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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Hamilton Song Recommendation SMS Bot with Machine Learning ham header

    Hamilton the Musical will start streaming on Disney Plus this Friday, so happy Hamilfilm week! To celebrate, learn how to build a SMS chatbot that recommends the Hamilton song most relevant to you right now using Twilio Programmable SMS and Functions, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and JavaScript.

    See it in-action: text how you’re feeling to +13364295064. The longer and more descriptive your message is, the more data the app has to analyze what Hamilton song you need now!

    sms example


    Prerequisites and setting up Azure Cognitive Services

    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

    To use Azure Cognitive Services, …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Analyze Texts using IBM Watson and Twilio Functions with Node.js IBM with Dave

    The IBM Watson supercomputer is perhaps best known for beating two quizmasters on Jeopardy, but it can do so much more, such as diagnose cancer, fight crime, and more. Watson also provides APIs and tools to help developers build intelligent models and apps. This post will use deep learning to extract relevant information such as texts, like entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, and more from a text message with Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Twilio Functions.

    This post was written with IBM developer advocate Dave Nugent for a joint workshop.

    updated text gouda baseball ibm sentiment





    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

    Now let's get started …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Pose Detection in Twilio Video with TensorFlow.js Detect Poses TensorFlow.js header

    Pose detection is one fun and interesting task in computer vision and machine learning. In a video chat, it could be used to detect if someone is touching their face, falling asleep, performing a yoga pose correctly, and so much more! 

    Read on to learn how to perform pose detection in the browser of a Twilio Video chat application using TensorFlow.js and the PoseNet model.

    Join Room.png


    To build a Twilio Programmable Video application, we will need:

    Follow this post to get setup with a starter Twilio Video app and to understand Twilio Video for JavaScript a bit more, or download this repo and follow the …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Video App with JavaScript and the Twilio CLI in 9 Minutes cover pic

    With many of us now working remote, video chats are so in right now. Here’s how to get up-and-running with a video chat room in nine minutes using Twilio Programmable Video and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit in JavaScript.

    Nupur test video


    To build a Twilio Programmable Video application, we will need:

    Save your API Keys somewhere to use them soon and then install the Twilio Serverless Toolkit via the Twilio CLI if you haven't already by running

    twilio plugins:install @t …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Punchy Quiz Bot with Twilio in Eight Minutes header img

    Have you ever wondered what Twilio product you are most like? Now you can text +1 (321) 340-6085 to find out!

    These entertaining "What kind of ____ are you?” quizzes have risen in popularity, getting shared an average of 1900 times on social media according to Buzzsumo. Read on to see how you can make a punchy and fun Buzzfeed-style quiz "What Twilio Product are You?" with Twilio.

    What unusual celeb baby name

    Set Up and Configure your Bot with a Twilio Number

    To follow along with this post, you need two things:

    Go to your Autopilot c …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Predict Wins and Losses with Sci-kit Learn Decision Trees and SMS Scikit learn header image

    I've been missing professional sports which are canceled for the time being. It got me thinking -- can we predict a basketball game outcome with machine learning? What stats of an individual player would best predict a team's win or a loss? This post will try to answer those questions (using Klay Thompson stats) with Pandas and sci-kit learn based on user input via a Twilio SMS containing a certain basketball statistic. With SMS user input, it is easy to compare which statistics are better suited for predicting whether the team won or loss because of that individual player.

    Klay Thompson gif

    Soo...Decision Trees

    They make a training model to predict the outcome, class, or value of a target variable based on rules the model learns from input data. They model decisions in a tree-like manner drawn upside-down with the root at the top. Below is a weather decision tree from Juniata …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Build a Workout Accountability SMS Buddy with the Strava API, Twilio Functions, and the Twilio CLI strava app header img

    With gyms closed during quarantine, many people are trying to run or bike more outdoors (at a safe social distance from others, of course!) Strava is a popular social fitness app that helps users track and share outdoor workouts. Read on to learn how to build a quarantine workout accountability SMS system with the Strava API, Twilio Functions, and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit.

    Run with good time



    1. A Strava account - sign up here if you don't have one already
    2. A Twilio account - sign up for a free one here and receive an extra $10 if you upgrade through this link
    3. A Twilio phone number with SMS capabilities - configure one here
    4. Postman (you could alternatively make cURL requests from the co …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    3 Dazzling Autopilot Features you need to know 3 dazzling autopilot features you need to know

    Twilio Autopilot allows developers to build intelligent bots and IVRs once and then deploy them across multiple communication channels. Abstracting away some complex machine learning concepts, it offers many features, some of which are easy-to-miss. Here are three Autopilot features you need in your toolkit to improve your bots and IVRs.

    1. Initiate a conversation with the Twilio REST API
    2. Bulk upload training data samples
    3. Use DTMF and Speech at the same time

    Initiate a SMS or Phone Conversation with the Twilio REST API

    Not all Autopilot conversations must be triggered by an incoming message or call. Did you know you can initiate a conversation to a user by sending them an SMS message or making an outbound call first?

    question gif

    Initiating an SMS conversation requires you to send the user a message using the Programmable SMS API. As long as your Twilio phone number's inbound webhook is set-up to point …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Create, Innovate, and Make Art with Machine Learning Make Art with Machine Learning

    One thing I love about programming is the chance to get creative. There are many cool APIs that help developers make art. This post will go over how to generate text from another text or image, recognize celebrities' faces, colorize photos and videos, and perform neural style transfer using the machine learning library DeepAI.

    the Scream edited pikachu image

    What is DeepAI?

    DeepAI is a platform that aggregates guides such as Separate sampling: its effects and one potential solution, as well as research, data science, a glossary, a newsletter, job listings, and more to increase AI accessibility to both consumers and developers. This post will look at some of its machine learning models and APIs that can help you get creative juices flowing.

    They offer language support for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and C#, and you can also hit the APIs with a cURL request.


    To follow along with this post, make …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Top 5 Machine Learning Algorithms You Need to Know Top 5 ML algorithms you need to know

    Understanding algorithms can make our lives as developers easier, so it's been frustrating to personally find most machine learning tutorials to either be too high-level or too low-level to be beginner-friendly. This blog post is meant to make machine learning algorithms accessible to all, including non-ML engineers.

    Some Helpful Vocabulary

    • Supervised learning: model learns by looking at correctly-classified, already-labeled data
    • Unsupervised learning: model learns by looking at and trying to group unlabeled data according to similarities, patterns and differences on its own

    Supervised learning can solve these problems

    • Classification: predicts a discrete label or category, like "red", "yes", "pie", "fruit" (ie. will this house sell, what color will the sunset be).
    • Regression: predicts a continuous value or quantity, like currency, miles, people . (ie. how much will this house sell for, what time will the sun set).

    Here are some supervised learning algorithms which you will come across …

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