Win Big in the Digital Era by Getting Customer-Obsessed

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May 03, 2023
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Win Big in the Digital Era by Getting Customer-Obsessed

Brands have come to a crossroads in how they interact with consumers. Thanks to digital marketing and engagement channels, customers can interact with brands more frequently and in more ways than ever before. Brands, in turn, have benefited from these direct relationships with consumers by collecting first-party and zero-party customer data, continuously learning about their customer bases with each interaction.

Although customers expect highly personalized experiences with brands enabled by such data collection, they also want more control over their data and privacy. The question for every brand today is how to prepare for a world where customers can reject cookies and the sharing of third party data, while still delivering the highest quality in personalization and brand experience?

state of customer engagement report 2023

Twilio’s 2023 State of Customer Engagement Report dives head first into this quandary. With insights from 4,700 business-to-consumer (B2C) leaders in key sectors around the world, views from more than 6,000 global consumers, and data from Twilio’s own customer engagement platform, this report examines customer engagement trends around real-time personalization.

We’ve continued to uncover insights through conversations with Twilio executives and industry luminaries on what it means to use data to become a truly customer-centric company in our Transform Together virtual event series.

Thinking like Amazon

In a Transform Together event titled Winning in the Digital Era: Strategies from Amazon's Success with John Rossman, the former Amazon executive and business strategist joined Twilio’s CMO Joyce Kim to share what he learned about customer obsession at Amazon and how this unlocks endless possibilities for Amazon’s business. The key, he shares, is patience and long-term planning.

amazon's john rossman and twilio's cmo joyce kim speaking at a transform together e

Rossman explained how Amazon wrote the playbook on evolving and adapting without blitz scaling, citing specific examples from his time with the company in the early 2000s.Tune into this free Transform Together eventavailable on demand for a short period of time—to hear from Rossman on how you can apply these lessons at your company to:

  • Balance operational excellence with innovation
  • Establish best practices for truly being customer centric
  • Create a culture of metrics and accountability

Stay tuned after the keynote conversation, for a conversation with Twilio Segment customer, Good Eggs, a “digital farmers market”, on how they’re using Twilio Engage to drive efficient business growth with customer data, including:

  • Categorizing audiences in order to stitch together a 360 degree view on customers
  • Curating personalized customer experiences in real-time

Serving the “Customer of the Future”

During an exclusive Transform Together chat, The State of Customer Engagement 2023: What It Takes to Win in a Digital-First Future, customer experience futurist Blake Morgan unveiled this year’s report alongside Twilio Chief Customer Officer Glenn Weinstein. Morgan, whom Meta has called “The Queen of Customer Experience,” shared four ways companies are doing a great job with digital customer engagement, including embracing ‘phygital’ interactions, or digital interactions that still have a human touch. She also emphasized how every arm of the business should think like customer experience teams while keeping a finger on the pulse of customers’ day-to-day journeys.

Blake Morgan and Twilio Chief Customer Officer Glenn Weinstein speaking at Transform Together event

Don’t miss this discussion on world-class customer relationship building, where companies like BarkBox, Discover, Nike and Peloton are setting the bar. Afterward, stay tuned for a discussion with Twilio Segment customer Camping World on how they’re using Twilio Segment to break down data silos and prepare for a cookieless world.

Also, don’t forget to follow along with Transform Together events happening virtually and in person. Throughout the year Twilio brings leading businesses from the Fortune 500 to the Fast 50 together to share, learn, and build the future of digital engagement.

Register for our next Transform Together event, A Lesson in Happiness: What It Takes to Make Yourself, Your Employees and Your Customers Happier, featuring psychologist Dr. Laurie Santos and Twilio's Chief People Officer Christy Lake, taking place on May 10.