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JavaScript posts

  • By Meredith Hassett
    Integrate SMS into your Wix Site using Twilio Programmable Messaging and Corvid IDE Integrate SMS into your Wix Site using Twilio Programmable Messaging and Corvid IDE

    Text message marketing is the latest craze these days for ecommerce stores. Having the ability to communicate real-time updates to customers via SMS is not only priceless, it’s a guarantee that 98% of your notifications will actually be read. In 2020, it’s hard to imagine a few use cases where your store couldn’t benefit from sending SMS!

    Now, with the rise of npm modules and APIs such as Twilio Programmable Messaging, adding text messaging to your website doesn’t have to be a hassle. More importantly, with these tools you can easily incorporate SMS responses to your Wix site with Corvid.

    New to Wix or Corvid?

    For developers looking to build web applications quickly, Corvid provides a simple but robust solution. It combines the Wix visual builder with an integrated online IDE, providing users with a flexible solution for rapid development. Beyond that, it makes it much easier …

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  • By AJ Saulsberry
    Asynchronous JavaScript: Tools, Techniques, and Case Studies async-js-tools.png

    There are a number of asynchronous tools in JavaScript, and there are also asynchronous tools in popular libraries that extend JavaScript. And there are many uses for these technologies.

    You can learn about the fundamental asynchronous JavaScript tools in posts here on the Twilio blog: There is a post devoted to each technology, and they’re summarized in the post:

    Asynchronous JavaScript: A Comprehensive Guide

    When you’re learning any new programming tool or technique it’s helpful to have examples of how to use the code in realistic situations, so in addition to covering the fundamentals we have a series of posts showing practical demonstrations of how to use asynchronous code.

    Confirming SMS Message Delivery with RxJS Observables, Node.js, and Twilio Programmable SMS

    You’ll learn a couple of important things from this post: 1) how to create an Observable wrapper around an API request so your code gets a notification when the …

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  • By Tim Mendoza
    Extend the React Quick Deploy Video App with DataTracks header - Extend the React Quick Deploy Video App with DataTracks

    In March, Twilio released quick deploy video apps for three different platforms - React.js, iOS, and Android. These apps are fully functioning video collaboration apps that can be deployed to the cloud in minutes. They serve as a canonical reference for developers building out their communication solutions by showcasing the features and capabilities of Programmable Video.

    When you build a video app, you can get pretty far with just audio and video. But what if you want to go above and beyond audio and video to build more engaging video experiences by adding hand-raising, annotations, whiteboarding, and more?

    The answer is DataTracks. With Twilio Video, you can use DataTracks to send real-time ephemeral data such as text, JSON, or binary data to other participants in a video call. We say the data is ‘ephemeral’ because it isn’t persisted anywhere. If you aren’t in a room when …

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  • By Donal Toomey
    Announcing Twilio Video WebRTC Go: Build and Run 1:1 Video Apps for Free Twilio Video WebRTC Go: Build and run 1:1 video apps for free

    As we’ve all personally experienced, many face-to-face interactions have been replaced with virtual ones, over video. There are new use cases popping up every day from virtual court, to remote clienteling, to house viewings. That’s because more and more developers are looking to build video apps.

    Customers such as MDLive are building telehealth applications, making healthcare more accessible. In the education space, Air Tutors is making tutoring more engaging with virtual whiteboards, annotations, and animation to bring subjects such as math to life.

    At SIGNAL, we are announcing that Twilio Video WebRTC Go will be generally available. This is a 1:1 experience that developers configure and use with our Video JS, Android, and iOS SDKs. It’s a developer toolkit that removes the complexity of building directly on top of WebRTC. Not only is it generally available, it's also free. This is not just a free trial. Twilio Video WebRTC Go …

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  • By Charles Oduk
    Build a Chatbot for your React App using Twilio Autopilot Build a Chatbot for your React App using Twilio Autopilot

    Chatbots have improved business-customer interactions in recent years. For business owners, it is important to have customers receive prompt responses to their queries at any time of the day regardless of their location; especially on your website.

    In this tutorial, we will work on building a chatbot for a React application powered by Twilio Autopilot, an AI Platform to build artificially intelligent assistants, bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps.


    You will only need two items to create this application and complete the tutorial:

    • Node.js installed on your computer
    • A Twilio Account (This link will provide $10 in free credit when you upgrade your account)

    Getting Started

    To get started, we are going to use Create React App to get us up and running. In your terminal run the following commands:

    npx create-react-app chatbot
    cd chatbot
    npm start

    The last command, npm start, will start your development server and …

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  • By Fikayo Adepoju
    Build a COVID-19 Alert Subscription System with Vue.js, Node.js, Twilio Programmable SMS and Twilio SendGrid covidsystem.png

    One of the most important instruments in dealing with the spread of COVID-19 is having complete and accurate information about hygiene, the nature of the disease, and most importantly, the spread of the disease in different locations.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Twilio’s Programmable SMS and Twilio SendGrid to build a COVID-19 Alert Subscription System for providing accurate information to subscribed users.

    Once finished, you will have developed a system that:

    • Allows users to subscribe to COVID-19 SMS and email alerts.
    • Allows an admin to broadcast COVID-19 updates to subscribers based on their selected location.
    • Sends SMS notifications to users in the subscribed area.
    • Sends email notifications to users in the subscribed area.

    Project Requirements

    In order to go through this tutorial, you will need the tools and technologies listed below:

    • Node.js installed on your system
    • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js
    • Basic knowledge of Vue.js …
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  • By Bonnie Schulkin
    Get an Email with Today’s Extreme Stock Movers Using Node.js, IEX, and Twilio SendGrid stockmovers.png

    Everyone knows the Twilio API for SMS messaging. But did you know that you can also send email via Twilio? The Twilio SendGrid email API has all the ease of use you expect from Twilio, combined with the power of the SendGrid email engine.

    In this post, you’ll write a Node.js script to:

    To get the email daily, you can run the script with your favorite scheduler, i.e. cron, Task Scheduler, or launchd.


    • You'll need Node.js installed on your computer. The SendGrid wrapper supports back to version 6, but they recommend using the latest version (12).

    Start the Node.js Project

    Note: you can find the finished project in this GitHub repo.

    To start, you’ll need to do some not-very-interesting …

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  • By Mingchao Ma
    How to configure Auth0 MFA using Twilio Verify How to configure Auth0 MFA using Twilio Verify

    As part of Twilio's account security offerings, the Twilio Verify API makes it simple to add user verification and Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA) to any user authentication flow. It supports One Time Passcodes (OTP) sent via voice, SMS, and email. App-based push authentication was also recently added to the Verify service.

    Auth0 is a popular Identity Access Management (IAM) platform. If you are an Auth0 customer and want to use Twilio Verify for Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA), please read on.

    This blog post will walk you through the steps of how to configure Auth0 to use Twilio Verify for MFA. It will use both Verify SMS channel and Voice channel to deliver OTPs so users can choose to receive the OTP via SMS or Voice.

    What will you need?

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  • By Ashutosh K. Singh
    Use Serverless Functions to Send an SMS with React, Vercel, and Twilio Copy of Search - Canva (2).png


    This article will discuss how to build a serverless application with React capable of sending SMS messages using Twilio Programmable SMS. With the rise of serverless architecture, developers can choose to focus on code and leave server management and configuration to third party services. In this tutorial, we will use Vercel to build and deploy serverless functions.

    For the complete code, see this GitHub repo.



    This tutorial will use Create React App to set up the initial React app quickly. Install Node.js on your local development machine if you haven't already.

    Navigate to your project’s parent directory in your command prompt, and run the following commands:

    npx create-react-app react-twilio-sms …
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  • By Chris Hranj
    Writing Metal Lyrics with OpenAI's GPT-3 Engine, Twilio Functions, and JavaScript header - Writing Metal Lyrics with OpenAI's GPT-3 Engine, Twilio Functions, and JavaScript

    As a musician/songwriter, one thing I find myself struggling with all too often is writing unique,  compelling song lyrics. Metal lyrics in particular are especially difficult for me. Writer's block is usually the issue, but even worse is when I come up with a great line to start but nothing to follow it.

    Thanks to OpenAI and their GPT-3 API, this is no longer an issue. Now I can just write a few lines myself and let a trained model write the rest. Is it cheating? Probably. But is it fun? Definitely.

    This post will demonstrate how to use Twilio Functions to assist in writing song lyrics by using OpenAI's GPT-3 engine and their Completion API. Here are a few examples of interesting lyrics I was able to generate using this tool:

    > Cut out the heart of a living man, put it in a box made from the bones …

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