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  • By Donal Toomey
    複数ユーザーで構成されるビデオセッションのユーザー体験を最適化する Improve the Efficiency of Your Multi-Party Video Experiences JP

    この記事はDonal Toomeyこちらで公開した記事(英語)を日本語化したものです。



    CPUリソースと …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Improve the Efficiency of Your Multi-Party Video Experiences Improve the Efficiency of Your Multi-Party Video Experiences

    A good multi-party video experience is critical for education, social, and workplace collaboration use cases, so that everyone can be part of the conversation. While the value is clear, building a performant multi-party video application for a browser or mobile device is hard. You need to create a video UI that is intuitive for your users that also delivers a great experience regardless of the device and type of network they are using.

    In 2019, we introduced the Network Bandwidth Profile API to help developers allocate bandwidth to specific participants based on the use case. Today, we are delighted to introduce the new and improved Network Bandwidth Profile API to empower developers to create multi-party applications that are more efficient with both bandwidth and CPU. This efficiency prevents users' computer fans from going haywire, improves video quality, and reduces the support burden on developers. In addition, this update provides fine-grained …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Twilio Videoがますます使いやすく〜背景画像のぼかし機能〜 Give Your Video Application an Instant Makeover with the New Virtual Background Library JP

    この記事は、プロダクト管理担当のDonal Toomeyが、こちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。


    今回、Twilio Video上で構築されたビデオアプリケーションに仮想背景機能を追加する、Video Processor JavaScriptライブラリが新たに利用可能になりました。仮想背景機能は、現在ChromeとEdgeブラウザで利用可能です。




    • リモートおよびハイブリッドコラボレーションをサポート - エンドユーザーが自宅で仕事をしていても、プロフェッショナルな外観を損なうことはありません。
    • 一貫したユーザーエクスペリエンス - 標準またはブランドの背景を使用することで、カスタマーエクスペリエンスを管理できます。
    • アプリケーションのダウンロードが不要 - 仮想背景のサポートは、JavaScript SDK自体で提供されるため、ダウンロードやプラグインは必要ありません。
    • 整備された開発ツールキット - シンプルで使いやすいAPIとライブラリにより、背景のぼかしや背景の差し替えが可能

    以下で、この新し …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Give Your Video Application an Instant Makeover with the New Virtual Background Library Give Your Video Application an Instant Makeover with the New Virtual Background Library

    Virtual backgrounds are nothing new in the video conferencing space, with the main out-of-the-box providers offering the ability to insert custom backgrounds and/or blurring. However, historically this functionality has not been easily available to developers who build their own browser-based video applications.

    Today, this changes with the availability of a new Video Processor JavaScript library which gives developers the tools to add virtual background support to video applications built on Twilio Video. Virtual backgrounds are currently available in the Chrome and Edge browsers.

    GIF image of a participant in a video chat room switching among various virtual backgrounds

    Virtual backgrounds can be applied for a variety of use cases, such as for professionals in the financial services, healthcare, education, and customer service spaces, as well as in more playful contexts like social video applications.

    Key benefits

    • Support remote and/or hybrid collaboration: Your end users can work from home and not compromise on their professional look
    • Consistent user experience: Manage the customer experience by …
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  • By Donal Toomey
    Announcing Twilio Video WebRTC Go: Build and Run 1:1 Video Apps for Free Twilio Video WebRTC Go: Build and run 1:1 video apps for free

    As we’ve all personally experienced, many face-to-face interactions have been replaced with virtual ones, over video. There are new use cases popping up every day from virtual court, to remote clienteling, to house viewings. That’s because more and more developers are looking to build video apps.

    Customers such as MDLive are building telehealth applications, making healthcare more accessible. In the education space, Air Tutors is making tutoring more engaging with virtual whiteboards, annotations, and animation to bring subjects such as math to life.

    At SIGNAL, we are announcing that Twilio Video WebRTC Go will be generally available. This is a 1:1 experience that developers configure and use with our Video JS, Android, and iOS SDKs. It’s a developer toolkit that removes the complexity of building directly on top of WebRTC. Not only is it generally available, it's also free. This is not just a free trial. Twilio Video WebRTC Go …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Creating memorable moments with Twilio Video Creating Memorable Moments with Twilio Video

    Humans are inherently social beings and communication is at the core of these connections. Twilio provides developers with a wide array of channels, from voice, to messaging, email, to SMS, and of course, video.

    While consumers have been gravitating towards video in social media for quite some time, organizations are now adopting video at a much higher velocity. A study by Twilio showed that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation at companies by 6 years. That same pattern is playing out with Twilio Video. While not a material portion of Twilio's business, Twilio Video has experienced a 540% year-over-year increase in weekly minutes compared to this time last year.

    This year, Twilio invested in new Video features and we’ve seen adoption by a range of customers including Telehealth, Education, and Virtual Visits. What has made our customers successful is that they’ve created customized video applications centered around user experience. …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Best Practices for Twilio Video on Mobile Browsers Best Practices for Twilio Video on Mobile Browsers

    Over the last few months, we have seen a surge in interest from developers building video communication web apps for mobile devices. We have worked closely with customers to overcome obstacles inherent in using video in the browser on a mobile device. Based on these experiences, we've compiled a list of best practices so you can avoid the pitfalls and deliver great video experiences in mobile browsers.

    Mobile Browser Challenges

    A web app running in a mobile phone web browser is the quickest and easiest way to get into a video call. Just click on the web link from a text message or email and you can be in a video call on your phone in seconds - no app install required.

    However, there are some challenges unique to mobile browsers that do not exist with their desktop counterparts. The top gotchas that often catch developers out are:

    • Another tab …
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