Twilio API for WhatsApp Beta

Reach users on the world’s most popular messaging app through one streamlined API, officially supported by WhatsApp.


Reach 1.5 billion people instantly with the Twilio API for WhatsApp

Connect with your customers globally in their favorite messaging app across any mobile OS, device, and carrier.

Reliably message your users anywhere in the world

Know the instant a message reaches your users. Real-time delivery and read receipts give you critical message delivery insights.

Communicate securely with customers

WhatsApp messages are encrypted from Twilio to the device, and secured over HTTPS from your application to Twilio, enabling private conversations with your users.

Deepen customer trust with branded messaging

Your WhatsApp branded business identity serves as a familiar face users see when you message them, increasing their trust in you and loyalty to your business.

Use Cases

WhatsApp offers you a versatile channel for any type of business messaging.

Alerts and Notifications

Use WhatsApp messaging to reliably send mission critical messages from flight notifications to booking confirmations and delivery alerts.

Customer Support

Enable sales and support teams to answer product or customer service questions using you customers’ preferred messaging app.

User Verification and 2FA

Securely protect customer accounts with reliable, fast message delivery for authentication.

Build on a proven messaging API, now designed for WhatsApp

Trust the Twilio API for WhatsApp to quickly build, scale, and operate messaging on the platform that powers the world’s most popular SMS API. Focus on your app, we’ll handle the infrastructure.

Prototype easily with developer tools like the Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp, API explorer and more. Move to production fast with critical messaging features from link shortening to opt in management built-in.

Twilio hosts and manages WhatsApp containers in a highly available and geographically redundant infrastructure, providing you an easy REST API to integrate with your applications.

WhatsApp is ubiquitous, but SMS is universal. If a user can’t receive your WhatsApp message for any reason, your app can automatically leverage Intelligent Routing with Twilio Global SMS to ensure messages are delivered.

Choose where to use WhatsApp in your engagement strategy. The Twilio API for WhatsApp is pre-integrated with everything from Flex, our contact center platform, to Twilio Studio, our visual application builder.

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way customers eat. We’re thrilled to now offer order notifications and status updates to our customers via WhatsApp, powered by Twilio’s API.
Mike Hudack
CTO of Deliveroo


In order to move into production using the Twilio API for WhatsApp, you need a WhatsApp Business Profile. WhatsApp is currently limiting access to profiles during their API’s limited availability stage. Business Profiles must be associated with a Twilio number. Request to enable your Twilio numbers for WhatsApp here.

To start testing your WhatsApp application now using the Twilio Sandbox for WhatsApp, click the button below.