Announcing Twilio Event Streams Public Beta

April 22, 2021
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Event Streams Public Beta

One integration for all your Twilio data

We’re excited to announce that Event Streams has entered public beta. With the Event Streams API, you can use modern data streaming technology to consume unified streams of Twilio data directly into your infrastructure, so you can spend less time wrangling data and more time building with data.

Having the right data architecture is more crucial than ever

Data has always been the backbone of business. In order for your teams—whether operations, marketing, or support—to do their jobs effectively, they need to deeply understand how your customers interact with your organization. With the COVID-19 pandemic driving explosive digital growth in 2020 across all industries, organizations have more data than ever about their customers. Why is it so difficult to use this influx of data to improve your customer engagement experiences?

Developers everywhere, tasked with consolidating all of the touch points they have with their customers, spend a great deal of time on basic data management activities—unifying and transforming data to make it usable, building infrastructure so data is accessible for their internal teams, and verifying that the data is complete and accurate.

We built Event Streams to abstract away this complexity. With Event Streams, we’ve rearchitected Twilio so that you can tap into a unified stream of every interaction sent or received on our platform, and send that data directly into your infrastructure of choice.

How does Event Streams work?

Event Streams:

  • Consolidates data from across Twilio. Today we offer TaskRouter, Messaging, and Voice Insights events on Event Streams.
  • Normalizes the data by wrapping it in a common envelope format so that events can be parsed consistently, regardless of their origin.
  • Queues the data for delivery for up to 24 hours. This means that if your system goes offline for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry about losing that data.
  • Delivers the data directly into Amazon Kinesis or to a webhook so that every team has the data they need to optimize every touchpoint.

Event Streams diagram showing data aggregation

New for public beta

Get started with Event Streams

All Twilio customers can start using Event Streams today.

Jessy Sweet is a Product Marketing Manager at Twilio, working cross-functionally to create marketing strategies and plan product launches on the Twilio platform marketing team. She has dedicated her career to deeply understanding customers, and championing their needs to build the most relevant, valuable, and delightful products and experiences possible. She can be reached at jsweet [at]