Twilio MessagingX: Powering the next decade of business messaging

October 20, 2021
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In July 2020, we launched the (new) “ridiculously simple” way to build messaging experiences with Twilio, offering developers a simplified and unified API to reliably send messages anywhere in the world. Since then, you’ve amazed us with new and innovative ways to use messaging, sending and receiving more than 127 billion messages on Twilio in the last 12 months.

Today, we’re excited to launch Twilio MessagingX – our next generation messaging platform designed to build deeper relationships through trusted, high-quality messaging that gives consumers choice. As we move into an era where consumers demand control over when and where businesses communicate with them, the Twilio MessagingX platform is your foundation for the next decade in trust, quality, and choice.

What you can do with Twilio MessagingX

  1. Build deeper trust with your consumers by using features like message body redaction and Advanced Opt-out, and accessing trusted ecosystems through the Twilio Trust Hub and APIs. 
  2. Reliably scale your global messaging applications on top of our Super Network with a unique algorithm powering the highest deliverability and throughput. 
  3. Innovate quickly with new channel choices and rich content translation across every channel with the Content API.

Building trust with every message

Maintaining consumer trust is the biggest challenge and opportunity in business messaging. A recent study from Deloitte Digital and Twilio found that consumers spend 25% more with brands they trust. That's why trust is built directly into the Twilio platform with capabilities like message body redaction and Advanced Opt-out for Messaging, as well as HIPAA-eligible APIs, and SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliance.

A recent study from Deloitte Digital and Twilio found that consumers spend 25% more with brands they trust.

But trust doesn’t stop at honoring consumer preferences and protecting sensitive information. It requires stopping intrusive interactions at the source. For messaging, that means keeping bad senders out of the ecosystem to prevent annoying spam messages from ever reaching mobile devices. We work tirelessly with our carrier partners to verify our traffic and prevent spam while ensuring every wanted message reaches your end users. With the transition to U.S. A2P 10DLC, you’ve experienced registration requirements that unlock new verified routes for business messaging. Businesses now benefit from higher throughput and improved deliverability within a trusted ecosystem while still maintaining the personalized, conversational feel that comes with a local, recognizable number.

Despite the clear benefits of a verified ecosystem, the challenge is that there’s no centralized onboarding, or one-size-fits-all process. That’s why we’ve built the Twilio Trust Hub, providing a single place to access verified channels like A2P 10DLC, SHAKEN/STIR, and CNAM. This year, Twilio MessagingX launched registration for U.S. local long codes in the Trust Hub. In true Twilio fashion, we’ve also created APIs so our ISV (independent software vendor) partners can embed the power of the Trust Hub into their own customer experience.

As we look to the future of messaging and evolving registration requirements, we aren’t stopping with U.S. long codes! We’ll continue to add support for global senders and other channel requirements over the next decade and beyond, making it easy for you to build trust with consumers through every verified call and message.

Quality with high deliverability

Trust is just the start. Companies and organizations need a partner who invests in the right infrastructure to get every message delivered as expected. That’s why Twilio continues to invest heavily in quality with our acquisitions of Zipwhip, Quiubas, and ValueFirst earlier this year, our partnerships with Syniverse and Zenvia, and continued development of our Super Network – a redundant, global network and machine learning routing algorithm that optimizes for deliverability and throughput.

We rely on the largest data set for quality in the industry (more than 900 million data points daily) and analyze this data to rebalance workloads every 75 seconds so you never have to worry about dropped messages. Our systems detect 98% of incidents before you notice and automatically send around them.

This level of redundancy and reliability is why the world's largest ISVs, enterprises, and innovators choose Twilio as their partner to deliver critical messages to end users. While you are focusing on the customer experience, we are continually raising the bar for quality, resulting in higher ROI of each message.

Channel choice with a consistent brand experience

SMS is the foundation for business messaging. Today, the ecosystem is on track to hit 2.7 trillion SMS by the end of 2022. While this growth is amazing, we are also finding that consumers want experiences that are centered around the information they need when and where they need it. 52% of consumers expect to be able to choose the exact way in which they receive communications. That means, as a business, there can be an overwhelming number of digital channels, each with a unique set of features and requirements.

Business messaging started almost solely as one-way interactions, with businesses engaging consumers. But that too has changed. We’ve increasingly seen support requests, replies from end-users, and 1:1 conversational messaging. As these use cases have expanded, it’s become clear that different channels service different needs.

Twilio MessagingX makes it easy for you to access the channels that meet your customers where they are, all within a single platform. We’ve seen innovative customers build unique experiences across SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp – with our unified messaging APIs.

Of course, every new channel brings development challenges when building a consistent customer experience. With varying degrees of rich messaging features depending on channel, we saw the increased development time required to provide a consistent experience. Developers have had to manage the complexity of each channel, including different implementation requirements, feature sets, and compliance processes. Our new Content API, accessible with both the Programmable Messaging and Conversations APIs, allows you to submit WhatsApp templates for approval, and use a common framework to send content like buttons or media on any supported channel. You build a template once and Twilio automatically translates the content to the most rich version supported by the channel. For instance, SMS are delivered as plain text while WhatsApp messages are sent with interactive features.

Twilio Content API: WhatsApp & SMS

As new channels and features launch, you can count on Twilio to handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on building innovative experiences that bring your brand to life with each interaction.

Your partner for the next decade of business messaging

From the first SMS sent on Twilio to the billions today, we’ve learned from you, the developers and customers who are pushing the bounds of customer engagement. We’re committed to partnering with you for the next decade and beyond – Twilio MessagingX is the foundation for that innovation, built on trust, quality, and choice. We can’t wait to see what you build!