How to Choose the Best Contact Center Software in 2023 [6 Considerations]

Colleagues analyzing the best software solutions for their company's contact center
July 03, 2023
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In today's customer-centric landscape, businesses must optimize contact center operations, starting with selecting the most suitable software solutions—and that’s easier said than done. So to navigate through the multitude of options available, carefully consider the pain points you face, as these factors can influence your decision.  

Six things that might have you considering a new contact center software include: integrations, revenue dips, streamlining workflows, customize and scaling, customer demand, and/or agency efficiency

Here, we’ll provide valuable insights into choosing the best contact center software by addressing 6 common pain points and highlighting key considerations.

1. You need to modernize your contact center integrations

One of the primary pain points businesses encounter is modernizing an existing contact center while seamlessly integrating with updated systems. So look for software that allows you to augment your infrastructure gradually, scaling digital channels at a pace that aligns with your business’ budget and needs. With a solution that offers smooth integration and scalability, you can ensure a smooth, friction-free customer engagement experience at every touchpoint.

2. You see dips in revenue growth

Improving revenue is a critical objective for businesses, and effective customer engagement plays a significant role in achieving this. So consider software solutions that empower you to enhance your digital customer engagement strategies across channels. By choosing a contact center software that enables real-time personalization and seamless customer experiences, you can drive repeat sales and boost your bottom line. In fact, Twilio’s State of Customer Engagement Report demonstrated that investment in digital customer engagement increased revenue by 90% on average.

3. You need to streamline workflows for efficiency

Efficiency is vital in a contact center environment, impacting your agents’ ability to do their job and your customers’ overall experience with your business. So to optimize your agents’ productivity, look for software that offers streamlined workflows. A user-friendly interface and integration capabilities with various data sources can significantly reduce the time spent on gathering context and enable your agents to provide personalized and efficient support to customers. When you prioritize software that allows easy access to first-party customer data, you facilitate faster issue resolution and enhance overall customer satisfaction—a win-win.

4. You need to customize and scale

Every business has unique requirements, making it crucial to select a customizable contact center software you can tailor to your specific needs. So consider the software's flexibility and customization options and whether it allows you to align them with your customer interaction strategies.

Equally important is the scalability of the software to grow as your business grows. So ensure that the software can also adapt to changes in customer demands by supporting additional digital channels and integrating seamlessly with your existing technology stack.

5. You see your customers’ demands changing

Speaking of customer demands, customer demands and expectations are continuously evolving. Your chosen contact center software should provide the flexibility to keep pace with these changes. So look for solutions that offer customization options for user interface, self-service functionalities, connectivity, and reporting. By having the freedom to iterate and customize your contact center software, you can meet evolving customer expectations and move toward long-term success.

6. You need to increase your agency efficiency

To provide exceptional and seamless customer experiences, it's essential to empower your agents with the right tools and features to deliver that omnichannel experience. So look for contact center software that offers a wide range of features designed to increase agent efficiency. These may include intelligent routing, custom interactive voice response, analytics and reporting capabilities, and omnichannel engagement. By providing your agents with these necessary resources, you can ensure that they deliver exceptional customer support across multiple channels seamlessly.

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Now that you know that choosing the best contact center software requires careful consideration of the pain points your business faces, such as modernization, revenue growth, workflow efficiency, customization, adaptability, and agent efficiency, you’re empowered to make an informed decision.

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