Twilio named a leader in Omdia’s Universe Customer Engagement Platform report

July 18, 2022
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Twilio should be on your shortlist if you want a data-rich Customer Data Platform at the core of your Customer Engagement Platform.

Omdia, a leading research and analyst group in the technology space, just released its second annual Universe analysis on Customer Engagement Platform vendors. In their 2022 report, Omdia reviews how the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) market is growing and the tremendous value implementing Customer Engagement Platform solutions provide for organizations.  

Twilio has been ranked as a “Customer Engagement Platform” leader, and given the highest ranking when it comes to “Customer Experience” for our Customer Engagement Platform offering.

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For companies to thrive in the digital area, they have to rethink their strategies around customer interactions. Omdia says “it is critical that companies look at how to implement solutions that really puts their customers at the center of all they do. We are impressed with Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, and how their customers are seeing immediate value from implementing.

In its report, Omdia states, “Twilio’s approach (to a Customer Engagement Platform) differs because it automatically creates data building blocks that help to intersect and automate conversations across customer journeys. Twilio Segment, the company’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), serves as the data engine to drive such real-time engagement. Twilio should appear on your shortlist if you want a data-rich CDP at the core of your customer engagement platform.


Why implementing a Customer Engagement Platform is crucial…now

How people interact with brands have changed forever. Today, there’s no doubt that experiences have become “digital-first”. This requires businesses to not only review how they engage with customers across channels for every interaction, but it’s critical for brands to truly understand their customers preferences and needs. The more personalized the engagement is with your customers, the higher the ROI.

Personalization is key for customer engagement and business success

In Twilio Segment’s third-annual State of Personalization Report 2022, we surveyed thousands of businesses and consumers globally to uncover the key trends within personalization, first-party data, privacy, and consumer loyalty. Our research tells us that personalization is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must for any business.

  • 75% of business leaders say personalization is table stakes for digital experiences.
  • 60% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience.
  • Organizations see on average a 70% increase in revenue when investing in customer engagement tools, according to Twilio’s 2022 State of Customer Engagement Report.

Seventy-five percent of business leaders say personalization is table stakes for digital experiences.

In the 2021 Omdia Universe: Selecting a Customer Engagement Platform report, they explained how customer engagement platforms are at the forefront of realizing benefits to businesses and government organizations across the globe. And, successful customer engagement only happens when customers can interact with businesses across whatever channels (digital or otherwise) they choose to achieve their desired outcomes. Businesses can drive personalized real-time customer engagement at scale by collecting, governing, and activating data to and managing customer data from all enterprise systems using a Customer Data Platform (CDP). In fact, according to Omdia’s 2021 ICT Enterprise Insights in Customer Engagement Technology report, 62% of enterprises are at risk of alienating their customers by not delivering insightful and relevant experiences.

Sixty-two percent of enterprises are at risk of alienating their customers by not delivering insightful and relevant experiences.

Move from transactions to relationships

Today, organizations are doing all they can to build brand ambassadors. In order to do that, three things must happen:

  1. Customers must feel understood.
  2. Rather than focus on transactions, brands must mentor their customers in ways that add value and growth to their journey.
  3. And, finally, customers must trust how brands are using their data.

Today, businesses have an opportunity to build direct, lasting relationships with their customers in a trusted and secure way. And with the millions, if not billions, of consumers out there, businesses must rely on technology to help build better customer experiences at scale using insights from first-party data to create personalized, real-time customer engagement.“ - Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio

Far beyond the applications and even omnichannel communications of yesterday, we are now in the engagement economy. The brands that collect trusted first-party data, know their customers intimately, and tailor the best engagement experiences for their customers, will win.

Twilio is here to help you navigate this new world of customer engagement.

Learn how Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform solution will help you build brand ambassadors.  

Scott Edwards is a Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Twilio where he helps build our product awareness and go-to-market strategy around customer engagement, enterprise trust, data privacy, security, and regional compliance.

Before Twilio, Scott spent nearly four years as Sr. Director of Product and Solutions marketing in the Webex business unit at Cisco. While there, he led product marketing teams overseeing meetings, messaging, video devices, and the Webex platform and integrated partner ecosystem. Prior to Webex, Scott has held various product marketing leadership roles at Cumulus Networks (now part of NVIDIA), CA Technologies (now part of Broadcom), Juniper Networks, and Hewlett-Packard.

Scott and his wife reside in Utah, near Park City, with their 5 children. He enjoys hiking, biking, sports, and laughter. Although he lives near some of the best ski resorts in the country, he hasn’t been skiing in years!