Introducing Engagement Suite from Twilio Messaging

Introducing Engagement Suite from Twilio Messaging
January 03, 2024
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With the introduction of Engagement Suite, Twilio Messaging is enabling a simpler developer experience, improved marketing performance, and better overall engagement with customers.

What is Engagement Suite

Twilio Messaging Engagement Suite is an innovative group of features and enhanced data for analytics and messaging optimization.  

For SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp, Engagement Suite helps businesses schedule messages around their customer’s preferred time periods, optimizes shortened hyperlinks for deliverability and clicks, and provides advanced dashboards for A/B testing and granular analysis. All for a single, low premium per message.

“[Twilio Messaging] is certainly a better product [than other solutions and] developers appreciate using [it]. They have been positive in any feedback that they’ve given around integration with Twilio [Messaging], using their console, [and] using their APIs.” VP of e-commerce in the food service industry | Forrester TEI Study: The Total Economic ImpactTM of Twilio Messaging

Message Scheduling in Engagement Suite

Twilio Messaging customers expect to have an amazing developer experience that helps reduce the time and cost associated with building functionalities that are necessary for effective messaging.

One such example is scheduling messages for future delivery. Whether used for notifications and alerts, appointment reminders, or marketing, businesses need to ensure their messages are delivered at a time that is compliant with regional regulations, convenient for the recipient, or during periods of less traffic congestion.

Message Scheduling in Engagement Suite solves for this need. It enables users to schedule SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages with a single API call and forgo the need to use alternative methods such as cron jobs or polling which demands engineer’s time, requires maintenance when schedules are altered, and introduces risks of human error.

“Message Scheduling allowed our team to better manage demands on our application - especially during peak times.” Ken Saitow, Co-Founder | RiskWire, LLC

With the launch of Engagement Suite, Twilio has also enhanced Message Scheduling to better meet the needs of our customers. Distributions can now be scheduled as soon as 15 minutes away to as far as 35 days away. Previously, the timeframes were 60 minutes to 7 days away.  Additionally, our Messaging Insights readily available dashboards have been enriched with advanced data to provide Engagement Suite users with an understanding of the volumes of scheduled messages to be delivered over various time frames as well as assess delivery, errors, latency and more.

Engagement Suite also solves the need for businesses to shorten hyperlinks in a manner that increases clicks, reduces carrier filtering, and enables granular analytics like A/B testing.

Twilio’s Link Shortening with Click Tracking is an included feature of Engagement Suite and is being introduced into General Availability.  With this feature, long URLs in the message body will be automatically detected and shortened at run time of the message send request, which means that there is no need to make separate API calls to shorten the links and then send the message.

Businesses also benefit from having their company branded name within the URL which increases trust with customers, improves engagement rates via measurable clicks, and increases deliverability due to reducing the risk of carrier filtering.

Just like Message Scheduling, our Messaging Insights out of the box dashboards have been enhanced so that users can easily track the effectiveness of their shortened URL campaigns and view advanced data for A/B testing. Examples of Link Shortening data included are deliverability rates, volumes, clicks, and click-through-rates.

“One of the ancillary benefits of using Twilio is that it was easy to set up. I could not have set all this up in a day and a half with any other provider.” Rohit Chandrashekar Principal Software Engineer | JobGet

Data and performance analysis with Engagement Suite

Engagement Suite delivers the capability to test, measure, and optimize the ROI of SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp communications with advanced data and dashboards.

Twilio’s readily available, out-of-the-box dashboards in Messaging Insights provide analytics on every message. With Engagement Suite, the dashboards have been enhanced to display information beyond standard delivery insights to display an understanding of message scheduling and engagement such as clicks and click through rates (CTR).

For businesses who wish to tailor their analytics functionality to meet their specific needs, Engagement Suite provides the capability to leverage Twilio Event Streams, webhooks, or csv downloads from Logs in Console.

Whether it’s conducting deliverability optimization, ROI reporting, click tracking, A/B testing, or granular engagement analysis down to the individual recipient, Engagement Suite has the data needed in the format desired!

Getting started and pricing for Engagement Suite

Getting started with the features in Engagement Suite is simple!

If you already have a Twilio account, visit our docs for Messaging Scheduling or Link Shortening with Click Tracking to begin using the services. Alternatively, you can get access to a free trial of Twilio Communications within 30 seconds and if you’d like some guidance or best practices, check out our Guide to Architecting a Messaging Solution for High Deliverability, Resiliency, and Scalability.

Once you begin using the features within Engagement Suite, your dashboards within Messaging Insights will automatically include your respective data.

Billing will also automatically begin without the need to take any further steps. The charges for Engagement Suite are for successful outbound SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages that include 1 or more of Engagement Suite features and the charge will be added to the base message fee.

Engagement Suite enables you to try and test the features for free, without risk. You can send up to 1,000 messages per month with Engagement Suite features for free. For usage based pricing beyond the 1,000 free, see our SMS/MMS pricing page or our WhatsApp pricing page.

If you expect to send a high monthly volume of messages with Engagement Suite features, we encourage you to discuss pricing with your Twilio Account Team.


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