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curl -XGET "https://lookups.twilio.com/v1/PhoneNumbers/6156?Type=carrier&Type=caller-name" -u "{AccountSid}:{AuthToken}"
    "country_code": "US",
    "phone_number": "+14157012311",
    "national_format": "(415) 701-2311",
    "url": "https://lookups.twilio.com/v1/PhoneNumber/+14157012311",
    "status": ,
    "more_info": "",
    "code": ,

Format Lookups

Identify format

Format international numbers and catch incorrect numbers

  • Country Code:US
  • Number:+14157012311
  • National:(415) 701-2311

CNAM Lookups

Find Caller Name

Get the Caller ID Name (CNAM) for a phone number

  • Caller Type:BUSINESS

Connection Lookups

Identify carrier

Know which carrier is connected to a user's number

Check type

Determine if a number is a landline, VoIP, or mobile

  • Carrier:Pacific Bell
  • Type:landline
Format Lookups

Identify local format

Numbers can be written in many formats. For example, 55-115525-6325 also can be written as (11) 5525-6325 (national format) or +551155256325 (E.164 format). Ensure that the number selected is the most recognizable to locals by looking up the national format.

Check number format

When users input their numbers online, it opens the door to erroneous inputs in a database. Check every number before calling and sending messages to numbers that are too short [3032], too long [303-201-20201], and/or include letters or special characters.

Connection Lookups

Identify carrier

While phone numbers help businesses identify end users, the fact is numbers are very easy to acquire from some carriers. Anyone can obtain multiple phone numbers from a free online provider, enabling them to create fake profiles to defraud or spam a business. To address this challenge, businesses can identify the carrier behind the phone number. This way businesses can require additional identity authentication for carriers associated with higher fraud instances for $0.005 per lookup.

Check type

Some number types don't accept all communications. For example, most landline numbers and many VoIP numbers don't accept SMS. Identify which kind of communications users can accept, based on their number type. This allows businesses to optimally decide whether to send voice or text communications for $0.005 per lookup.

Caller Name Lookups

Find Caller name

Many local phone numbers in the U.S. register with a central Caller ID Name (CNAM) database. This database contains identity information about the business or person associated with the number. Use CNAM Lookup to programmatically return that identity information for each phone number. The calls you make and messages you send are more informed so you don’t get bogged down with upfront questions.


Get number owner info

Add-ons for Lookup let you do more with the Lookup API using pre-integrated partner technologies to return information associated with a phone number.

Reduce spam or fraud by retrieving threat scores for phone numbers. Enhance contact records with detailed demographic information about people and businesses. See if the owner of a number has changed before you send a message. Browse the Twilio Marketplace for an Add-on that’s best suited to your use case.

Lookup pricing

Pay-as-you-go. No contracts or upfront costs.

Format Lookups

Use valid, local-friendly numbers.

all requests

Connection Lookups

Optimize delivery and protect from spam/fraud.

per request

CNAM Lookups

Know the name of the person you’re calling or messaging.

per request

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