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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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Programmable Messaging

Link Shortening is now in Public Beta Beta

Link Shortening is now accessible in public beta on the Programmable Messaging API. This functionality enables you to programmatically shorten long links with your own company branded domain without any extra API calls. You can also set up your webhook to receive click events when recipients of the messages click on the shortened link. 

Read our API documentation to get started.

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling is now HIPAA Eligible GA

Message Scheduling can now be used to develop compliant healthcare applications that contain protected health information (PHI) for organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Twilio will sign Business Associate Addendums (BAA) with covered entities and business associates for HIPAA Eligible Products and Services.

Learn more about how to build on Twilio for HIPAA compliance.

Twilio has implemented an urgent precautionary measure to protect Programmable Messaging accounts created before April 2019 from possible exploitations of their service by automatically disabling unused SMS Geo Permissions.  We’re taking this action to protect customers from potential fraud known as SMS Traffic Pumping. Given the rise of fraud in the ecosystem, we want to help ensure that we minimize potential exploits and reduce the risks faced by our customers.   Disabling destination countries your business doesn’t serve or uses infrequently is an additional line of defense against fraudulent activity. See this Help Center article for more information on SMS Traffic Pumping Fraud and how to protect your applications from it.   

Why only accounts created before April 2019?

Accounts created during and before March 2019 previously had SMS Geo Permissions enabled globally by default.   For our customers’ convenience and protection, Twilio will disable SMS Geo Permissions on a one-time basis for country destinations to which messages have not been sent in the 30 day period from 23 July 2022 to 22 August 2022.    This one-time action on accounts will begin on 25 August 2022 and end on or before 9 September 2022.    

If needed, you can enable or disable SMS Geo Permissions to any country at any time in Twilio Console by following the steps in this Support Article

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling Now Generally Available GA

Twilio Message Scheduling is now generally available for use!

Message scheduling enables developers to schedule and send an SMS, MMS or WhatsApp for a time in the future, all within a single API call. Iterations since our beta release include adding support for HIPAA Eligibility, enabling a scheduled message to send 15 min in advance (previously 60 min), and increasing the account usage limitations to enable higher volume sending.

For more information, see the Message Scheduling Documentation.

Twilio customers sending messages via US A2P 10DLC can now log into Twilio Console - Trust Hub - A2P Messaging to check whether they have been incurring penalty fees from sending unregistered message segments.

Unregistered Segment Alert in Console - A2P Messaging

Unregistered segments incur penalty fees at ~$1-3 USD per thousand segments as they have higher per-message carrier fees than registered segments. In this banner, we have calculated an approximate monthly penalty fee you’re at risk for based on your traffic pattern in the past seven days to provide you with greater visibility.

To avoid these fees, please first make sure you’ve completed your A2P Brand and Campaign registration; direct customers can follow these registration instructions, and ISV customers can follow these registration instructions. Once you’ve registered, please download a list of Phone Numbers that have sent unregistered traffic in the past 7 days by clicking on “Download CSV”, and add them to a Messaging Service associated with your A2P Campaign. Note that if you are a low volume direct customers sending less than 3,000 segments to the U.S. per day, no action is required from you at this point and you have not been charged any penalty fees. 

Lastly, please note: this analysis is based on historical data in the past seven days. If you’ve registered for US A2P 10DLC recently, this may not reflect your latest registration status, and please feel free to dismiss this banner by clicking on the "x" on the top right corner.

For more information, please check out our support doc here.


Verified nonprofit and government entities are eligible to receive special benefits when registering for U.S. A2P 10DLC. At the time of U.S. A2P Brand creation, customers registering using the nonprofit or government company types will be automatically vetted in the background to check if the Brand's info provided matches a registered tax exempt entity in IRS records. Confirmation of nonprofit or government status determines qualification for special use cases (e.g. Charity/501(c)(3), Political) and their associated benefits — discounted carrier fees and increased messaging limits. For comprehensive information on U.S. A2P registration for nonprofit and government entities, please see this guide.

The Twilio Console has been updated to increase the visibility of whether nonprofit and government status has been confirmed during A2P Brand registration. After registering with these Brand types, customers will see a 'Nonprofit Status' or 'Government Status' section of the A2P Message Limits screen of the 10DLC registration wizard. This section will communicate whether the Brand has been confirmed as a verified nonprofit or government entity, along with a description of what benefits are unlocked for that specific entity type. Previously, this information was only available via Twilio's ISV APIs (tax_exempt_status for nonprofits, and government_entity for governments). 

Available statuses for nonprofit and government entities are below. Note that brands that are not verified are able to work with our support team to manually confirm their tax exempt status by providing supporting documentation — a process that is facilitated by this new Console functionality.

Nonprofit Brand Statuses

  • 501(c)(3): Unlocks Charity/501(c)(3) special use case
  • 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6): Unlocks Political special use case 
  • 501(c)(7): No special benefits at this time
  • 527 Political Organization (Federal, State, & Local): Unlocks Political special use case + uncapped T-Mobile daily message limit
  • Not verified: Automated check was not able to confirm Brand as a nonprofit.

Government Brand Statuses

  • Government entity: Unlocks uncapped T-Mobile daily message limit and 75 MPS on AT&T irrespective of use case
  • Not verified: Automated check was not able to confirm Brand as a government entity.

Programmable Messaging

Alphanumeric Sender IDs now support the ampersand (&) character GA

You can now utilize the ampersand (&) character in Twilio Alphanumeric Sender IDs. This can help you send text messages from a sender that better represents your brand name: for example, Owl&Co. This feature is only available in Alphanumeric Sender ID-eligible countries. Please refer to this guide to learn how to use Alphanumeric Sender IDs with Twilio messaging services.

Programmable Messaging

New WhatsApp Media Content Types Supported on Twilio in Public Beta Beta

Sending WhatsApp messages with media now supports additional content types in a public beta, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and certain audio files. See this document more information on all the different media types we support.

When users message a business from a "Click to WhatsApp" advertisement, Twilio will now pass additional information to inbound message webhook regarding the advertisement the user clicked on. This allows businesses to create workflows in WhatsApp that intelligently respond based on the originating advertisement. Businesses can also better understand their advertisement’s performance by tracking user responses to an advertisement.

To learn more about the new properties that are included on our request to your webhook, visit

If you face errors in submission or brand verification when you submit your brand details for A2P registration, you will now see a simplified step in the A2P wizard in TrustHub. The multiple steps to edit your brand earlier have been simplified into a single step in the console. This will help you save time in registering your A2P brand and allow you to focus on the most important fields to review. The new design also provides transparency on the number of retries remaining.

You can read more about brand editing here.

If your concerns are not addressed through the instructions shown in the wizard or if you are an ISV API user, you can refer to the new comprehensive guide for troubleshooting your A2P brand here.

Tax ID Feedback Edit Retry Example

Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling is in public beta Beta

We are excited to announce that Message Scheduling is in public beta!

You can now schedule a message over SMS, MMS and Whatsapp using the Programmable Messaging API. Today, when you make an API request to Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API, a message is sent out instantaneously. With this new feature, you can intentionally delay or schedule the time a message is sent out up to 7 days in the future. This means you no longer have to rely on internal cron jobs or scheduling services.

Check out our documentation and blog post to learn more and try scheduling a message.

When you submit brand details for A2P registration, you will be shown feedback if the information could not be verified by the registration vendor, TCR. Based on this feedback, you can now edit the brand information, as explained here with an example of TrustHub UI in the Twilio console. If you are using the ISV APIs, you also have the capability to edit such a brand using APIs as explained here.

For the majority of brands facing verification failures, Twilio will allow you to update your brand up to three times via self-service, after which you would be redirected to customer support for further help. For a minority of brands facing failures, you will be redirected to customer support right away, since the problem can not be resolved via self-service.

Twilio will bear the costs of updating your brand. You can read more about updating your brand details and brand registration best practices here.

It is now possible to edit the addional website, business vertical, and about fields for your WhatsApp Senders within the Twilio Console.

  1. Click here or navigate to Messaging > Senders > WhatsApp Senders.
  2. Click "Edit Sender" on the sender you wish to update.
  3. Under "Business Profile Information", you may now add or update the additional website, business vertical, or profile about fields.

Programmable Messaging

New brand registration statuses and behavior in A2P 10DLC ISV APIs GA

ISV customers using the APIs to register brands for US A2P 10DLC will see two new values for brand registration status (‘status’ field):


Customers will also see new behavior for this field. You can check the github changelog here for the new enums available November 1. Starting December 1, using GET API to check brand registration Status will return ‘status’ as IN_REVIEW when your brand is under manual third-party review. The manual review can take 7+ days. Status ‘DELETED’ will be returned when a brand is deleted. Since a new status type can be a breaking change for you, please update your code before Dec 1.

Additionally, behavior of the ‘status’ field now represents a more accurate status of the brand as it is APPROVED only when your brand registration is complete and you can move to campaign creation. This eliminates the need for you to check multiple fields to know the action required from you on a brand. You can see the new behavior of status in the A2P wizard within Twilio Console, and in the API. Before December 6th, IN_REVIEW status will be visible on Console but not be returned in API to give adequate time for your API integration to be updated.

New U.S. A2P 10DLC registration flows are now available for 527 Political Organizations and K-12 Education customers. These new registration flows are available in both the A2P wizard in the Console as well as ISV APIs.

For more information on eligibility, messaging limits, pricing, and FAQs for these registration flows, please see our article on Special Use Cases for A2P 10DLC.

Programmable Messaging

WhatsApp message templates can now be removed in the Twilio Console GA

You can now delete WhatsApp message templates in the Twilio Console. To delete a message template, click on the template name on the WhatsApp Message Templates page and then click “Delete” at the bottom on the page. Per WhatsApp guidelines, you may not reuse the name of a deleted template for 30 days after deletion.

Programmable Messaging

Conversational U.S. A2P 10DLC campaign type renamed to Proxy GA

Customers registering for U.S. A2P 10DLC should use the new name “Proxy” instead of the old name “Conversational” when registering for campaigns of this type. This change is applicable in the A2P wizard in the console as well as ISV APIs (Create Campaign Use Case step). ISV API customers need to update their API integration.

This name change is to better represent the campaign type, which is meant for proxy/pooled numbers supporting personalized services and non-exposure of personal numbers. Some customers had incorrectly registered campaigns as Proxy/Conversational which should’ve been registered as Customer Care.

You can read more about the Proxy campaign use case here.

Programmable Messaging

Customers can view reasons for brand registration failure in A2P 10DLC GA

Customers can now view the reasons for their brand registration failures in the A2P wizard in the console or via the ISV APIs for US A2P 10DLC. In the A2P Wizard in the Twilio console, brand failures will result in an error screen with reasons for the failure and instructions to fix your brand registration before you can move forward. The GET Brand API call returns the failure reasons for ISVs registering their customers via API. You can review the failure reasons and API details here and reduce the likelihood of your brand registration failing by following the brand registration best practices here.

Programmable Messaging

WhatsApp Phone Number Migration is Generally Available GA

Businesses can now move their existing WhatsApp Business API phone numbers to the Twilio platform at any time whether they were previously registered through a different Business Solution Provider or directly with Facebook. Upon a successful migration, the transferred number retains its display name, messaging limit tier, quality rating, and Official Business Account status. High quality message templates on the account that it was previously registered on will also be copied over to the new account on Twilio.

For more details on how to move WhatsApp numbers to Twilio, please take a look at this support article.

Programmable Messaging

A2P Brand Registration Secondary Fee Waiver Ended GA

Customers registering for their Primary A2P Brand for US 10DLC traffic automatically get their brand vetted by carriers through a process called Secondary Vetting. This vetting costs $40 and was being covered by Twilio till Sept 30. The Secondary Vetting fee will now be passed through to customers and reflect in customer bills as the waiver has ended. 

Note Starter Brands and Starter Campaigns continue to remain free of charge.

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