Event Streams beta

Your customer data—wherever you need it

Empower your teams with clean, accurate, and consistent customer data by consuming a configurable, centralized stream of Twilio events into Amazon Kinesis (with more event sinks coming soon).


Easily leverage Twilio data


A single integration point

Tap into every Twilio customer engagement interaction with one API to minimize your integration codebase and overhead.

Data you can trust

Up to 5 million events will be queued if your system goes down, and delivered as soon as it's back up with an at-least-once delivery guarantee of up to 24 hours.

Open standards for interoperability

Easily consume and leverage data from multiple Twilio products with consistent metadata, well-defined and versioned schemas, and control over which events you want delivered.

Stay up-to-date on Event Streams

Event Streams is currently in private beta. You can request an invite to join the private beta, or sign up to receive more information about Event Streams.

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