Install Flex Plugins with the New Twilio Plugin Library (Public Beta)

Install Flex Plugins with the New Twilio Plugin Library (Public Beta)
July 27, 2023
Written by
Abby Ford
Reviewed by
Paul Kamp

Twilio Flex, a digital engagement center for sales and customer support teams, is known for its powerful configurability built on the foundation of Twilio’s world-class Customer Engagement Platform. But many customers need to move fast and want to implement features in a straightforward way, without a significant development cycle.

Twilio Professional Services has been building plugins on top of Flex for years, to help customers address common and more customized use cases. With a portfolio of experience across industries, we’ve served 179 customers at the publish time of this post. We have an arsenal of knowledge and tools to help customers build and customize Flex.

Twilio Professional Services Flex projects include:

Out of our work, the Twilio Plugin Library was born and is now available to all customers with a Flex account.

A screenshoot of the admin dashboard in Flex with a red arrow pointing to "plugins."

In this blog post, we’ll explore why the Twilio Plugin Library will enable your team to efficiently discover, install, and maintain Flex plugins with minimal development time.

One-click installation with the Twilio Plugin Library

Anyone working in a contact center knows that many small processes add up to facilitate smooth operations between customers, agents, and supervisors.

Developers have to think, for example, about how each communication channel should operate and if they should connect to other channels; what information should be captured and acted upon; how agents can best accommodate customer needs; and how supervisors can support their agent team. Foundational interactions such as these lay the groundwork for an engagement center that meets the needs of all users, whether customers, agents, supervisors, or developers.

Out of these predictable needs, Professional Services and the Flex team have identified and built a suite of plugins that will enable you to build your engagement center experience, at the click of a button.

Twilio Plugins and Community Plugins

With the new Flex Plugin Library, you now have a one stop location of one-click install plugins released by Twilio, and with more on the way.

Image of the Plugin screen in Twilio Flex

Plugins from the community are also now available in the Flex Plugin Library. Although community plugins are not supported by Twilio, these plugins expand the world of possibilities and make it easier for the Flex community to share useful knowledge and features.

Imagine of the plugin screen in Twilio Flex, the community plugins tab

Each plugin provides an example of the problem solved by the plugin, prerequisites, details on how the plugin works, and where applicable, additional steps in the installation process.

These plugins do not require development expertise to install and start using in your contact center. With that said, developers may be in a good position to see each plugin in a broader context, especially as you start to integrate more plugins into your engagement center. The good news is that these plugins are easy to install and uninstall, so they are a great starting point for building your team’s exposure and experience on Flex.

Still need help?

With the Twilio Plugin Library, your team can build a Flex solution more quickly than ever. These tools not only give you almost instant access to foundational functionality, they also help your team discover the powerful ways you can customize your engagement center for your business.

Twilio Professional Services is standing by, ready to help you at any step in your Flex journey, from getting started, to optimizing your production environment. Reach out today to find out about our recent work on the Flex Project Template and to learn more about how our services can help your team take Flex to the next level.

We can’t wait to see how you set your engagement center experience apart with Twilio Flex!

Abby Ford is the Senior Content Manager on the Twilio Professional Services team. She can be reached at aford [at]

Jared Hunter is a regional lead for the Twilio Professional Services Solution Architect group in North America. He is enthusiastic about enabling customers to reach peak development velocity and understand how to optimally build on Twilio Flex.  He can be reached at jhunter [at]

Sam Johnson is a Solutions Architect at Twilio, specializing in customized contact center solutions with Flex. For nearly a decade, Sam has implemented contact center solutions of varying sizes across many different industries. Sam is also an experienced web developer, with over 20 years of expertise. In his free time, Sam enjoys hiking, photography, food, coffee, and tinkering with vintage computers.