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Symfony posts

  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Create One-Time Passwords in PHP with Symfony and Twilio's Verify API Create One-Time Passwords in PHP with Symfony and Twilio's Verify API

    As security threats continue to grow and their impacts become ever-more significant, Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is progressively becoming a de facto security standard. As an extra layer of security to the traditional username/email and password combination normally provided by the user(s) of an application, Two-factor authentication works and can be implemented by:

    • Generating and sending a numeric code to the user's mobile device either via SMS, email, or phone call. This is popularly called One-Time Password (OTP) as it is a short-live password that can only be used once during authentication.
    • Using an authenticator app to provide a constantly rotating set of codes that can be used for authentication when needed.
    • Using push authentication where a user responds to a device push notification to either approve or reject an in-application event.

    In this article, I will show you how to generate an OTP and send it to the user via …

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  • By Joseph Udonsak
    A Beginner's Guide to Test Driven Development With Symfony and Codeception A Beginner's Guide to Test Driven Development With Symfony and Codeception

    Have you ever been afraid of your own code? Afraid to review it? Afraid to present it to clients or management? Afraid to explain it because, unwittingly, you have created a digital Jekyll and Hyde?

    That used to be me once upon a time until I took testing more seriously.

    Let's be honest, testing doesn't quite have the allure of writing production code, and it isn't as glamorous as writing complex data structures and algorithms. Are you excited to write a test case for code that you “know” works?

    While this doesn't make testing any less important, it has resulted in testing often being seen as an afterthought by so many; including managers, other developers-even me!

    In addition, testing didn't help me allay my fears because, somehow, all the nasty bugs were never exposed by my test cases. Okay, it didn't help that I never went back and updated …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    Créer un chat vidéo de groupe avec Symfony, PHP, Twilio et React.js Créer un chat vidéo de groupe avec Symfony, PHP, Twilio et React.js

    Si les actualités et les statistiques actuelles sur le télétravail sont un indicateur de l'avenir, il est évident que le travail à domicile va progressivement devenir la nouvelle norme pour les employés du monde entier, y compris de nombreuses entreprises technologiques. Bien que la définition d'une communication efficace puisse varier d'une entreprise à une autre, l'une des façons les plus prometteuses d'améliorer la productivité et de maintenir le contact au sein de votre équipe consiste à utiliser la visioconférence ou le chat.

    Ce tutoriel vous guidera sur la création d'une application de chat en visioconférence à l'aide de Symfony, React.js et Twilio Programmable Video. L'application de chat vidéo permettra aux utilisateurs de se connecter et de participer à un salon de chat prédéfini.

    Conditions préalables

    Pour participer à ce tutoriel, vous aurez besoin des éléments suivants :

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  • By Joseph Udonsak
    Build a Command Line Tool With Symfony Build a Command Line Tool with Symfony

    Once upon a time (long before the mouse was invented), the only way to talk to a computer was via command line commands. A user would type a preset command and the computer would execute the associated instruction(s) and respond to the user by displaying some text.

    Of course, it was not without its disadvantages especially for users who weren't very comfortable with computers. This and other innovations that followed in the early computing days gave rise to the Graphical User Interface which has made interaction with computers more intuitive and inclusive.

    The Command Line Interface (CLI) has, however, not lost its relevance. With less pressure on CPU resources, the CLI presents a powerful medium for executing tasks without hassle.

    We will see this first hand in this article as we'll use the Symfony CLI to scaffold (rapidly reducing development time by automatically generating needed files and application configuration) and …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    How to Get Started with Docker Compose and Symfony How to get started with Docker Compose and Symfony

    Developing software across teams is difficult - be it managing codebases or ensuring everything works for everyone at all times.

    While Git has gone a long way in terms of version control and ensuring that everyone can work on a codebase without issues, there's still the risk of disruption as a result of the working environment.

    Developers have varying preferences in terms of preferred operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). The same is also true of the environments their applications are deployed to.

    As a result, when certain errors occur, it becomes difficult to trace the source of the problem. In fact, it can be even more confusing if an error only occurs on one OS, leading to the famous phrase: It works on my machine.

    Enter Docker

    It adds predictability to applications by building them in containers, which are small and lightweight execution …

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  • By Sylvan Ash
    Envoyer des rappels SMS en PHP depuis votre app Symfony rappels-sms-php-symphony-banner

    Si vous avez un système de réservations, et que vous prenez des rendez-vous de type massages, psychologues, dentaires ou médicaux, etc... ça serait sûrement pratique de rappeler aux clients la date de ce rendez-vous après qu’ils l’aient réservé, ou même à la personne qui leur offre le service.

    Dans ce tutoriel, vous apprendrez à envoyer des rappels SMS aux clients à un temps donné avant leur rendez-vous dans un projet Symfony qui utilise le service SMS de Twilio.

    Cet article part du principe que :

    • Vous avez déjà paramétré LAMP, MAMP, XAMPP, ou un environnement de développement équivalent.
    • Vous êtes familiers avec Symfony

    Mise en place

    On utilisera composer (un outil pour la gestion des dépendances) afin d’installer Symfony et le SDK Twilio. Les instructions d’installation de composer peuvent être trouvées ici. Aussi, soyez sûrs d’installer composer globalement en suivant les instructions dans la sous-partie globale …

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  • By Joseph Udonsak
    Implement Two-Factor Authentication With Symfony and Twilio's Authy App and API Implement Two-Factor Authentication With Symfony and Twilio's Authy App and API

    The username and password are dead! Well, not really. But considering the times we live in, it’s dangerous to rely on them alone. Computers are getting faster and better at guessing our passwords. And there are numerous databases containing stolen passwords roaming the web. Consequently, you also need to use Two-factor Authentication (2FA) in order to keep your account safe.

    In this article, I will show you how to implement Two-factor authentication in a Symfony application using the Authy app to add an extra level of authentication to the traditional login form.


    Let's get started

    To get started, create a new Symfony project, named 2-fa-demo, and switch to the newly created project’s directory using the commands below.

    symfony new 2-fa-demo
    cd 2-fa-demo

    Next, you need to install …

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  • By Alex Dunne
    Verifying Twilio API Requests in Symfony 5 Verifying Twilio API requests in Symfony 5

    Web applications are powerful tools of communication for everyday life. However, due to their ubiquity, the average user underestimates what it takes to actually build them. As a result, the human interfacing with the app just expects it to work, always.

    While building an application is easier in 2020 than years prior, its success is often dependent upon the use and integration of external services to provide additional functionality.

    Companies such as Twilio and Stripe offer these services (called APIs) that enable developers to quickly implement functionality that would otherwise be impractical to build independently. Because APIs tend to focus so much on installation, their “Getting Started” guides often guide the developer past the biggest part of their application outside of testing; security.

    In this tutorial, we’ll do the opposite and take a look at security by verifying Twilio API requests in Symfony. To start, we’ll create a basic Symfony …

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  • By Oluyemi Olususi
    How to Create a Group Video Chat App with Symfony, PHP, Twilio, and React.js How to Create a Group Video Chat App with Symfony, PHP, Twilio, and React

    If the news and current statistics about remote work are any indicator of the future, it’s obvious that working from home is gradually becoming the new normal for employees all over the world, including numerous tech companies. While effective communication may be defined differently for various companies, one of the most promising ways to improve productivity and keep your team together involves using video conferencing or chat.

    This tutorial will guide you on how to create a video conferencing chat application using Symfony, React.js, and Twilio Programmable Video. The video chat application will allow users to connect and participate in a predefined chat room.


    To participate in this tutorial, you will need the following:

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  • By Alex Dunne
    Build a Two-way Customer Support System with SMS and Slack using Symfony Notifier Build a Two-way Customer Support System with SMS and Slack using Symfony Notifier

    Businesses across the internet interact with millions of customers every day. Providing customers with a positive experience helps to build a strong brand image and increases their trust. Reliable, fast, and helpful customer support is a key component of great customer service and it all starts by providing a convenient and simple way to get in touch. Just as crucial is the need to provide your customer support team with the tools they need to assist your customers.

    In this tutorial, we’ll build an application that forwards incoming SMS in real-time and allows us to reply directly from a Slack channel using Twilio, Slack, and the Symfony framework.

    In doing so, you’ll see the Symfony Notifier Component in action and understand how to leverage it’s abstraction to communicate between the customer and your support staff through different communication channels. Finally, we’ll look at how to react to incoming …

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