Top Laravel Tutorials for June 2019

June 05, 2019
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What happens when developers from all over the world mix the most starred PHP framework on GitHub with the leading provider of communication APIs? You get the world’s best Laravel and Twilio communication-based apps!

Since Laracon 2019 (Laravel’s official conference) is right around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to share our top four Laravel tutorials from our PHP community from the month of May.

Whether you’re an experienced Laravel developer or just getting your feet wet with Twilio’s PHP SDK feel free to use these awesome, start-to-finish tutorials as the platform to build your next PHP-based communication app.

Keep Everyone Informed with Text-2-Subscribe

Growing an organization comes with its challenges, but the greatest of all to overcome is probably misinformation. Regardless of size, every organization can’t afford to keep its members in the dark on news and events. This tutorial by Samuel Ogundipe will teach you "How to Create A Text-To-Subscribe App in PHP Using Twilio and Laravel” and keep everyone informed.

Can we take a vote? Of course you can, with Real-Time Polling!

Some decisions have to be made quickly and with everyone’s input. Christopher Vundi teaches us how to “Create a Real-Time Polling App using Twilio Sync and Laravel PHP” just in time for our everyday opinion capturing.

All Relationships Need Boundaries, Even Your App

Imagine if your general users could create backups of your database? Yeah, we agree that’s a huge security risk as well. Your Laravel app’s role management is made simple with the Bouncer package and a little Twilio Magic. Ogbonna Vitalis Shares how to “Implement Role Management with SMS updates in PHP using Laravel Bouncer and Twilio SMS”.

“Vue” Modals in a New Way

Tailwind CSS isn’t just leading a new wave of love for CSS, it’s also being paired with Vue.js to create progressive, modern, user interfaces. Jason Beggs shows how “Building a modal with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS” can easily transform the user experience for your Laravel app.

See You Next Month

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