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Twilio Studio: The New Way to Build Communications


Today, we’re rolling out the beta of Twilio Studio, a visual application editor that makes it faster than ever to create new customer experiences using SMS messages and voice calls.

When we released a preview of Twilio Studio a few months back, we saw the beginning of a new trend emerge — the amount of time it took users to launch a new customer experience went from being measured in weeks and thousands of lines of code, to something described in just a matter of minutes. Developers were saving time and getting to work on more challenging engineering tasks, while Studio made it possible for those in marketing, sales, support, and other cross-functional areas to contribute by developing better ways to engage with customers.

Build Fast with More Flexibility

In Twilio Studio, you create communication workflows (“flows”) by dragging and dropping widgets onto a canvas. By doing so, you set up all the necessary logic for responding to incoming messages and voice calls to a phone number, or even for handling requests from your own system to a Studio flow via the REST API. Flows are capable of all the things that make up an engaging customer experience, such as automatically sending SMS messages, making voice calls, recording voicemails, running custom functions, making HTTP requests (aka webhooks) to pass data to/from a database, and more.

interactive voice response IVR phone tree workflow in twilio studio
An example of a flow that starts when it receives an incoming voice call, then greets callers and routes them based on key press or voice command.

One of the best parts about flows built in Twilio Studio is that they’re 100% hosted and run on Twilio’s elastic cloud infrastructure. This serverless architecture lets you stay focused on designing the actual user experience, rather than worrying about all the stuff under the hood—such as standing up a server and writing all the code for routing and making various API calls.

It’s never been so easy to build better communications.

Getting Started and More Information

Want links? We’ve got links. To learn more, visit the Twilio Studio homepage.

It’s absolutely free to start building. As your workflow scales and you need more features, there are monthly plans available starting at $99/month. Unlock capabilities such as fine-grained controls for saving new drafts without impacting customers, testing draft flows in the browser, version control, and more.

We’ve also put together this collection of useful written and video tutorials so you don’t get lost along the way ;)

There are even pre-configured, quickstart templates in the Studio Console for the most frequently created flows.

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