Twilio Content API and Content Editor are Now in Public Beta

July 11, 2023
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Content API Public Beta Blog

We are excited to announce that Twilio’s Content API and Content Editor are now in public beta, and accessible in the Twilio Console. With the Content API and Editor, create engaging rich messaging experiences to drive better customer engagement and reduce the development time required to send messages across multiple rich messaging channels.

Save Time and Create Engaging Messages on All Channels

Customers use a variety of different messaging channels depending on their region, preference, or use case. For example, customers in regions like Latin America and India tend to use WhatsApp, which has more than 2 billion users. Customers may also use different messaging channels depending on where they are in their purchase journey; those who are shopping or looking for new product information turn to Google and may message businesses on Google’s Business Messages to get their questions answered.

Because consumers use many different messaging apps throughout their day, adding new messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages, helps you adopt new use cases and meet customers on their preferred channels, driving customer engagement.

These channels offer rich messaging features, which include visual or interactive elements such as buttons or selectable lists. Rich messaging can increase customer engagement, by creating more visually appealing messages or making it easy for customers to respond or take a certain action with interactive content.

Screenshots of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages with Buttons

Screenshots of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages with Call to Action buttons

However, utilizing rich messaging features can be difficult in practice because these features are not standardized across channels. Content rules and feature capabilities can differ from channel to channel, requiring development teams to be familiar with the requirements of each different channel and increasing the time and development work required to support multiple channels. Additionally, features can only be used within the channel they are built for.

That’s where the Content API and Content Editor come in: they save your team time and enable support for new channels by automatically translating rich content across channels and meeting all requirements of the different channels. With the Content API and Editor, create and send engaging, personalized, and compliant messages to customers on their preferred channels with ease.

What is the Content API?

The Content API is a template management tool that enables users to create and manage a consistent rich messaging experience. With the Content API, you can translate rich messaging content across channels and confirm whether new rich messaging templates are approved by the channel providers. Additionally, the Content API helps protect you from changes in rich messaging capabilities or channel compliance requirements, as it will continue to adapt to changes from rich channels.

What is the Content Editor?

The Content Editor is a graphical user interface available within the Twilio Console, and built on top of the Content API. It enables both technical and non-technical users to create and manage rich messaging templates without needing to use code, simplifying the process of building and managing new templates. You can also check the approval status of your WhatsApp templates within the Content Editor.

Demo of Twilio's Content Editor in the Twilio Console

Simplifying WhatsApp Template Management is the world’s leading conversational recruiting platform, helping global recruiting teams get more done with less by automating manual tasks like scheduling, screening, onboarding, and more.’s candidate experience is driven through mobile-first experiences, including WhatsApp messaging, which is powered by Twilio’s Content API and Content Editor to easily create and manage WhatsApp templates and track their approval status.

“Delivering outstanding WhatsApp experiences enables our clients to engage candidates on their preferred channel, which naturally drives higher conversion and candidate satisfaction. Twilio’s Content API specifically helps us create new WhatsApp message templates, including conversational experiences with rich messaging content, more quickly.

With the Content API, we’re also able to easily see each WhatsApp template’s status and whether they’re approved by WhatsApp, which saves our clients time and enables us to elevate the performance of WhatsApp as an effective candidate communication channel.”

Michal Ronen, Product Manager,

Getting Started with the Content API and Content Editor

You can now learn more about the Content API and Content Editor and get started today. We can’t wait to see what you build!