should’ve been registered as Customer Care.

You can read more about the Proxy campaign use case here.

Programmable Messaging

Customers can view reasons for brand registration failure in A2P 10DLC GA

Customers can now view the reasons for their brand registration failures in the A2P wizard in the console or via the ISV APIs for US A2P 10DLC. In the A2P Wizard in the Twilio console, brand failures will result in an error screen with reasons for the failure and instructions to fix your brand registration before you can move forward. The GET Brand API call returns the failure reasons for ISVs registering their customers via API. You can review the failure reasons and API details here and reduce the likelihood of your brand registration failing by following the brand registration best practices here.

Programmable Messaging

WhatsApp Phone Number Migration is Generally Available GA

Businesses can now move their existing WhatsApp Business API phone numbers to the Twilio platform at any time whether they were previously registered through a different Business Solution Provider or directly with Facebook. Upon a successful migration, the transferred number retains its display name, messaging limit tier, quality rating, and Official Business Account status. High quality message templates on the account that it was previously registered on will also be copied over to the new account on Twilio.

For more details on how to move WhatsApp numbers to Twilio, please take a look at this support article.

Programmable Messaging

A2P Brand Registration Secondary Fee Waiver Ended GA

Customers registering for their Primary A2P Brand for US 10DLC traffic automatically get their brand vetted by carriers through a process called Secondary Vetting. This vetting costs $40 and was being covered by Twilio till Sept 30. The Secondary Vetting fee will now be passed through to customers and reflect in customer bills as the waiver has ended. 

Note Starter Brands and Starter Campaigns continue to remain free of charge.

Programmable Messaging

Twilio MMS is now HIPAA Eligible GA

Twilio MMS can now be used to develop compliant healthcare applications that contain protected health information (PHI) for organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Twilio will sign Business Associate Addendums (BAA) with covered entities and business associates for HIPAA Eligible Products and Services.

Learn more about how to build on Twilio for HIPAA compliance.

Programmable Messaging

Customers can now register post-approval A2P 10DLC campaigns GA

A subset of 5 A2P 10DLC Special Use Case campaigns require additional carrier approvals immediately following registration. These 5 post-approval use cases are now available for registration. Once a campaign information is submitted, it will remain in “review” until carriers grant approval on the campaign.

The special use cases that require carrier post-approval and are now available for registration via the Console and ISV APIs are:

  • Agents; franchise; local branches
  • Proxy (formerly Conversational)
  • Emergency
  • Social
  • Sweepstakes

You can read more about these in our support article or API docs.

Programmable Messaging

Send Promotional or Marketing Messages on WhatsApp with Twilio GA

Businesses around the world can now send promotional or marketing template messages with the Twilio API for WhatsApp. Prior restrictions requiring notifications be related to specific transactions no longer apply. Businesses can now engage with their customers in new and exciting ways to drive better business outcomes such as sending timely renewal reminders, product upgrade offers, back in stock alerts, sale notices, promotional coupons, and much more!

For more details on how to send these messages using Twilio, please take a look at our documentation.

Programmable Messaging

Register Starter A2P 10DLC Brands and Campaigns via Console Beta

ISV customers registering their customers' US 10DLC Brands and Campaign Use Cases have full functional parity between the API and console registration experience for Starter and Standard.

Customers can now use the Trust Hub console to register Starter and Standard Brands and Campaign Use Cases. Illustrated screenshots and guidance on which brand type to choose for your customers is provided in the documentation.

Programmable Messaging

Mock Brand and Campaign Registration for US A2P 10DLC Beta

ISV Customers with a registered US A2P ISV Brand can now test their API integrations with Twilio by registering Mock Brands and Campaigns. The Mock Brand and Campaign API allows you to develop and test applications against Twilio’s A2P Brand and Campaign APIs without incurring any A2P 10DLC related fees.

Mock brands and mock campaigns are created similarly to brands and campaigns registered against the non-mock A2P APIs. Any campaign registered alongside a Mock Brand will automatically be considered a Mock Campaign and will not allow Messages to be routed on US A2P routes. And Mock Brands and campaigns expire after 30 days. These are some important restrictions and considerations to keep in mind when you’re using this API, with detailed explanations available in this guide.

ISV customers can now view additional brand registration information for any Secondary Brand they are registering for US A2P 10DLC. On the successful registration of an A2P brand, customers can view this additional information when using the GET Brand Registration API.

“russell_3000” is returned ‘true’ by TCR when the brand is verified as a Russell 3000 brand.

“tax_exempt_status” returns the verified tax-exempt status of a US-based nonprofit brand, such as ‘501c3’, as verified by TCR. Otherwise, this is returned as ‘N/A’.

“skip_automatic_sec_vet” is returned 'true' for ISV customers who choose to skip automated secondary vetting for a secondary brand.

You can find more details for these in ISV Onboarding API docs.

Programmable Messaging

ISV customers can skip secondary vetting for any US A2P 10DLC Brand GA

ISV customers can now choose to skip automated secondary vetting for any Secondary Brand they are registering for US A2P 10DLC. Twilio continues to recommend secondary vetting because it raises both campaign throughput and daily volume limits beyond minimums allowed by carriers. With automated secondary vetting, customers can maximize throughput and daily limits without extra registration steps. 

That being said, we understand that some of our ISV customers may not want to complete secondary vetting for some of their customers based on the additional vetting fees and the usage patterns of those customers. Customers can review the usage limits available to a brand without secondary vetting in throughput for US A2P 10DLC.

This parameter SkipAutomaticSecVet is an optional parameter during brand registration, which can be used to skip secondary vetting for an A2P brand. You can find more details in ISV Onboarding API docs.

A2P 10DLC brand and campaign registration for all 501(c) nonprofit organizations is now available as part of Twilio’s A2P 10DLC Console and ISV API onboarding experience.Nonprofit organizations can register using the Charity / 501(c)(3), Political, or Standard use cases depending on their entity type:

  • 501(c)(3) organizations should register campaigns with the Charity / 501(c)(3) special use case. Charity / 501(c)(3) is a reserved use case for 501(c)(3)s to receive discounts on A2P carrier fees.
  • 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations sending messages that are political in nature should register with the Political special use case, or register non-political messaging with standard campaign use cases. The Political use case receives increased messaging throughput on A2P.
  • All other 501(c) designations should register their campaigns with standard campaign use cases.

For more details on the Charity / 501(c)(3) and Political campaign use cases, please see this support article on special use cases.
Note: We're still working to enable registration for 527 Political organizations and for the Emergency Special use case.

Messaging Customers are required by U.S. carriers to register for A2P 10DLC. Independent Software Vendors that offer other customers the ability send SMS and MMS need to register themselves as an ISV brand via Trust Hub in the Twilio console and then they can register each customer as a Standard Brand or a Starter Brand. Registered Brands can then register use case campaigns.

Starter Brand registration is now available for all independent software vendor (ISV) customers to register your customers for US 10DLC compliance and send SMS and MMS in the US with 10-digit long codes. Starter Brand registration is intended for customers who send fewer than 3,000 daily SMS segments and MMS messages over 10-digit long codes AND use five or fewer 10-digit U.S. long codes. Twilio is covering the costs for Starter Brand registration and monthly campaign fees.

ISV Customers can read the Starter Brand overview and step-by-step API walkthrough as they prepare to register their customers.

Programmable Messaging

A2P Registration now automatically includes Secondary Vetting GA

Twilio continues to streamline registration with US Carriers for Long Code Messaging (A2P 10DLC). All A2P brand registrations are now subject to an additional $40 one-time vetting fee. Twilio will automate the vetting process and cover the vetting fee for primary Brands until October 1, 2021 and Secondary Brands created for ISVs until August 21, 2021. 

With automated secondary vetting, you will benefit from:

  1. Increased daily messaging limits to T-Mobile. See the article ‘T-Mobile daily message limits for long code messaging with A2P 10DLC’ for details.
  2. Increased throughput on your campaigns since secondary vetting will ensure accuracy of information and maximizing the TCR Score. See more details in our support article ‘Message throughput (MPS) and Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the U.S.

There is no special action needed from customers to benefit from secondary vetting after this change, it will automatically be triggered for all brands registering for US A2P compliance.

Programmable Messaging

US A2P 10DLC Registration Available for Government Agencies Beta

Government agencies are now able to register for US A2P 10DLC.

Government agencies have access to all Standard Campaign use cases today, and will also be eligible for the use case for Emergency Services, once the ecosystem has launched full support for Special Use Cases. See our support article for more info.

Programmable Messaging

US A2P 10DLC Registration Available for All Twilio Customers Beta

All eligible Twilio customers can now start registration for US A2P 10DLC, in the Twilio console or via API. Registering protects and can improve SMS and MMS traffic deliverability and throughput.  

To see who should currently register for A2P 10DLC, please refer to this article. In general, customers who send more than 3,000 SMS to the US using Long Code numbers can immediately begin taking action. To start registration, click here or go to Twilio Trust Hub, and select "Go to A2P Messaging". 

Quick reply and call to action buttons can now be added to WhatsApp message templates when they are created in the Twilio Console. Buttons make it easy for businesses to streamline customer responses and guide their customers through conversational interactions, or drive them towards desired outcomes to improve engagement. Quick reply buttons let businesses define standard responses that users can tap to send. Call to action buttons trigger a phone call or direct users to a website when tapped.

To learn more about this exciting feature, check out our blog post or try it out for yourself today!

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