Announcing Twilio Signup for SendGrid and Segment

March 06, 2024
Written by
Richard Hu
Reviewed by
Paul Kamp

“From a user perspective, when creating an account, new customers often run into friction. The same goes for logging into an account. Returning users face complex login processes that can result in frustration and 64% of brands say that their own customers are frustrated with inconsistent experiences.”

2023 Twilio State of Customer Engagement Survey

Announcing Twilio Signup for SendGrid and Segment

Consistency is key. As customers grow on the Twilio platform, they need a standard and seamless experience – starting at sign up. That’s why today, we’re introducing a new experience to signing up for and seamlessly expanding your use of Twilio products.

What’s new?

First, Twilio launched the Product Switcher feature, allowing existing Twilio paid users to sign up for a SendGrid or Segment account directly in their Twilio Console. Twilio Signup for SendGrid and Segment extends these benefits with a single signup across all of Twilio’s products that provides users with one identity and the ability to expand to other channels out of the box.

Additionally, “Sign up with Google'' is now available as an alternative signup method to use existing Google credentials to sign up for Twilio without creating a new set of credentials or verifying your email address. Put simply, sign up once, and access any product in the Twilio Portfolio.

Single Twilio Identity as seen when signing up

Key Benefits of a Single Twilio Identity

Simplified user management

A single identity across Twilio reduces the pain of managing multiple user identities and passwords. Management tasks such as updating contact information or changing passwords can be done only once in a centralized place in the Twilio Console.

Enhanced Security

By centralizing authentication to one identity, one set of credentials, and one multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup, users have fewer passwords to forget and improved security across the Twilio platform, reducing complexity.

Consistent multi-channel experience

With a single signup and login, users have a simplified onboarding and access experience across Twilio products. Now, you’ll be familiar with the process no matter which Twilio product you began using first.

Twilio partners with you to grow your business

While still maintaining our trusted brands, SendGrid and Segment are better together with Twilio. Twilio Signup for SendGrid and Segment makes it straightforward for customers to manage their communication platforms in a streamlined experience as they build out their multi-channel strategy. Twilio is your partner in making the experience flexible and easy to scale with your growth.

Sign up with Twilio today and visit our documentation for more information!