Vaccine Distribution

Learn how to quickly scale vaccine distribution programs

Medical syringe

Communication solutions for vaccines

Use digital communications to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine efficiently and equitably.

Information and education

Provide timely updates to the public on any channel.

Distribution logistics

Coordinate distribution partners, from manufacturing to pharmacies, track deliveries, and update stakeholders.

Vaccine registration

Launch a self-serve or automated system for vaccine requests. Integrate requests into your system of record and prioritize people based on eligibility.

Reminders and notifications

Serve residents safely and equitably with automated appointment scheduling and reminders, and virtual waiting rooms.

Track outcomes

Monitor vaccine efficacy and health outcomes with SMS and voice surveys. Integrate responses with your system of record for analysis at individual and population levels.

Building with Twilio

Explore tools and resources for vaccine administration in our developer toolkit.

Developer toolkit

How Twilio is helping

To accelerate equitable vaccine distribution globally, Twilio is providing $1 million in product credits.

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“We utilized your product, almost overnight, to turn on a call center to schedule patients around Texas for COVID-19 testing. Honestly not sure where we would be without your software and the ease of use it has provided us.”

Ryan Alfhors Director of Information Technology