Why Nonprofits Attend #SIGNALConf

July 01, 2020
Written by
Jacob Talbot
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Why Nonprofits Attend SIGNAL

SIGNAL, Twilio’s developer and user conference, is going virtual September 30-October 1. We can’t wait to connect with all the inspiring social impact leaders in the Twilio community at this completely reimagined SIGNAL experience.

At Twilio, we look forward to SIGNAL all year. But we realize that if you’ve never been, then you may not know why nonprofit attendees keep coming back to SIGNAL. So we reached out to some former attendees to find out what they love about SIGNAL, and we’re excited to share what we learned.

Without any further ado, here are the top 3 reasons nonprofits attend SIGNAL.

1. Learn from leading businesses and nonprofits

SIGNAL unites developers, product managers, program directors, and executives across every industry. This diversity of experience leads to unparalleled idea sharing on topics ranging from constituent engagement to data security to ethical AI. With more than 70 sessions, including presentations from leading nonprofits, you’ll learn concrete tactics and strategies you can employ in your work.

"As an IT person in higher ed, SIGNAL gives me the opportunity to learn from other universities, nonprofits, startups and large enterprises. This blend of information and ideas helps me innovate for our students."

Anna Jaeger, CRM technical manager, University of San Francisco

Keeli Sorenson at SIGNAL

2. Accelerate your product development

At SIGNAL, you won’t receive information passively. Sessions are tailor made for a virtual experience with engaging demos and real-time chat for attendee discussions.

"My goal at SIGNAL was to get a better understanding of Twilio’s functionality, see how it’s applied through examples, and use that knowledge to help improve our startup. I got exactly that. I got hands-on experience with Twilio’s technology, and engineers from Twilio helped guide me throughout. I learned how to apply Twilio’s capabilities in my work, including SMS, push notifications, email, and Salesforce integrations."

Ronen Akarsten, developer, VolunteerCrowd

By attending Superclass, our hands-on developer training course, you’ll also have an opportunity to try new products, debug your code, and ask the specific questions you need answered to accelerate your development. Bring your Twilio questions and get answers from our experts in a one-to-one consulting session.

"Attending Superclass and SIGNAL at a very early stage in our product development gave me specific knowledge, broader context and personal contacts that likely sped up development by months."

Nick Hurlburt, director of engineering, Tech Matters


3. Connect with Twilions eager to make you successful

We’re a bit fanatical about customer success at Twilio (one of our core values is Wear the Customer’s Shoes), so when we get to talk with thousands of inspiring customers at one event, we feel like kids in a candy store. At SIGNAL you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with Twilio product and industry experts to discuss your communications challenges and how we can solve them together.

"Most of all, the ability to chat directly with Twilio staff was SUPER helpful. The online support is already really responsive, but being able to have in-person conversations to explore use cases and integrations with various product teams was really helpful."

Jason Shim, director of digital strategy and transformation, Pathways to Education Canada

Two ways to attend SIGNAL

One of the best things about a virtual event is that anyone with an internet connection can tune in from anywhere on earth. In that spirit we’re offering a free Explorer pass to everyone who would like to learn about the latest in communications technology. With the Explorer pass you’ll have access to the keynotes and new product updates.

With the All Access pass, you’ll get to attend every breakout session, participate in Superclass, and connect one-on-one with Twilio product experts eager to help answer all of your questions.

Ready for SIGNAL? Get a sneak peak at the sessions and register here today.

Have questions about SIGNAL attendance for your nonprofit? Give us a shout at team@twilio.org.