Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere with Flex Mobile

June 04, 2024
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Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere with Flex Mobile

It’s a modern expectation that communications tools are cross-platform, and available whenever and wherever we need them. No one wants to worry about missing an important customer conversation or putting a critical deal at risk because they stepped out for a coffee, or had to leave the office a little early to pick their kid up from school. While many business communication tools have been available from mobile devices for years, contact centers and other customer engagement tools have mostly stayed in the realm of desk phones and web browsers.

Flex Mobile, now in Public Beta, provides an iOS and Android application to connect your agents with Twilio Flex wherever they are. Flex Mobile unlocks powerful Twilio Flex functionality to empower every customer-facing team with a shared view of customer data, AI features to increase productivity, and compliant omnichannel communications to remove the need to use personal devices.

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Without access to mobile communication alternatives, companies face several distinct challenges: 

  • There’s unrealized potential for sharing expertise when your employees aren’t on a communications platform today

  • Employees only have access to legacy phone systems that are disconnected from broader communications tooling

  • When an employee needs to talk with a customer while on-the-go, they often take communications into their own hands by calling and texting from their own numbers 

Each of these expose fundamental gaps in communications strategies and leave businesses in the dark about who their employees are speaking with or what they’re discussing. They also introduce a host of compliance and record-keeping challenges. 

Maintain visibility into all customer interactions

Flex Mobile enables businesses to bring all employee communications into a single communication platform and provides critical visibility into every customer interaction. Employees, whether they’re in the field, on the retail floor, or just need to step away from their desks for a bit, can join or start interactions through the mobile application on any channel to ensure a frictionless customer experience. 

Imagine how much more you can know about your customers and your business if every call is automatically tracked back to your CRM. Not only can you capture full voice recordings and transcriptions, but you can even get automatic AI-driven summaries.

Single solution for all customer-facing teams

Mobile access opens up entirely new patterns of communications and methods of connecting employees and customers. For many kinds of interactions, like retail or field services, customers need physical proximity to speak with employees. With Flex Mobile, a business can take advantage of Flex’s advanced routing capabilities to leverage the expertise of their employees to serve a customer, even if that customer is 1000 miles away.

The power of Flex Mobile is in extending Flex across your entire business. Flex Mobile offers a shared view of relevant customer data, enabling every team to engage customers with a deeper understanding of their needs. When a retail employee answers a call from a landline today, they know nothing about the customer on the other side. With Flex Mobile, that employee gains insight from a real-time view of customer activity, CRM data, and prior interactions.

Instead of having to ask for an email address or an order number to find a customer, all of their prior order history is immediately accessible for an employee to assist them right away. Not only is that a better customer experience, but businesses gain stronger context of their customers by eliminating gaps from their communications landscape. Every interaction can now be seamlessly logged back to a customer’s timeline, every employee speaking with a customer can get necessary insights as to who that customer is, and all of this creates powerful feedback loops with Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles.

Flex Mobile connects all employees, whether they work in support, sales, or the field, with the same customer data, improving the entire workforce’s alignment and visibility into a customer’s needs.

Download the app today

Flex Mobile is now available in the App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android) in Public Beta. Existing Twilio Flex customers can guide their agents to download the application and start using Flex Mobile today, with zero development effort and at no additional cost.

Looking to onboard new agents to Twilio Flex for mobile access? Please contact your Twilio Account team to add additional Flex Mobile licenses that can be purchased at a discounted price.