Twilio and Boku Mobile Identity Come Together to Offer Secure Onboarding

March 01, 2022
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More and more transactions are conducted online and businesses need to ensure every user is trustworthy while maintaining a positive user experience. That's why we're excited to announce Twilio's completed acquisition of Boku Identity, Inc. (“Boku Mobile Identity”), a leading global identity and authentication provider.

The acquisition of Boku Mobile Identity is a reflection of Twilio's commitment to accelerate our vision for seamless mobile identity and digital intelligence.

Get to know Boku Mobile Identity

Boku Mobile Identity enables businesses to improve their user experience while enhancing security. While channels for identity verification like SMS two-factor authentication have a place, these methods introduce additional time and effort which can decrease conversions from signup to checkout. Boku Mobile Identity can verify customer data in real time from authoritative, GDPR-compliant data sources, by leveraging the most comprehensive global network of real-time mobile network operator identity connections in the industry.

Together, customers can provide a smooth onboarding experience for users while mitigating fraudulent sign-ups and account takeovers. We can accomplish this with behind-the-scenes tools to identify risky or compromised phone numbers, including those hijacked through SIM swap attacks.

What's next with identity verification and intelligence

Twilio and Boku Mobile Identity share a common goal - building a seamless consumer identity solution that doesn't sacrifice user experience for security. In addition to Twilio's existing offerings for things like phone number and email validation and multi-channel authentication, you can look forward to new packages in our Lookup API for enhanced line type for global VoIP detection and SIM swap detection, and new Verify API channels like silent one-time passcodes. We're also excited to build on Boku Mobile Identity's comprehensive mobile identity network to improve security offerings for Twilio customers.

If you're interested in learning more about these upcoming offerings, please get in touch. We are excited to work together to build secure customer engagement.

We can’t wait to see what you build.

Aaron joined Twilio in 2021 and leads Twilio’s Identity, Verification, and consumer business. Aaron brings more than 20 years of leadership experience at the nexus of consumer internet, fintech and security. He has helped to build and scale some of the world’s most beloved products. He previously served in product leadership roles at Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, and most recently as GM/CPO of where he built the National Digital Identity for the nation of Sierra Leone. Built fully on the block chain this product was awarded Global Prize for the 2020 World Bank Mission Billion Challenge.