Drive Value Across Customer and Agent Experience with Google Cloud Contact Center AI and Twilio Flex

March 30, 2022
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Drive value across customer and agent experience with Google Cloud Contact Center AI and Twilio Flex

Businesses of all sizes are looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive customer value and efficiency across internal and external functions. The contact center is no exception. Here, AI can be used to drive value for your customers and agents, while also providing real-time analysis of interactions to identify common customer pain points and necessary improvements.

Today, we are announcing the release of the Google Cloud CCAI connector for Twilio Flex, built by Sabio. This enables any business to integrate Google Cloud CCAI into their contact center today.

Using Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) can lower cost and increase customer satisfaction with the best of Google's AI technology. Integrating the power of Google Cloud CCAI into Twilio Flex enables your customers to engage with conversational virtual agents 24/7 and empowers your agents to handle complicated issues with real-time assistance.

Twilio has collaborated with Sabio, a Gold Consulting Partner, to build a Google Cloud CCAI connector. Sabio’s offering includes pre-built CCAI connectors, dashboards, and implementation services to streamline the deployment of Google Cloud CCAI with Twilio Flex. Enabling your contact center to use AI to drive value for customers through every channel, and make superheroes out of your agents.

This connector provides Twilio Flex customers with conversational virtual agents across every channel, Agent Assist to provide real-time assistance, and Insights to identify common call drivers and track sentiment.

Provide customers with natural interactions across every channel

This connector integrates the power of Dialogflow CX to provide conversational agents that easily switch between topics across SMS, Voice, Whatsapp, Programmable Chat, and FB Messenger channels. Dialogflow CX is Google Cloud’s conversational AI that powers life-like virtual agents and is capable of resolving complex issues.  

Dialogflow CX enables you to reduce call volume by deploying a virtual agent capable of handling large or complex customer issues. It provides your contact center with a 24/7 virtual agent that can drive customer engagement in over 30+ languages, while agents are off the clock.  

Provide agents with relevant information in a single view

Seamlessly transition customers from a virtual agent to an agent that is empowered to solve complex issues. Agent Assist provides step-by-step guidance to Twilio Flex agents based on customer intent, and provides relevant resources in their single desktop to reduce toggling between tabs.

Agent Assist uses a centralized knowledge base to provide answers to common questions and creates ready-to-send responses for your Twilio Flex agents to use. It automatically transcribes calls in real-time to enable agents to look back during the interaction, but also for identifying common topics and customer sentiment after.

Actionable Insights 

Analyze data from every Twilio Flex interaction to identify trends in customer satisfaction, common topics, and enhancements that might be needed. With Twilio Flex, you can quickly iterate to make modifications for identified investment areas and stay ahead of customer demands.

With Google Cloud CCAI Insights and Twilio Flex, your contact center is empowered to proactively identify the needs of your customers and your developers have the tools needed to make any necessary changes. Imagine the customer engagement your teams can drive with this at their fingertips!

Twilio integrations for Google Cloud CCAI

To enable customers to choose the option best for their business, Twilio is investing in multiple connectors that streamline the integration of Google Cloud CCAI into any deployment. Use the chart below to identify which integration with Google Cloud CCAI is right for your business.

Available Google Cloud CCAI integrations Twilio Flex and Google Cloud CCAI Twilio Voice and Dialogflow CX*
Use caseProvides Twilio Flex customers with conversational virtual agents across every channel, Agent Assist, and Insights.Provides Twilio Programmable Voice customers with conversational virtual agents.
Channels supported Voice, SMS, Whatsapp, Programmable Chat, Facebook MessengerVoice
PCI compliance YesYes
Multi-language support YesYes
Complex intentYesYes
Agent assist YesN/A
Google Cloud CCAI Insights YesYes

* Currently in Private Beta.

Customers around the world can integrate the power of Google Cloud CCAI into Twilio Flex today. To read more about the technical components of this integration, please visit the Twilio Flex documentation.

Interested in discussing how using Google Cloud CCAI can benefit your Twilio Flex contact center? Please contact Twilio Sales or request a demo through the Sabio Partner Showcase.


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