Twilio Flex

Grow lifetime value with Flex for relationship management

Turn customer interactions into customers for life with in-app digital concierge services for high-touch relationships.

Illustration of a customer getting a message from a live rep with an incentive to complete the purchase.

Differentiate your customer service with embedded app experiences

Differentiate your customer service with embedded app experiences

Turn your in-app experience into a virtual doorway

Make digital retail experiences that rival in-store shopping. Flex integrates with customer data beyond your CRM to surface information that makes customer interactions feel personal—even when you’re not in person.

Reach and engage retail customers

Design journeys that connect customers with the right offer, at the right time, on the right channel. Flex in-app concierge services are linked to systems of record so you can personalize every conversation for each customer.

Create a cohesive customer journey

Meet the same high bar for customer service across any touch point. Give sales associates an enhanced view of the customer to make recommendations based on the client’s preferences and purchases.

Flex ROI

Drive customer loyalty with personal service

12% increase

CSAT for Chime

8% increase

message throughput for Cover

+13 points

NPS score for FYIDoctors

Flex features

Flex features for your in-app digital concierge

  • Network
    Omnichannel engagement

    Make it easy for customers to engage via SMS, WhatsApp, voice, video, Facebook Messenger, WebChat and more

  • Spreadsheet document
    Flex Insights

    Gain insights on customer conversations, track KPIs, and configure custom dashboards

“We fundamentally believe that investing in technology that allows you to iterate is the best way to develop great member service experiences.”

David Corson-Knowles Full Stack Engineer, Chime

Flex integration

See Flex digital concierge in action

 In-app communications

Customers can conveniently contact you directly through your secure mobile app. 

Self-service flow giving the customer the option to launch a dialog on their preferred channel

Getting started

Reinvent your relationship management with Flex

Uncover the true value of your customer relationships by driving loyalty and repeat sales. Try it for free—create a rapid proof of concept and deploy to production when you’re ready.