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Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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Studio and Functions are now HIPAA Eligible GA

Studio and Functions can now be used to develop compliant healthcare applications that contain protected health information (PHI) for organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Twilio will sign Business Associate Addendums (BAA) with covered entities and business associates for HIPAA Eligible Products and Services.

Learn more about how to build on Twilio for HIPAA compliance.


Debug logs endpoint now available for Twilio Functions Beta

Twilio Functions makes it easy to deploy custom code onto Twilio to support your communications use cases. Today, we're introducing a new Serverless API endpoint that lets you retrieve debug logs for Functions executions. In addition,the Twilio Debugger will now show Warning and Error level log messages added to your Functions code. You can tail logs from deployed Functions locally via the latest version of the Serverless Toolkit

To learn more about the functionality, visit the Logs page in the Serverless API documentation.


Twilio Functions now deploy to NodeJS version 10 Beta

Twilio Functions lets you deploy NodeJS code into Twilio's serverless environment to handle communications events in support of your applications. Functions can be deployed via API or UI. Previously, Functions deployed via the API used NodeJS version 10, but Functions deployed via UI used NodeJS version 8. NodeJS version 8 is now End Of Life. From today all Functions deployed, either via UI or API use NodeJS version 10. Click here for more information about the upgrade.

The path of the executing Function is now available in the context object at runtime, allowing you to reconstruct the full Function URL for use in your application.


exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {
    callback(null, 'https://' + context.DOMAIN_NAME + context.PATH);

Full structure available from the context:


The context path is available in both Console-created Functions and those created via the API.

For more information about Twilio Functions, check the Runtime documentation.


Twilio Functions: Increased timeout Beta

We have increased the timeout for Twilio Functions from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. This allows more processing time for complex use cases. In order to have this change take affect on an existing Function, it must be redeployed. This change affects Functions deployed via the UI or API. For more information about Twilio Functions, check the Runtime documentation.


New Serverless API to Deploy Functions and Assets Beta

Our new serverless REST API makes it easy to deploy code to Twilio Functions, our serverless code execution environment, and Twilio Assets, our static file hosting service. This new API allows code written in NodeJS and static asset files to be created locally and deployed to the Twilio Serverless environment. The REST API can be used directly with the Twilio helper libraries, or via the Twilio CLI and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit.

Existing Functions and Assets are incompatible with the new API, but they will remain accessible via the web Console as they are today.

To find out more and get started with the new API, visit the new Runtime section of the Twilio docs.