Announcing Public Beta Availability of Twilio's Voice Integrity to Remediate Spam Labels

April 06, 2023
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The phone rings, and the called party doesn't answer because they see “Potential Spam” calling instead of your phone number on their cell phone. This has become an increasingly common complaint amongst legitimate callers. It can be frustrating and harmful to your business.

That's why we're excited to introduce our new product called Voice Integrity, designed to help you improve your call answer rates and reduce blocked calls due to negative reputation by remediating spam labels on your phone numbers.

What is Voice Integrity?

Voice Integrity is a new offering alongside the SHAKEN/STIR and CNAM Trust products that will let you register your phone numbers in order to make sure they are not mislabeled as spam.

As part of Public Beta, you can register your Twilio phone numbers via Trust Hub which will then register them with the analytic engines responsible for running spam labeling algorithms on AT&T and T-Mobile.


  • Must have Business Profile(s) vetted and approved.

  • ISVs must have Secondary Business profiles for all their tenants.

What do you need to do?

In order to enable Voice Integrity on your Phone Numbers you will need to onboard onto our TrustHub with just a few steps.

  1. Create a Customer Profile on your Parent Account(s) in the Trust Hub part of the Console and submit for vetting. Optionally create Secondary Customer Profile(s) if needed (ie ISVs or Direct customers with subsidiaries)

  2. Assign phone numbers in your account to the Business Profile.

  3. Create a Voice Integrity Trust Product.

    Note: The Policy SID (RN5b3660f9598883b1df4e77f77acefba0) is associated with Voice Integrity and will not change.

    curl -X POST "" \
    --data-urlencode "FriendlyName=FRIENDLY_NAME_FOR_YOUR_TRUST_PRODUCT" \
    --data-urlencode "Email=EMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM" \
    --data-urlencode "PolicySid=RN5b3660f9598883b1df4e77f77acefba0" \
  4. Create endUser Identity. Add Use-case, Employee count and traffic profile to the Voice Integrity Trust Product

    ATTRIBUTES=$(cat << EOF
    "average_business_day_call_volume": "100",
    "business_employee_count": "10",
    "notes": "Surveying people to learn about demographics",
    "use_case": "Survey/Research"
    curl -X POST "" \ --data-urlencode "Attributes=$ATTRIBUTES" \
    --data-urlencode "FriendlyName=YOUR_END_USER_FRIENDLY_NAME" \ --data-urlencode "Type=voice_integrity_information" \
  5. Associate Voice Integrity Trust Product to the EndUser identity

    curl -X POST "" \
    --data-urlencode "ObjectSid=YOUR_END_USER_SID" \
  6. Associate Voice Integrity Trust Product to the Customer Profile

    curl -X POST "" \
    --data-urlencode "ObjectSid=YOUR_BUSINESS_PROFILE_SID" \
  7. Assign Phone Numbers to Voice Integrity Trust Product

    curl -X POST "" \
    --data-urlencode "ChannelEndpointType=phone-number" \
    --data-urlencode "ChannelEndpointSid=YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER_SID" \
  8. Submit Voice Integrity Trust Product for review

    curl -X POST "" \
    --data-urlencode "Status=pending-review" \


Voice Integrity is only in the United States at this time

User doc:

By following the steps outlined, you'll increase the chance of your calls getting answered. For more information, visit our page on Increase Call Answer Rates using Voice Integrity.

What’s coming?

Reputation Monitoring

You will eventually be able to monitor the reputation of your phone numbers by looking up the reputation of each phone number on every network and also signing up for notifications for reputation degradation so that you can remediate mislabels. So stay tuned!

Dhara Mehta is a Product Manager, focusing on restoring consumer trust in Voice with SHAKEN/STIR, CNAM, Voice Integrity and Branded Calling (coming soon).