Dive into ARKit on iOS with Swift and Twilio Programmable Video

Apple's ARKit logo

Augmented reality has is showing up everywhere these days. Apple’s release of ARKit in iOS 11 and Google’s ARCore APIs are guaranteed to accelerate this trend by making augmented reality development accessible to even more developers and users.   We’re especially excited about the combination of augmented reality and real-time communications. In this post we’ll dive into a simple example on how to combine Programmable Video… Read More

How to Send an SMS in Haskell

Functional programming languages are gaining in popularity so let’s hop on that Haskell bandwagon. With Haskell, you can write clean, concise, and expressive code. Don’t believe me just yet? Now let’s dive into setting up your Haskell developer environment by configuring two package managers installing Haskell making a “Hello, World” program sending our first SMS with Twilio using Haskell (get a Twilio phone number here) IDEs for Haskell… Read More

Reading Excel Spreadsheets with Python, Flask, and Openpyxl

  Data stored in Excel spreadsheets can be hard to read with anything other than Excel and it’s especially tough to compare two specific datasets within all that data. One possible solution is Python. It can do the dirty work of finding the information for us while also being pretty fun. In this post we will read NBA statistics from a Microsoft Excel sheet using the Openpyxl… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Lizzie Siegle

#SFHTML5 Lightning Talk--Lizzie

As my now-teammate Sam Agnew once told me, a developer evangelist should have “the mind of a hacker, heart of a teacher, and soul of an entrepreneur.” The following anecdotes explain why this advice really resonates with me and why I’m ecstatic to be interning with the evangelism team in NYC this summer.   1.  “Young, scrappy, and hungry.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda  Who would attend their… Read More