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  • By Twilio
    Important Change to the Twilio Phone Number Provisioning API Important Changes to the Twilio Phone Number Provisioning API

    Regulatory Compliance (RC) requirements for phone numbers have increased worldwide. We have been working with regulators to ensure that phone numbers you provision are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. As part of this engagement, we made an important change to the Twilio Phone Number Provisioning API.

    You should have received email communications about this change if you use this API for phone numbers outside the US and Canada. To reiterate:

    Starting September 10, 2019, the Phone Number Provisioning API will require you to provide an address for any new regulated number you provision. If you don’t include a valid address, you will receive error code 21631.

    You can find address requirements for the country where you are provisioning numbers on our Phone Number Regulations page.

    What’s Changing with the Twilio Phone Number Provisioning API?

    Previously, address requirements were not enforced through the API. You …

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  • By Paul Kamp
    The Developer's Guide to Phone Number Regulatory Compliance qMvMl-7km51ZMwhLfA9kzW7AuNTyFppuGJKF6KKCyEO9dww1zxhJx63sQtynlA-KcCmabxeF6CUXASv_llpD4QXQbcOQGAJ7XqhI_yzpb7HXAtbHgIXN1yGLCUkh7GdYQ7qocnay

    Regulatory compliance (RC) requirements for phone number users have increased worldwide. Depending on the phone number and its features, your or your company's status in the country, and your intentions for the number, different laws and regulations apply while building Voice, Fax, or SMS-based applications.

    While some of these regulations are new, many of these laws and rules have been in effect for some time. Countries are increasing enforcement for many reasons – including fraud, incidents of misuse and abuse and heightened national security concerns.

    All your Twilio phone numbers on Twilio’s platform need to comply with individual country requirements or they are at risk of being suspended until you submit proper RC information.

    Read on for what you need to know to bring an existing communications application into compliance or before starting a new application.

    Here's a video overview explaining what's happening:

    You can find the regulatory …

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  • By Aymen Naim
    Announcing General Availability of Twilio’s Programmable Voice Mobile SDKs 3.0 Programmable Voice iOS SDK

    With Twilio’s Programmable Voice SDKs for iOS and Android, you can easily build engaging and high quality voice calling experiences into your Apps. Whether it is calling a phone number (PSTN), another App user (VoIP), or your contact center, you can bring a contextual and secure calling experience to your users directly from your App.

    We are thrilled to announce that our latest version of Programmable Voice Mobile SDKs, 3.0, is now generally available. With 3.0, you can make your customer call experiences even more engaging: with improved audio quality, increased efficiency, and contextual calling. This release includes features such as support for Opus codec, call control functions, and custom parameters.

    We will walk you through the advantages of using Mobile VoIP with some common use cases, what new features rolled out with 3.0, and explain how to get started and/or migrate to Twilio Programmable Voice SDKs 3.0.

    Eager to …

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  • By Alan Klein
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking Copy of Generic Blog Header 2-3.png

    In my last blog post, Registering a SIP Phone Directly to Twilio (and so much more...), we set up a Twilio Programmable Voice SIP Domain and registered our SIP softphones directly to Twilio. This let us place and receive calls to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) but more importantly, set up the foundation for building creative applications which intelligently route calls using dynamically returned Twilio Markup Language (TwiML).

    In this post we’ll provide a step-by-step approach to connect your SIP element – IP-PBX, SIP-PRI IAD, SBC, etc. – to Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking product. By the end of this post, you’ll have your existing communications infrastructure connected through Twilio and ready to layer on a number of Twilio’s other features.

    At its most basic level, Twilio Elastic SIP trunking provides dynamic trunking capacity to place and receive pay-as-you-go phone calls through Twilio. Twilio’s network …

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  • By Michael Jaroya
    Save Voicemails to Dropbox with Twilio Voice API, PHP, and Laravel Save Voicemails to Dropbox with Twilio Voice API and Laravel.png

    There are a number of ways to record calls with Twilio. Whichever method you decide to use, it is very important to keep the storage space used below the chargeable limit to prevent added cost. To achieve this, you need to backup up and delete your voice recording occasionally. Storage over 10,000 minutes per project is billed by the minute, once a month.

    In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to automate recordings management with recording status callback, download recordings programmatically via the REST API, save the recordings in Dropbox and finally delete the recordings programmatically via the REST API.


    You will need the following technologies and tools:

    To follow along, you should have a basic understanding of PHP. Knowledge of the Laravel framework is not required. You can choose to use any other …

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  • By Jarod Reyes
    Hacking Twilio Client to Play Videos Over the Phone Video over phone

    How can I play a Youtube video over WebRTC?
    Is there a way to play dynamic audio over a Twilio Voice call?

    Many people have asked about playing dynamic audio over the phone using Twilio. And while TwiML does allow you to create dynamic templates based on user input, it doesn’t help me if I want to start and stop audio or play a video over the phone. I could imagine some enterprising person using these powers to prank the robocallers, spammers and even the occasional pesky family member. In this post, we are going to look at one quick way to inject any MediaStream into a phone call using the WebRTC-based Twilio Client SDK.

    Prerequisite: This post starts off at the very end of the Twilio Client quickstart, so if you haven’t completed that it is recommended you do so now. Of course, these concepts could be …

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  • By Victor Abbah
    How to Implement Account Verification and Login by Phone in Laravel Implement Account Verification and Login by Phone in Laravel.png

    At times, you might want to create an app that uses a phone number/password pair as a means of authentication, as opposed to the normal email/password pair. In some other cases, you are not necessarily using phone numbers as a means of authentication, but having a phone number is critical to your app. In such situations, it is very important you verify that the phone numbers your users provide are valid and functional. One way to do this is to give them a call and tell them a code that they will have to provide to your app. If you use Gmail, then you are probably familiar with the voice call verification it uses. In this article, I will be showing you how to achieve that using Laravel and Twilio’s excellent service. Let’s get to it.

    Technical Requirements

    For this tutorial we’ll assume the following:

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  • By Nick Parker
    How to Create a Voice-Based Reservation System in Laravel with Twilio <Pay> ivr-twilio-pay-laravel-cover-photo.png

    “Please listen carefully, as our menu options have changed.”


    It is rare that I find myself memorizing a company’s IVR options. It is much more common for me to repeat "Representative" into the phone and press the 0 key until something works.

    As a small business owner, I find most IVRs to be out of touch with reality. While I want to engage my customers 24/7/365, I don’t want to make their lives difficult. I recently had an experience with an airline call center that allowed me to take control of my reservation without ever speaking to a representative.

    As a developer and Twilio fan, I began writing pseudo-code in my head of how I could build a simple call center that would not only give my customers a personalized self-service portal, but would also allow for my employees to focus their time on more involved interactions.


    Today, …

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  • By Paul Mathews
    How to Capture Call Tracking Metrics in Google Analytics with Twilio Programmable Voice ltOUdTd-dYkNZuIaeLWSAPxIOuyhQ2SNallORRW2pGsk583eMbqp9Cf8awXkSIxr9P7uR12XqdKs9njGkI853Y2yqiQHaAEgxaS-JkwcVGfZUC65Te85RjkMgBKxte86QJihu3m5

    Call tracking involves saving a phone number and recording related the information about the calls made by that number. The metrics can then be used to measure the impact of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales.

    Say that you are an entrepreneur or the marketing head of an organization and your main source of leads are phone calls. To spend your marketing dollars wisely, you will have to know which of your campaigns generate the maximum number of calls. This can be done using a call tracking system.

    Call tracking systems used to be very expensive and cumbersome. However, in this blog post we will create an easy call tracking system that combines the powers of Twilio and Google Analytics to give you a very detailed picture of the calls and locations of these calls.

    Configuring Google Analytics

    Start by logging into your Google Analytics account or signing up …

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  • By Layla Porter
    Talking Texts with .NET Core, Cognitive Services and Azure Storage ZuVnzXGSF90QI4xjlHcGzwRlZeH6MZhHCbow_q8L4XsR7AU62P6kKNbvpE683kZoczLJMSVGZbKakcvkuDPH1BYz-KjFjJ3rJcIW0B3eMVAxwqgvHEzPVE_Ch7KY584CUzzmslUo

    Imagine you are driving along in your car and your phone beeps, letting you know that a text message has come in.  We all know it’s beyond dangerous to read a message whilst driving, it’s a pet hate of mine when I see people doing it, so why not get your text message phoned through to you? Hands-free, of course!

    This post will show you how to create talking texts using Twilio, .NET Core, Cognitive Services and Azure Storage.

    We will build an application that will convert incoming SMS into speech using the Speech Service, currently in preview, on Microsoft Cognitive Services.  We will then use Twilio to call your mobile and play the speech recording.

    Let’s get started.

    What you will need

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