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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Announcing the TwilioQuest Tumult Contest tqtumult.png

    Calling US-based college students!

    We want YOU to lead your intrepid crew representing your school on a mission to save The Cloud!

    In TwilioQuest, a PC role-playing game inspired by classics of the 16-bit era, you will help defeat the evil Legacy Systems while learning skills related to Twilio and general programming along the way.

    At the end of the 2 week-long tournament running from October 19th-October 30th, the team with the most number of missions completed will earn honor and a streaming setup worth ~$1000 per team-member!


    How it Works

    Some rules:

    • You must be a current US college student (undergrad or grad). Please use your school email!
    • You do not need to be studying computer science or have any programming experience.
    • Each school can have more than 1 team, but we'd like for each team's members to all be from the same school
    • Teams should be 4-5 …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build an Interactive Bar Chart of Taylor Swift lyrics with D3.js and Observable tswiftvis.png updated

    Data visualizations are handy ways to examine and think about data. Observable is a Jupyter Notebook-like tool that makes it easy to quickly run JavaScript code in cells so you can see what you're doing in real-time.

    This post will go over how to make an interactive bar chart showing Taylor Swift's most-used words from her lyrics with Observable using D3.js. In the meantime you can view the completed notebook and visualization here, and you can fork and edit it yourself.

    gif bar graph

    Brief Intro to Observable

    You can think of each different cell as a function. Cells come in two primary forms:

    1. Expressions. Expression cells are the most concise and are meant for simple definitions and in Observable outside of a closure, you don’t need a var/const/let keyword.

    simple cell equation

    2. Blocks. Block cells are encompassed by curly braces and include more complex code …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Working with a Dataset header img dataset

    Recently I was looking for some datasets to analyze and make predictions based on data for a blog post project. I got stuck when I kept running into datasets that were fun but not good: oftentimes, AI projects struggle due in part to data-related issues.

    What makes a dataset good or bad? What are some things you should consider when looking at a dataset? How should you interpret a dataset, from beginning to end? Read on to find out!

    5 questions to ask yourself before working with a dataset

    1. How was the data compiled? 

    Was it aggregated from multiple sources? Did you compile it? If it came from different sources, you may have to format the data so different variables within a given attribute are consistent, such as dates, times, addresses, states or cities (maybe they’re abbreviated?), numbers like currency, etc., and some of the data may not be …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    6 JavaScript console methods like Taylor Swift folklore lyrics taylor swift js header img 6

    If you do web development, you've probably used console.log at least once (or over a thousand times...who's counting?) because that's the best debugging method! But did you know there are other console methods? Taylor Swift's most recent album folklore is chock full of pensive metaphors, allusions, and symbolism, and this post will liken some of those lyrics to six lesser-known JavaScript console methods.

    What exactly is the console?

    The console is a global object letting developers access the debugging console. It has a plethora of methods that make it easier to log statements, variables, functions, errors, and more--oh my!

    6 console methods that are like folklore lyrics

    1. console.log = "But it would've been fun // If you would've been the one" 

    console.log is the most commonly-used method. Used for general purpose logging, it displays the message passed to it in the web console. Did you know you can decorate …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Participate in Local Issues with a SMS Chatbot header image

    If you have opinions about how your city is run, it’s more important than ever to make your voice heard. This blog post will go over how to build a SMS chatbot using Twilio Autopilot, Twilio SendGrid, Twilio Functions, TwiML Bins, and JavaScript to engage in local civic issues. 

    One example might be San Francisco, where the city is planning to permanently cut 40 of 68 bus lines and free bus rides for youth

    In this blog post, concerned citizens can tell members of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to not cut bus lines. Read on for a step-by-step process to build the bot, and you can text the +14153068517 number to see the example!

    SMS image

    Set Up your SMS Chatbot

    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Hamilton Song Recommendation SMS Bot with Machine Learning ham header

    Hamilton the Musical will start streaming on Disney Plus this Friday, so happy Hamilfilm week! To celebrate, learn how to build a SMS chatbot that recommends the Hamilton song most relevant to you right now using Twilio Programmable SMS and Functions, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and JavaScript.

    See it in-action: text how you’re feeling to +13364295064. The longer and more descriptive your message is, the more data the app has to analyze what Hamilton song you need now!

    sms example


    Prerequisites and setting up Azure Cognitive Services

    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

    To use Azure Cognitive Services, …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Analyze Texts using IBM Watson and Twilio Functions with Node.js IBM with Dave

    The IBM Watson supercomputer is perhaps best known for beating two quizmasters on Jeopardy, but it can do so much more, such as diagnose cancer, fight crime, and more. Watson also provides APIs and tools to help developers build intelligent models and apps. This post will use deep learning to extract relevant information such as texts, like entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, and more from a text message with Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Twilio Functions.

    This post was written with IBM developer advocate Dave Nugent for a joint workshop.

    updated text gouda baseball ibm sentiment





    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

    Now let's get started …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Pose Detection in Twilio Video with TensorFlow.js Detect Poses TensorFlow.js header

    Pose detection is one fun and interesting task in computer vision and machine learning. In a video chat, it could be used to detect if someone is touching their face, falling asleep, performing a yoga pose correctly, and so much more! 

    Read on to learn how to perform pose detection in the browser of a Twilio Video chat application using TensorFlow.js and the PoseNet model.

    Join Room.png


    To build a Twilio Programmable Video application, we will need:

    Follow this post to get setup with a starter Twilio Video app and to understand Twilio Video for JavaScript a bit more, or download this repo and follow the …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Video App with JavaScript and the Twilio CLI in 9 Minutes cover pic

    With many of us now working remote, video chats are so in right now. Here’s how to get up-and-running with a video chat room in nine minutes using Twilio Programmable Video and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit in JavaScript.

    Nupur test video


    To build a Twilio Programmable Video application, we will need:

    Save your API Keys somewhere to use them soon and then install the Twilio Serverless Toolkit via the Twilio CLI if you haven't already by running

    twilio plugins:install @t …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Punchy Quiz Bot with Twilio in Eight Minutes header img

    Have you ever wondered what Twilio product you are most like? Now you can text +1 (321) 340-6085 to find out!

    These entertaining "What kind of ____ are you?” quizzes have risen in popularity, getting shared an average of 1900 times on social media according to Buzzsumo. Read on to see how you can make a punchy and fun Buzzfeed-style quiz "What Twilio Product are You?" with Twilio.

    What unusual celeb baby name

    Set Up and Configure your Bot with a Twilio Number

    To follow along with this post, you need two things:

    Go to your Autopilot c …

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