12 Hacks of Christmas – Day 2: Training Your Dog with WebRTC, Tessel and Twilio

December 13, 2014
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We’ve seen people combine Twilio with a bunch of unexpected things – like bears, beers and babies. For today’s #12HacksOfChristmas hack we wanted to highlight a hack from the community that features the pairing of Twilio and man’s best friend. This holiday season learn how to train your dog using Javascript in this brilliant tutorial by Chad Hart.

How does it work? Chad gets text notifications when his dog is on the couch and then drives a robot to help encourage his dog to go back on the floor. Check out this video to see it in action:

Yes this hack is cute. But it’s also full of full of great technologies like WebRTC, Node.js and Tessel. Throughout this post Chad takes you on a journey that makes building this project seem straight-forward even if you’ve never worked with this stack before. Gather your puppy, Tessel and Twilio account then check out Chad’s tutorial on WebRTCHacks.com.  And until tomorrow, Happy Hacking and Happy Holidays!