How to Send Bulk SMS with Twilio in 5 Different Languages

September 30, 2020
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Diane Phan
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When you have the magic of Twilio in your hands, it can be easy to get carried away coming up with ideas for new projects. You may also understand that Twilio has rate limits when it comes to queueing messages depending on your project use case. This may lead to difficulty in figuring out how to best communicate with your contacts.

However, the Twilio blog's got your back when it comes to finding helpful technical content regarding Twilio's products and services, such as Programmable SMS API Basics and Best practices and workaround solutions that utilize open source tools!

In this issue, we'll discuss solutions for sending bulk SMS without hitting rate limits and efficiently dealing with 429 error codes. No matter what programming language community you belong in, here are some posts that can offer a new tool for you!

Python Solutions

There's plenty of ways to perform tasks efficiently and asynchronously outside of a user's request. Python developers can utilize task queue services that are designed for asynchronous work and executed by worker services. Here are a few articles on how to utilize task queues in your Twilio project:

JavaScript Solutions

Twilio offers helpful documentation on understanding the concept of task queues in Node.JS applications on the Twilio Docs. Here are some articles on how to utilize task queues in your JavaScript Twilio project:

Java Solutions

It is highly recommended for Java developers to utilize Twilio's Messaging Services if they need to send messages quickly at a global scale. Using a TaskRouter to handle tasks in Java may also be a fine solution to operating a complex project. However, here are two notable articles on how to send bulk SMS in Java projects if you decide to go your own route:

PHP Solutions

It's also encouraged for PHP developers to utilize Twilio's Messaging Services for complex message deliveries, however, there are a handful of nifty ways to make your own queue too! Here are a couple of useful articles on how to send bulk SMS in PHP projects:

.NET solutions

The .NET community presents different solutions depending on your project scope and the services already being used. For example, you might be using Azure Logic Apps which can be used to manage Twilio messages.

The Twilio Docs has support for .NET Messaging Services for those who need to send messages at a high volume as well. Developers can also learn how to send an SMS during a phone call with C# and .NET framework according to the Docs. However, here are a few articles on how to send bulk SMS in .NET projects:

Need a new Twilio solution?

If the above solutions aren't enough, then perhaps checking out Twilio's other products and services would be a good idea. Here are some handy dandy docs that I would like to refer you to in order to understand what Twilio Programmable SMS is capable of doing:

Worried about spam?

If this hasn't convinced you to check out the tools in your language community, then here is some further evidence on why you should consider implementing task queues of some sort.

No one likes spam, and as a developer who might need to constantly send out SMS, we want to prevent being flagged as spam as much as possible. However, it's worth noting that Twilio cannot say how the carrier algorithms work in filtering spam and marking an SMS/MMS phone number as spam. In fact, only system carriers know how to protect their users from spam.

Lastly, this just means that there are more reasons for us to solve problems with code and utilize workaround open source solutions to make incredible projects!

Let me know if this article helped you learn something new for you and your team!

Diane Phan is a Developer Network editor on the Developer Voices team. She loves to help programmers tackle difficult challenges that might prevent them from bringing their projects to life. She can be reached at dphan [at] or LinkedIn.