Twilio Console is now in General Availability

August 02, 2021
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build on the new and improved twilio console

The new Twilio Console is now in General Availability. Starting August 28th, 2021, all users will be automatically migrated to the new Console.

  • Access the right products and tools at the right time.
  • Enjoy vastly improved page load speed as a result of a re-architecture.
  • Find dedicated views for your products, application monitoring, account management, and billing.

Start building on Twilio, today!  

Towards a new Console

“Every company that’s going to survive and thrive in the digital economy needs to build. Because you can’t buy can only build it.” - Jeff Lawson, CEO, Twilio

The Twilio Console is what developers use to manage their applications and Twilio accounts — a critical part of every developer’s experience with our platform. In the 12 years since Twilio was founded, we’ve grown from a handful of products to more than we can count with our fingers (and toes). We’ve shipped new APIs, programmable applications, as well as a complete suite of developer tools.

As we’ve grown our platform, we’ve had a chance to speak to thousands of developers like you. One piece of consistent feedback we’ve received over the last several months was that the Console has become harder to use over time. We hear you, and we wanted to share the first steps in addressing these challenges.

As a platform company, our job is to make it as easy as possible for developers to experiment and create experiences that define the future. Which is why we’re thrilled to tell you all about the new Twilio Console: a redesigned, re-architected, reorganized, and simplified experience that will support you at each step of your journey.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve taken all your feedback through the beta launch back in April 2021 and made several improvements and squashed countless bugs to make this new Console experience better for all users.  

explore products in new console


User Research to guide the way 🔎

The new Console experience is the result of extensive research, countless revisions, and a tight feedback loop of usability testing from customers like you. To read more about how we approached the redesign from the UX standpoint, read this blog post.

And our research isn’t stopping with today’s launch. As our CEO Jeff likes to say, “this is just day one!” This release represents just the first step in what will be a constantly improving platform, designed with agility in mind. We are looking to improve the Console experience, week over week, but your feedback is critical. Please contribute your ideas, wishes and yes even bugs through the Feedback button on the right side of the new Console.  

New and improved navigation 📍

Console’s reimaged navigation is designed to make Twilio simpler for both developers and non-developers alike. We have reorganized content into four main areas that represent how you think about Twilio: Develop, Monitor, Account, and Billing.

  • Develop Section: A focused experience for developers to discover and build with Twilio. It’s tailored for discovery, faster onboarding and reducing time to get to production.
  • Monitor Section: A single pane of glass for developers to operate their Twilio applications at scale, including cross-product logs, monitoring tools, and our fantastic Insights products.
  • Account Section: A one stop shop for administrators to manage users, API keys, tokens, and customer trust.
  • Billing Section: A dashboard of all your billing and usage information, consolidated in a single place.

These areas have consistent navigation that will make it more straightforward for you to find what you need, and move seamlessly across our ever-growing suite of products.

Build on a beautiful Platform 😍

The new Console has a brand new look and feel created by our Design Systems team. It delivers a modern appearance and accessibility to Console that embodies our design philosophy of being inclusive. Over the coming months, this new theme will be rolling out across all our products and experiences across Console.

paste in console

Build, Deploy, and Iterate Faster 🚀

This Console is built on a new architecture with one goal in mind: performance. Not only will you see faster page load times, but also more frequent updates and product ships. Our new approach decreases development time and streamlines deployments for our engineering teams.

Can’t Wait to Get Started?

Simply head over to Twilio and sign in to experience the new Console. If you have any questions, you can access our Support page here.

As of  August 28th, all customers will be automatically migrated to the new Console.

my app dashboard in console

We’ve even put together a guided tour so that you don’t get lost along the way.


If you want to provide feedback directly to our team and learn early about upcoming features, request to join our new Twilio Insiders program.

Head over to your Twilio Console to start building!

We can’t wait to see what you build!