TwilioQuest Authoring: Play Community Content and Build Your Own

October 21, 2021
Written by
Ryan Kubik

TwilioQuest Authoring Play Community Content and Build Your Own.png

TwilioQuest 3.2 ships with a big new feature called “Extensions”. With this feature, you can now load in missions, maps, and objects created by the TwilioQuest community alongside Twilio authored content. This means you can now build your own content too!

At a high level, an extension is one root folder composed of a series of folders containing images, scripts, and maps. TwilioQuest reads all of this information from extensions you've installed to create new missions for you to play.

We build all of the bundled content in TwilioQuest with these extensions too. You can check out how we built every mission in the game on the TwilioQuest Github account

To help you discover new community content to play, we've built an Extensions Gallery as well. This gallery lets you or anyone else submit a TwilioQuest extension straight to the TwilioQuest team for review. At the time of writing, you can do everything from learn C# to shoot traffic cones at Fredric!

A screenshot of the TwilioQuest Extension Gallery

We partnered with our friends at Cloudinary to show off the power of Cloudinary's video modification APIs. In this extension, you'll learn how to transform video clips, stitch them together, apply filters, and more!

The content authoring tools have been in an open alpha state for a couple of months now. During that time we’ve seen a bunch of cool extensions created by the TwilioQuest community. Check out this highlight reel featuring some of our favorites:

Don't forget to check these extensions out for yourself in the Extension Gallery!

Build Your Own!

Once you've check out all of these fun extensions, it's time to get your hands dirty and build your own! The best place to get started on this journey is the official TwilioQuest content authoring docs site. Be sure to share everything you’re working on in the TwilioQuest forums and Discord server