Spaces Not Tabs: Our Favorite Python Tutorials for May 2019

May 22, 2019
Written by
Matt Makai


Python programmers love to help – the community publishes detailed tutorials for their fellow developers every day. Over the last month, we’ve been collecting some of those posts we found most helpful.

Each tutorial is easy enough for beginner-level programmers to follow. More experienced developers should be able to breeze through the code while building a useful project, or use them as convenient refreshers.

Whichever bucket you belong to, enjoy the posts!

Exercising, or Slacking? Build a Python Bot for Either

The term "bot" feels so 2017 in this community. However, they are still a great way to learn how to build Python applications.

Use Bokeh to Visualize All the Data!

Bokeh, the wonderful Python visualization library recently went 1.0.0 after many hard years of work. You can now pull it in as a backward-compatible addition to your Python projects.

(This is a great excuse to take all that data you're collecting with your exercise bot and chart it out.)

Building Your Own Python Web Framework

Django, Flask, Bottle, Sanic, TurboGears, Pyramid, Falcon, Morepath,, web2py, CherryPy, Muffin, Ray, Vibora or Pecan not fitting your needs? You might be a high maintenance developer, or it’s just time to build your own Python framework.

This multi-part tutorial on How to write a Python web framework by Jahongir Rahmonov is a wonderful introduction. If you feel the need to get going, you can start to build your own perfect web framework.

  1. Part 1: Request handling
  2. Part 2: Routes, Class-Base Handlers and Unit Testing
  3. Part 3: Test Client and Templating
  4. Part 4: Exception Handling, Static Files and Middleware

A Little Python Bonus for Ya

Inside Python's new governance model by Brett Cannon and Michael Kennedy via Talk Python to Me goes into the post-Benevolent Dictator For Life world for Python.

Awesome work by Matthew, Casey, Leon, Kari, Jahongir, Brett and Michael assisting your fellow Python developers. We look forward to giving a shout out next time to the best ones that we find in the next few weeks.

Got one that deserves the spotlight? Shout out to so we can take a look at it. We can't wait to see what you teach your fellow developers to build next.