Twilio SMS Price Reduced – Now $0.02 per Message

November 17, 2010
Written by
Danielle Morrill
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We’re excited to announce that we have reduced Twilio SMS pricing from $0.03 per message in or out by 33%, to $0.02 per message.  This price reduction is immediate, and applies to all existing and future Twilio customers.  You don’t need to do anything, the change is automatically reflected in your SMS logs and account balance.

This price reduction follows previous pricing breaks on phone numbers which we announced in February at the launch of Twilio SMS and lower prices for Twilio Voice API minutes which we announced earlier this fall, and is part of our continued commitment to pass on savings to our customers as we reach greater and greater economies of scale.

What is Twilio SMS?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Twilio SMS, welcome!  Our SMS API enables developers to programmatically send and receive text messages.  Tapping into SMS enables you to reach one of most ubiquitous devices in the world, the mobile phone, and with Twilio we make it affordable and inexpensive to build your own text messaging features.  Check out the Twilio SMS FAQ for answers to common questions you might have.

Twilio SMS powers text messaging for a wide range of use cases, from hot social messaging startups like GroupMe, Fast Society, and TextSlide to crop monitoring devices in the Midwest, health studies at top research hospitals, phone banking and payments — and so much more.  Check out more Twilio SMS enabled apps built by members of our developer community in the Twilio gallery.

SMS Short Codes by Twilio

SMS Short Codes by Twilio – Coming Soon

Are you interested in using a dedicated U.S. short code to send and receive text messages? Discover how Twilio does it differently with superior service, straightforward terms, and a killer REST API for short codes.

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