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Voice posts

  • By Jonas Lerebours
    Incident Notification and Escalation Loop using Programmable Voice Incident Notification and Escalation Loop

    Systems and Infrastructures are constantly monitored, and monitoring teams need to dispatch technicians to fix issues as fast as possible when an incident is raised. Using the Twilio API you already can call a single number to reach a technician and deliver a message, or call several numbers and deliver the message to the first person who answers. In this article we introduce an escalation loop: define several people to be called in case of an incident and call them in order, one after the other, until one of them accepts the call.

    For this to happen, we created a reusable set of Twilio Functions that can be triggered by a simple call to a REST API. The code for this solution is available on Github and can be easily deployed on your Twilio project.


    Before you can build the escalation and notification loop, you'll need to register or …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Verify a User via Phone with Twilio Functions and Twilio Verify verifyvoice.png

    Many applications verify and authorize their users by sending a numeric code, called a One-Time Passcode (OTP), to the user’s phone number via either a voice call or a text message.

    In this article you’ll learn how to perform user verification via a phone call through Twilio Verify. You’ll build a pared down frontend using JavaScript and HTML and you’ll build a Node.js backend, all hosted with Twilio Functions, which will be scaffolded using the Twilio Serverless Toolkit, a plugin for the Twilio CLI.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    Understanding SIP Trunk and SIP Lines SIPTrunk_SIPLine.png

    Though there are many innovative ways to market to your customers via SMS and email, phone calls are still as important as ever to an organization’s communication strategy. It’s easy to stick to the traditional phone line status quo, but to do so is to ignore the opportunity to save money and take advantage of an affordable, scalable system on the cloud.

    SIP trunk phone systems offer an opportunity to increase your efficiency while cutting the costs of a traditional, physical phone line system. Taking place entirely on the cloud, SIP systems enable an existing phone system to function online by routing calls via an on-premise private branch exchange (PBX), through a SIP line connected to an organization’s SIP trunk, and then out to its intended recipient.

    Whether you’re looking to make the switch to an entirely online SIP phone system or are just looking for some clarification of …

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  • By Josh Siverson
    Voice Architecture and Best Practices for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) ISV_voice_header


    Twilio is a trusted provider in the telecommunications industry, helping customers navigate the complexities of the ever-changing communications ecosystem. Twilio partners with a wide variety of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that leverage Twilio technology to build robust, scalable, and innovative communication infrastructures. ISVs serve hundreds, if not thousands of customers - building elegant and scalable platform architecture to support these customers is critical. In this blog post, we aim to provide ISV product managers, architects and developers with the design principles, product knowledge, and best practices needed to launch a successful ISV voice solution. At the end of this blog post, you should be equipped to start implementation on a voice enabled product specifically designed with your customer’s needs in mind.

    Challenges for ISVs

    Voice connectivity and call orchestration can be complex - ISVs need to provide reliable, easy to integrate, and flexible voice solutions to customers. ISVs should …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    Make a Phone Call with a Duration Limit Using Python and Twilio Programmable Voice Make a Phone Call with a Duration Limit Using Python and Twilio Programmable Voice

    Twilio Programmable Voice allows you to make programmatic voice calls directly from your application. This service was recently expanded to support a call duration limit, which can be a useful way to avoid unexpected expenses from calls that remain connected for a long time.

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Programmable Voice with Python to make a voice call with a predefined maximum duration.


    Setting up your environment

    In this section, you …

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  • By Dhruv Patel
    How to Send Voice-to-SMS Transcripts Using Twilio Voice and Programmable SMS Header


    SMS and audio transcripts can be a great way to perpetuate communication without needing to pick up the phone unexpectedly. Twilio streamlines this process through the Voice API using Twilio’s Markup Language, TwiML, which processes incoming calls accordingly.

    TwiML offers the <Record> verb, which records the caller's voice and can automatically generate text transcriptions sent right to your phone. For those that are always on the go or can’t be bothered to check their voicemail inbox, you’ll never miss a message again. In this tutorial, you will learn how to leverage Twilio’s Voice API and Programmable SMS to transcribe voice calls into text messages.


    Project setup

    In this section, you are …

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  • By Al Kiramoto
    Create a Notification System in ServiceNow using Twilio SMS and Voice create_notification_system_service_now

    If you're using ServiceNow, you might want a straightforward way to add one-way outbound messaging with voice and conferencing.

    This tutorial shows how ServiceNow customers can utilize the out-of-the-box integration with Twilio Messaging and Programmable Voice using the free ServiceNow Notify plugin. The plugin is straightforward to set up, and the business value of implementing it is immense. You can greatly reduce your incidents' time to resolution, shorten the timeline for mobilizing resources to solve incidents and streamline communications with your customers during active incidents.

    In this tutorial, you'll implement the ServiceNow and Twilio integration by configuring the following features:

    1. ServiceNow Notify for basic SMS and conference calls
    2. Alerts and Notifications using the ServiceNow Workflow Designer
    3. Alerts and Notifications using ServiceNow Business Rules

    ServiceNow and Twilio integrations

    This post is Twilio's recommended Crawl integration with ServiceNow. You can learn more about the ServiceNow use case on the Twilio website. …

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  • By Luís Leão
    Manejo de llamadas telefónicas entrantes con Java y Twilio Manejo de llamadas telefónicas entrantes con Java y Twilio

    Realizar llamadas telefónicas salientes con Java y Twilio solo es la mitad del proceso. Para crear una app de teléfono útil e interesante, tendrá que manejar lo que sucede cuando las personas le devuelven el llamado.

    Para ello, deberá configurar una dirección URL en su consola de Twilio. Las llamadas entrantes activarán las solicitudes HTTP a esa URL y la respuesta a esas webhooksolicitudes determinará qué sucede a continuación en la llamada. Las respuestas HTTP contienen un dialecto XML llamado TwiML, que le ofrece mucha flexibilidad en la forma de manejar la llamada.

    En esta publicación, mostraré cómo configurar un servidor web medianteSpring Boot para manejar las llamadas entrantes con un “Saludos, mundo” hablado y, a continuación, mostraré cómo crear una configuración más interesante e interactiva.

    Si desea saltar al final, revise el proyecto finalizado en GitHub.


    Antes de comenzar, necesitará:

    • Una instalación Java 8 …
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  • By Luís Leão
    Cómo implementar la verificación de la cuenta e iniciar sesión por teléfono en Laravel Cómo implementar la verificación de la cuenta e iniciar sesión por teléfono en Laravel

    Es posible que en ocasiones desee crear una app que utilice un número de teléfono junto con una contraseña como medio de autenticación en lugar de un correo electrónico con una contraseña, como se usa habitualmente. En otros casos, no usa necesariamente un número de teléfono como un como medio de autenticación, pero tener un número de teléfono es fundamental para su app. En tales situaciones, es muy importante que verifique que los números de teléfono que proporcionan los usuarios sean válidos y estén en funcionamiento. Una manera de hacer esto es mediante una llamada en la que se brindará un código que tendrán que proporcionar a la app. Si usted usa Gmail, probablemente ya esté familiarizado con la verificación por llamada de voz. En este artículo, le mostraremos cómo puede lograr eso utilizando Laravel y el excelente servicio de Twilio. Vamos por ello.

    Requisitos técnicos

    En este tutorial, …

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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    Proxy your phone number with Twilio Programmable Voice and Twilio Functions Header

    Using Twilio's Super Network, you can quickly buy phone numbers from around the world. You can even specify a specific area code to buy a phone number that is local to a certain state, territory, or region.

    With Twilio Voice, you can quickly integrate voice communication into your applications. For the application in this tutorial, you'll use Twilio phone numbers, Twilio Voice, and Twilio Functions to create a proxy phone number!

    What do I mean by a proxy phone number? Before explaining that, I will discuss a similar concept. In web development, there's a concept of "reverse proxies". When you send HTTP requests to a reverse proxy, the reverse proxy forwards the traffic to a web server on a private network. This way the web server still serves a website but isn't exposed directly to the internet adding benefits like security, performance enhancements, and much more.

    Similarly, …

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