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Announcing Salesforce Flex CTI GA


Today we are excited to announce the Flex Salesforce CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) is now Generally Available, with support for both Salesforce Classic and/or Lightning. Flex Salesforce CTI is included at no extra cost within your Flex license and enables you to supercharge your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with omnichannel customer communications. Get started here!

Once you’ve successfully installed the CTI integration, you will be able to access Flex via Salesforce’s openCTI utility bar component. This enables you to:

  • Perform automatic search and screen pop to present contextual information to agents
  • Keep the Salesforce screen in sync for agents moving between tasks with context switching
  • Create an automatic record of engagements going through Flex
  • Use Single Sign-On to authenticate directly to Flex when logging in from Salesforce
  • Use dual monitors to let agents take full advantage of both Flex and Salesforce real estate
  • In beta - click to dial from a phone number

Dual monitors: Simply move the Flex window onto the second monitor and expand it to make use of the whole Flex Agent Desktop, including chat canvas, while leaving the Salesforce screen on the other monitor. The integrations and interactions between the two synchronize automatically. 🚀🚀🚀

Read more about these features and check out the sample call flows here.

Getting Started

You can set up your Flex Salesforce integration from with the admin interface in your Twilio Flex instance

Detailed documentation for setup and configuration can be found here. If you have been using the beta, you can follow these steps to migrate to the GA.

We can’t wait to see you supercharge your Salesforce with Flex!

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