Top 7 reasons to attend SIGNAL 2023

Top 7 reasons to attend SIGNAL 2023
August 03, 2023
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SIGNAL, Twilio’s biggest event of the year for customers and developers, is coming soon! You won’t want to miss a single keynote, breakout session, guest speaker, or product deep dive.

There is so much to unpack this year as Twilio dives into how its products can level up customer engagement, utilize artificial intelligence (AI), and help you build a durable business that your customers will love. We’ve rounded up seven of the most exciting parts of SIGNAL this year we’re most excited about, and we know you’ll be too.

7. SIGNAL is completely free and virtual

Your free ticket gives you access to every SIGNAL perk. When you sign in virtually on August 23, you will have access to live Q&A with product experts, two keynote sessions, and every guest speaker we have to offer this year.

6. Enjoy 12+ hours of customer stories, product deep dives, and more, live and on-demand

SIGNAL attendees not only get to access sessions live on event day, but also on demand on the platform. Watch one session live and enjoy another at a time that works best for you.

5. Start building with Superclass

Explore our immersive training designed for developers of all skill levels, free for everyone with a SIGNAL ticket. Whether you use Twilio every day or you’re just now learning to code, enjoy hands-on learning to level up your skills with code-driven demos and workshops.

4. Bring your questions to our live booth Q&A

Ask questions about featured products or anything about Twilio in general by engaging with Twilio product experts live via chat or by joining the queue to talk onscreen, just like you would in person. Hosts will also follow up on queries using Twilio Flex, ensuring that you get the answers you need.

3. AI takes center stage

Don’t miss our vision keynote with Twilio CEO and co-founder Jeff Lawson, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and more, where we lift the veil on the next big thing in digital customer engagement: CustomerAI! We'll show you how to harness the power of data to create actionable insights that turbocharge loyalty and growth at scale.

Plus, enjoy a developer-focused keynote where we’ll explore the exciting world of Generative AI together. Learn how we can merge Large Language Models (LLMs) with solid, compliant data to create even better customer experiences. We'll also dive into the latest Twilio product updates, collaborations, and insights that can help you make the most of this moment.

2. Learn how to improve customer experiences from these mega brands

We love sharing stories of brands creating the best customer experiences possible with Twilio technology. Don’t miss how Jetblue Travel Products modernized and took control of their customer experience by using Twilio Flex.

Also, check out how Taskrabbit is improving customer communications with Twilio Messaging, and how Segment helped Cisco move from hardware supplier to SaaS leader by unlocking product-led growth.

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1. A conversation with Selena Gomez

Grammy- and Emmy-nominated musician, actress, producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Selena Gomez has not only captivated millions of fans worldwide with her talent but has also been a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and social justice causes.

In her conversation with Twilio Chief Marketing Officer, Joyce Kim, Selena will discuss her journey to success, share advice on how to engage with fans and community for good, discuss building a brand based on her personal journey, and dive into her work with the Rare Impact Fund, a mental health initiative she founded in 2020.

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So what are you waiting for?

Register for free today to be part of this year’s most epic SIGNAL.

We’ll see you there.