TaskRouter: New Add-ons for Analytics and Workforce Management

May 23, 2017
Written by
Al Cook

  • New Add-ons for out-of-the-box analytics and workforce management.
  • Partners include Keen IO, Ytica, Verint, Teleopti, and more.
  • Available in developer preview.

Last year when we announced Add-on support for TaskRouter, we set out on a mission to extend TaskRouter’s capabilities. Our goal was to help contact centers make routing decisions using as much data from the customer’s phone number as possible, such as location and demographic information. Now with 11 Add-ons and counting available for TaskRouter, we’re super excited to launch two entirely new categories of Add-ons—analytics and workforce management (WFM)—with some brand new partners. Some are available in developer preview today, while others are coming soon.

Analytics Add-ons:

Workforce Management (WFM) Add-ons:

These Add-ons require no code to deploy. Once you’re accepted to the preview program, you can simply enable them in the Marketplace, and Twilio will start streaming the statistics and events from TaskRouter directly to the newly enabled service. This gives you:

1) Faster time-to-market: Buy pre-integrated partner products that eliminate the heavy lifting you’d otherwise have to do yourself by fetching, analyzing, and transforming data from TaskRouter to work with a third-party application’s format.

2) Contact center specific insights: Pre-built reports tailored to contact center reporting and workforce management make it easier to get insights right out of the box without needing to be a contact center expert.

3) Streaming data for real-time monitoring: Get up-to-the-second insights into the operational state of your application and contact center as Twilio pushes data to the Add-on in real time. Compared to the traditional approach of periodic data exports from contact centers and imports into SaaS applications, this approach is automated, requires no setup, and is less prone to errors.

Analytics Add-ons

One of the most important aspects of a contact center is operational visibility. As one customer said to me, “You can have the best jet plane in the world, but you can’t fly it blind. You can have the most intelligent routing capabilities, but if you can’t give your contact center supervisors operational tools to manage agent assignment in real-time, it’s not useful.”

The analytics Add-ons provide comprehensive reporting so you can get all the standard contact center reports out of the box—no coding required. And soon, analytics Add-ons will also include real-time dashboards.

Our launch partners for analytics Add-ons are Keen IO and Ytica. Pricing for both Keen IO and Ytica is based on price per task analyzed and starts at 2.5 cents per task with automatic volume discounting. While in developer preview, both Add-ons require an existing account with the partners, with a completely integrated provisioning and purchasing process coming later.

Keen IO — Presently serves more than 60,000 developers with its leading, cloud-based event data platform. We partnered with Keen IO to launch a world-class solution for contact center reporting that integrates seamlessly with TaskRouter.

Keen IO’s Add-on enables you to:

  • Monitor your contact center with out-of-the-box dashboards and email reporting
  • Explore deeper insights in your data with a point-and-click visual explorer — no code or knowledge of SQL required
  • Connect other data sources, like CSAT or revenue, to customize your reports
  • Share sets of metrics and unified KPIs across every team, project, and department
  • Automate workflows and build extensions on a well-documented API

Keen IO Add-on for TaskRouter

Keen IO Add-on for TaskRouter

Ytica — A spin-off from ZOOM International, Ytica brings you reports and dashboards based on years of experience in contact center analytics space. Dashboards are designed around typical business needs and can be fully customized to fit the way you are used to consuming the data (for example, from legacy contact center platforms). You can setup alerts, get reports regularly by mail, or drill down from dashboards and reports all the way to the individual calls. You can even listen to what your callers had to say and use their speech analytics capabilities to discover which agents need attention.

Ytica Add-on for TaskRouter

Workforce Management Add-ons

Another key area of contact center needs that we’ve heard from our larger contact center customers is the need to give supervisors the right tools to staff their contact center. That’s where workforce management comes in. Our launch partners for workforce management Add-ons are:

Teleopti — A company dedicated to providing WFM solutions that handle the complexities of contact center management via forecasting, schedule optimization, reporting, and intraday monitoring. Teleopti’s solution also supports agent empowerment and engagement through its gamification tool, competence development modules, agent self-service portal, and lifestyle package.

Teleopti Add-on for TaskRouter

Verint — A leader in the contact center space for years. WFM is just the first of their tools to which they’re bringing native TaskRouter support.

Verint Add-on for TaskRouter

Verint will also be making quality management and workforce optimization Add-ons available in the near future.

Getting Started

We’re excited about how much faster you’ll be able to build a contact center with Twilio now with the addition of these Add-ons for TaskRouter. They’re launching in developer preview today, and to get started, request access through the Twilio Marketplace. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we’re ready to bring you onboard.

If you’d like to chat about any of these new Add-ons or TaskRouter in general, feel free to drop a comment below or hit me up in the Twittersphere @calozpom.

We can’t wait to see what you build with TaskRouter and Add-ons!