Enhance customer engagement with these new Twilio releases

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April 04, 2024
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Enhance customer engagement with these new Twilio releases

Customers crave personalized experiences. They want brands to anticipate their needs, whether it’s through proactive communication or efficient issue resolution.

Imagine if customer service agents had access to a comprehensive, real-time view of each customer’s account and interactions. With AI-driven analysis and automation, they could swiftly address concerns, removing friction from the customer experience. 

This is not a distant dream. It’s the future of customer engagement with our new Twilio product launches. 

When it comes to customer engagement, the convergence of data, strategic communication channels, and artificial intelligence (AI) presents an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize interactions. Not merely about increasing connection, it’s about delivering intelligent engagements that resonate with customers on a personal level while eliminating the risk of communication burnout.

By leveraging natural language understanding (NLU) and AI, brands can decode customer signals, structure relevant data, and optimize message delivery. In short, our Twilio releases delve deeper into the intersection of data and technology to ensure that we enhance functionality and insights to reach customers in the moments that matter.

Overcome data challenges with Twilio Flex

While the promise of AI-driven customer engagement is enticing, it comes with its own set of challenges, particularly concerning data management, which often results in wasted agent time and a lower customer lifetime value.

Twilio Flex is a digital engagement center that empowers your sales and service teams to deliver personalized experiences across channels. One of our newest Twilio releases is Unified Profiles, a Twilio Flex feature that emerges as a game-changer in this landscape, providing a centralized data layer and consolidating information from disparate sources in real time to provide identity resolution.

Unified Profiles is powered by Twilio Segment’s customer data platform and allows your business to unify customer data for a complete view their behavior and interactions:

  • Identify all customers by building profiles that use identifiers across phone, email, and webchat to pull data from previous interactions
  • Generate behavioral traits such as recently viewed products, frequently used channels, and employees the customer has communicated with by analyzing their activity on the website and previous interactions.
  • Use AI to generate predictive traits including lifetime value and churn propensity to better understand a customer's engagement with your brand.
  • Power intelligent routing and personalized virtual agents based on customer’s behavior and predictive traits, to provide a dynamic experience based on their immediate need.

Agent Copilot utilizes this data to enhance employee experiences, ensuring that each customer engagement is personalized and efficient. This enables brands to deliver white-glove experiences at scale, driving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, users can enjoy:

  • Automate post call work by generating wrap-up summaries, disposition codes, and sentiment after every interaction to increase your employees productivity and satisfaction

  • Showcase complete context for employees to simplify customer alignment and accelerate time to resolution with enhanced profile details, recent activities, highlights of key traits, and a timeline of previous interactions

  • Assist employees with next best actions and recommended resources with knowledge base searches to uplevel their skills to manage more complex issues

Personalization is no longer just about addressing customers by name; it’s about understanding their immediate needs and preferences. With AI-driven sentiment analysis and call summarization, brands can gain deeper insights into customer emotions and streamline communication workflows. This not only enhances the experience but also empowers agents to deliver truly tailored solutions.

Agent Copilot and Unified Profiles are now available together in Public Beta.

Become the ultimate listener with Twilio Voice Intelligence

Next in our lineup of Twilio releases is Twilio Voice Intelligence, which introduces next-gen language operators to empower brands to become better listeners and deliver exceptional experiences. 

  • Entity extraction: Smart and easy to use, this language tool can spot different types of data, like names, without super specific instructions
  • Sentiment analysis: Language operators can sense the mood of callers—Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Mixed— which means deeper insights into how customers are feeling, invaluable for coaching agents and customizing responses. 
  • Call summarization: Quickly hone in on important details and action items without drowning in the details

Offering much more than financial gains, the integration of AI and data helps your agents deftly anticipate and navigate the complexities of customer expectations and challenges. 

Entity extraction, sentiment analysts, and call summarization are in Public Beta. Voice Intelligence, currently in Public Beta, is slated to be generally available later this year.

Maximize deliverability with Twilio Optimization Engine

By prioritizing messages and organizing traffic efficiently, brands can ensure that their communications reach customers promptly and effectively with our Twilio Traffic Optimization Engine

To start, you can dynamically segment the messages you send. This organizational layer allows you to organize traffic by use case, sender type, and destination. By separating your messages into priority lanes, you’ll avoid creating a queue that blocks your messages and deliverability time, leading to a more efficient traffic flow. Plus, with Multi-Tenancy enabled, priority lanes algorithmically receive a minimum share of throughput right at the moment it’s needed. 

Real-time routing and insights are generally available, Multi-Tenancy, Traffic Shaping, and Market Throughput are in Public Beta.

Innovate with Twilio Messaging Engagement Suite

The Twilio Messaging Engagement Suite in the Programmable Messaging API includes a group of features for SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp that provide simpler development, quicker time to market, better engagement and marketing performance. These include the ability to:

  • Schedule messages for future distribution at a time that is not intrusive to the recipient or out of compliance with regional regulations
  • Add shortened hyperlinks to your messages with your branded domain name in the URL which increases trust with customers, improves engagement rates via measurable clicks, and increases deliverability
  • Conduct A/B testing or KPI analytics for conversions, marketing attribution, re-engagement, and more
  • Use Twilio’s real-time advanced dashboards in Messaging Insights or custom-build your testing and analytics functionality by leveraging Twilio Event Streams, webhooks, or CSV downloads 
  • Increase deliverability by identifying patterns in undelivered or failed messages for resolution, and report on marketing success and customer engagement

Unleash the power of Twilio Segment

Whether you’re a B2C, B2B, or dual-sided marketplace business, the Data Graph is built to flex to your organization’s needs. 

By bringing together Twilio Segment’s real-time CDP together with data platforms like Snowflake and Databricks, Linked Profiles—driven by the Data Graph—creates a deeper understanding of each customer and how they interact with your business by mapping all your customer data. This allows you to build bespoke experiences that facilitate higher lifetime value and engagement. 

Linked Events, the first feature built on top of the Data Graph, make it easy to enrich all tracked behavioral events with any available data sets. Previously, this required cross-team collaboration. Now, data engineers only need to define the relationships between data sets once in order to give marketers access to everything they need to target, personalize, or analyze customer experiences in a downstream application. This builds on top of your existing data investments, leveraging your already cleaned and transformed data—and reducing time to value from months to hours. 

Finally, marketers can take object data of any kind—products, bookings, accounts, and more—and relate it back to the profile data that lives within the warehouse. These Linked Audiences make for easy activation across channels. 

Data Graph and Linked Audiences are currently available in Public Beta, while Linked Events is in Private Beta. 

Leverage CustomerAI for personalized recommendations

Driving conversions and increasing average order value, CustomerAI Recommendations complements CustomerAI Predictions by addressing the “what” aspect of targeting. Users can construct product-based audiences effortlessly, determining which specific products or categories customers are inclined to purchase. For instance, retailers can leverage this feature to identify potential buyers for excess inventory, sending targeted promotions instead of resorting to blanket price reductions. 

On the other hand, CustomerAI Generative Audiences streamline audience creation by allowing marketers to generate audiences via a simple text prompt. By bypassing the traditional audience builder process, users can input specific criteria and rely on Twilio Engage to automatically generate the audience. This functionality not only saves time but enhances productivity, accelerating campaign launches. 

CustomerAI Recommendations and CustomerAI Generative Audiences are currently in private beta and will be generally available later this year.

Redefine your customer’s experience with data and AI

The fusion of customer data, communications, and AI presents a transformative opportunity for brands to elevate their customer engagement strategies. With these new Twilio product launches, brands can harness the power of real-time insights, personalized interactions, and intelligent automation to deliver exceptional experiences that drive both loyalty and revenue.