May 19, 2015 – San Francisco

Twilio Expands IP Product Line to Become the Single Developer Platform for Voice, Messaging and Video Communications

San Francisco, CA, May 19, 2015 - Today at SIGNAL, Twilio, the cloud communications platform, introduced a range of new products and capabilities designed to provide a complete platform for deploying modern communications over both the Internet and carrier networks. Following the company’s introduction of Twilio Video in April, Twilio introduced Twilio IP Messaging, which provides the capability to easily embed advanced chat functionality into mobile and Web applications. This new product extends Twilio’s WebRTC based offerings for both IP Video and IP Voice. Together, the Twilio Real-time Communications (RTC) Suite comes with a fundamentally different pricing model designed for massive scale and orders of magnitude in cost savings compared to bundled pricing options that are prevalent with other platforms in the market today. Twilio also announced new products and capabilities for messaging delivery, monitoring and scaling applications globally. To learn more, visit

“Nearly 700,000 developers and businesses have built on the Twilio platform and we’re adding over 1,000 new developers every day because we made it easy to integrate voice and messaging into mobile, Web and enterprise applications,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio. “Now, we’re bringing that same formula, along with a revolutionary pricing model to the Twilio RTC Suite. Customers can build at cloud-scale and realize significant cost savings versus existing per user and per minute models. We’re building the infrastructure for the future of communications and we can’t wait to see what our customers build next.”

Twilio IP Messaging
Twilio IP Messaging enables in-app chat between multiple parties across Web and mobile applications. The service supports message synchronization so that users can instantly access chat history and engage in conversations from different devices. Advanced messaging features such as typing indicator, message read status, topic search and mobile push notifications enable developers to easily add comprehensive chat functionality to any application.

Twilio IP Messaging works seamlessly with the same SDK as Twilio Video, which was announced last month. Both IP Messaging and Video run on the same geographically distributed infrastructure to provide a high-quality communication experience on a global scale. To learn more, visit

New Messaging Copilot
Copilot adds advanced delivery and localization intelligence to SMS and MMS applications. The added intelligence is available with the toggle of a button and replaces significant engineering effort and telecom expertise that is typically required to reach large audiences via SMS on a global scale. Copilot capabilities include:

  • Reach a large audience by dynamically sending SMS using multiple Twilio Phone Numbers and short codes.
  • Sending messages across the globe with a local number that is familiar to the recipient.
  • Intelligently rerouting messages through different phone numbers when delivery via short codes is not possible. To learn more, visit

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities
Enhancements to Twilio Monitor provide visibility into every operational detail of Twilio accounts including Twilio Voice, Video and Messaging applications. With Monitor, developer operations and IT operations teams now have the tools to actively prevent security holes, audit for compliance and investigate application issues caused by human error and application behavior. Twilio Monitor is now generally available. To learn more, visit

Increased Global Scale

  • Twilio also introduced additional capabilities that address the needs of organizations operating on a global scale.
  • New Global Conference: built with Twilio’s patented Global Low Latency (GLL) technology, Twilio now supports audio conference calling with up to 250 mobile, landline or VoIP participants in each conference. Conference calls are automatically hosted in the closest of six geographic regions to minimize latency and deliver optimal user experience. To learn more, visit
  • New Epic Conference: For audio conferences with more than 250 participants, such as earnings calls, all-hands meetings and political field communications, Twilio now offers Epic Conference. To make a reservation, visit
  • New Twilio Mobile Numbers and Alphanumeric Sender ID: Twilio now offers mobile numbers in Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary and Israel. Twilio customers can now originate calls and messages using familiar local numbers from nearly 50 countries and reach more than 200 countries around the world. Additionally, with Twilio’s new Alphanumeric Sender ID, businesses can now brand SMS messages by sending from a business name instead of a phone number, providing a local experience around the globe.

Additional Announcements by Authy
Authy, a Twilio service and a leading provider of mobile and Web access security solutions, also announced two new products at SIGNAL. Authy OneTouch streamlines two-factor authentication (2FA) for users by making it a simple “yes” or “no” approval of a push notification initiated request on an authorized mobile device -- there are no one-time password codes for users to enter or manage. Authy for Apple Watch provides wearables-based 2FA. To learn more, visit

About Twilio
Twilio makes communications easy and powerful. With Twilio’s platform, businesses can make communications more relevant and contextual by integrating real-time communication capabilities directly into their software applications. We are re-inventing the $1.6 trillion communications market, taking it from its 140 year legacy in hardware to its future in software. Our platform has nearly 700,000 registered developers and is used in more than one million unique software applications. Industry disruptors like Uber, Trulia, Box and Zendesk and enterprises like Coca-Cola Enterprises, Walmart, Home Depot, Intuit and Alaska Airlines trust Twilio to power and innovate their communications at global scale.
Founded in 2008, Twilio is privately-held and has over 400 employees with offices in San Francisco, Mountain View, New York City, London, Munich, Dublin, Tallinn Estonia and Bogota Colombia. The company has raised over $110M from leading investors such as Bessemer, Redpoint and Union Square.

About Twilio

Today's leading companies trust Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) to build direct, personalized relationships with their customers everywhere in the world. Twilio enables companies to use communications and data to add intelligence and security to every step of the customer journey, from sales to marketing to growth, customer service and many more engagement use cases in a flexible, programmatic way. Across 180 countries, millions of developers and hundreds of thousands of businesses use Twilio to create magical experiences for their customers. For more information about Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), visit:

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