Twilio named a Leader in the 2023-24 Omdia CPaaS Universe

March 06, 2024
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Twilio named a Leader in the 2023-24 Omdia CPaaS Universe

We are thrilled to hear from yet another Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) industry analyst1 that Twilio has been named a Leader in the 2023-24 Omdia CPaaS Universe2. Omdia Research released their 2023 CPaaS vendor ranking in their annual Omdia Universe report. In it, Twilio was ranked highest amongst 10 vendors in both “Strategy and Execution” and in “Solution Capability.”  

According to the vendor ranking chart below, Twilio also has the largest sized “bubble,” representing the largest in market share.


Omdia CPaaS Universe quadrant 2023-2024
Omdia CPaaS Universe quadrant 2023-2024

The CPaaS industry today

Every year, new trends and customer needs push innovation forward. This keeps the CPaaS market very dynamic and rapidly changing, requiring vendors to be flexible and quick to respond to market demands. That's why the Omdia vendor ranking is so important—it showcases how well vendors can adapt and innovate.

According to the Omdia report, Principal Analyst Pamela Clark-Dickson and Practice Leader Tim Banding state the following:

“To qualify as a CPaaS provider, vendors must offer fundamental capabilities such as programmable APIs, phone numbers, cloud-based access to communication networks, developer resources, and flexible pricing models. However, leading CPaaS providers offer additional technologies and services such as security and authentication features, pre-packaged solutions such as CCaaS, UCaaS, CEPs, CDPs, and artificial intelligence (AI) features. In our ranking of CPaaS vendors, Omdia considers this enhanced level of solution breadth tobe a key differentiator among market leaders.”

“In conclusion, the CPaaS industry has evolved to offer higher-value, customer-focused, and automated platforms, allowing companies to orchestrate the customer journey in a low-code/no-code environment, deliver better services, and provide consistent CX across all touchpoints.”

The Twilio difference

Businesses today aim for more than just sending messages to their customers' screens. They strive to gain a holistic view of their customers in order to deliver precise, personalized communications at the right time. That’s where Twilio comes in.  

Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform brings a modern customer data foundation to the messaging, email, customer service, voice and video interactions you power through Twilio.  And with those real-time data insights, organizations can revolutionize customer engagement utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). 

However, AI is only as good as the data you give it. Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform  (CDP) provides you with AI-ready data for the most insightful, precise, and intelligent results.

Within their 2023-24 CPaaS Universe report, Omdia highlights Twilio a leader, stating: 

“Twilio has continuously pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a CPaaS vendor and Twilio has evolved to become much more than a CPaaS vendor. Through organic development and acquisitions, Twilio is positioning itself as a CEP vendor, building on the foundations of what has become a comprehensive CPaaS stack to add a cloud contact center (Flex), customer data platform (Segment), and growth platform (Engage).” 

“It is also innovating in AI: Twilio already has strong predictive AI capability with products such as Verify Fraud Guard, Voice Intelligence, and Traffic Optimization Engine, which use AI capabilities such as ML and NLP/NLU. Twilio is also forging ahead with the integration of GenAI into its portfolio (e.g., the CustomerAI platform) as the customer engagement experience transitions from customization to AI-enabled hyper-personalization.”

Twilio’s CDP capabilities is especially significant in relation to the following trends and insights from the Omdia report:

“The evolution of CPaaS is taking a new turn with the integration of CDPs that provide a unified view of customers across different channels and touchpoints. With the help of CDPs, CPaaS vendors can offer more personalized, contextual, and proactive interactions that enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.”

“Furthermore, CDPs can facilitate the use of AI, GenAI, and ML to optimize communication workflows, automate tasks, and generate insights. CPaaS vendors who leverage CDPs to deliver value-added services and solutions will have a competitive edge in the market and will be able to meet the growing expectations of enterprises and their customers.”

Given our expansion into a real-time CDP, a CPaaS-enriching contact center, and innovations in our AI/ML capabilities with CustomerAI throughout the Twilio portfolio, Omdia called out why Twilio rated so well in this CPaaS Universe in the points below:

  • (Twilio) is a leader or equal leader on the leaderboard for 10 out of 12 categories, with a minimum of 10 points above average scores for all but two categories. 
  • Twilio’s highest scores are in connectivity services, APIs, value-added services and packaged solutions; AI capabilities, innovation, non-functional requirements, implementation services, customer engagement platforms, and geographic coverage.
  • Its highest delta is in APIs, value-added services and packaged solutions, where Twilio scores 35 points above the average score.
  • Twilio is more consistently a leader or joint leader across categories than other CPaaS vendors in this Universe, signaling its market dominance.
  • When the solution capability scores are combined with the category score for solution breadth, Twilio’s overall solution capability score is 93%, making it the leader in this summary category. 

We are thrilled with the recognition Omdia has given Twilio in this year’s report. If you are ready to learn more about how Twilio can help you grow trust and deepen customer relationships at scale, reach out to our sales team to learn how you can quickly get started.

1 Omdia Universe: CPaaS Platform Providers, 2023–24 

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