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Introducing Twilio CX for Chromebooks: Taking Enterprise Communications Into The Era of Software


Relying on hardware to power your communications can weigh your business down. We worked with Google to help free enterprises from hardware closets, cables and clunky desk phones and bring them into the age of flexible, scalable software.

Today we’re happy to announce Twilio CX for Chromebooks, a ready-to-use software powered communications solution running entirely on a Chromebook using Chrome OS. There’s no set up or installation required. As soon as you open your Chromebook, the power of cloud-communications is at your fingertips.

With Twilio CX for Chromebooks, Chrome devices can completely replace the traditional phone. Twilio Client takes advantage of Chrome’s WebRTC capabilities so that all you need for your phone is your Twilio enabled Chromebook and your headset. There’s no need for physical phones, no need for PBXs, and no expensive wiring throughout your building.

By incorporating the phone into the browser, you enable a seamless, and contextualized experience. Communications can be tightly tied to the what the employee is working on. For example, you can embed your phone within a CRM interface, to have easier access to customer information.

With Twilio CX for Chromebooks, there’s no upfront hardware investment required. We’ve included everything you need in one single monthly subscription. One charge per user includes:

  • Twilio Client with its WebRTC capabilities, enabling the chrome device to be turned into a complete communications solutions
  • 7,500 minutes of talk time per month per user
  • Google Chrome Device – either Chromebook or Chromebox
  • Google Chrome for Business, which makes it easy to deploy, scale and centrally manage a fleet of Chrome devices.
  • Plantronics headset, for a high quality voice calling experience. 

This offering is only available through Twilio partners – not directly from us. LiveOps is the first Twilio-partner to take this to market  as a contact center solution, making it available as part of their LiveOps Engage™ and LiveOps Voice Advantage for Salesforce solutions. We’re excited to see how enterprises can deliver a higher bar of customer experience when they’re unshackled from the traditional expense of hardware.

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