Reducing Admin Time & Expediting Phone Number Compliance

March 09, 2022
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The landscape of phone number compliance and regulations around the world can be a headache and historically it’s been hard to manage all the changes and requirements for your numbers. Keeping your inventory of phone numbers compliant with these evolving regulations can be a full time job.

Starting now, Twilio is giving everyone the power to seamlessly manage their phone number Compliance and Regulations through an updated process within the Twilio Console and Phone Numbers API. Whether you manage thousands of phone numbers for a group of customers or a small group of numbers used by your internal teams, managing your compliance information will no longer be a full time job. With this new release, you will receive notifications about changes and gain access to new tools to get your pool of senders into compliance when regulations change.

Understanding New Regulations

  • Users will be notified about incoming regulations and whether or not they impact your inventory of phone numbers
  • A new parameter named `status_details` will provide high-level information about why the Regulatory Bundle is in a specific state (non-compliant, approved, etc)
  • A varying grace period based on the Regulation called `valid_until` is shown to give you clarity on when compliance updates become mandatory for your phone numbers

Updating Your Information

  • Twilio Console or Phone Number API administrators can update the compliance information within their Regulatory Bundle(s) without negatively affecting the status of their phone numbers before the grace period expires
  • Once the Regulatory Bundle is approved, all assets assigned to the Bundle (supporting documents & phone number information) should be updated with the newest version number. If a Supporting Document was updated, all of the Regulatory Bundles assigned to that asset should be updated to the newest version number

How this feature works

With this feature update you will see a drastic reduction in administration time related to updating your phone number compliance information. This means no more manually clicking 10x times per phone number in the Twilio Console to reassign phone numbers and no more “gotcha” moments or missed regulatory updates. To get started there are two tutorials you can reference that will help you start navigating your phone number compliance through the Public API and the Twilio Console.

We hope that this updated feature will benefit you and your customers while helping avoid the headache of phone number regulation and compliance.

Will McKenzie is the Product Marketing Manager for Phone Numbers and Enterprise Messaging. He focuses on making sure Twilio customers understand what they can build and how to do it. He can be reached at wmckenzie [at]